Best Circuit Breaker Finders of 2024

Buying the best circuit breaker finders is a great task to take. However, in this guide, we aim to reduce the burden by showing the best circuit breaker finder so you can easily pick from. These tools come in handy when you need them. Read through this guide to find the best circuit breaker finder.

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Circuit breakers are amazing devices that protect your appliances and gadgets from receiving too much current. The sockets you plug your appliances and gadgets to give out a constant voltage of either 110V or 220V. The formula for power is:

Power = Voltage * Current

If, say, your power sockets have a voltage rating of 110V and we plug a hairdryer with a power rating of 1000W and a gaming computer with a power rating of 3000W to an extension cord that can only handle 20A of current, the excess ~17A current overheats and melts or burns the extension cord.

Circuit breakers are built to automatically cut off the current when they reach a defined threshold.

Why Buy a Circuit Breaker Finder?

It’s rather easy to know which circuit breaker has been tripped because the switch would be in the ‘off’ position.

There are, however, some cases wherein you’re not trying to restart a tripped circuit breaker; you may just be trying to do some electrical work that requires you to turn off a circuit.

Because circuit breakers are part of this circuit, by turning one of them off you effectively cut off power to certain outlets. That being said, you’ll find that a circuit breaker finder comes in quite handy as it lets you find exactly the circuit breaker that corresponds to a specific power outlet.


The factors for consideration when getting circuit breakers are different from the factors of consideration when you are getting refrigerant leak detectors.

Purpose of Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker finder is also used with circuit breakers and is used to locate the position of a circuit in a circuit breaker box. You need to be aware and mindful of how you are going to use a circuit breaker finder before you buy one. You must also be familiar with its method of use.

If you are not sure about any one of these, you can talk to an electrician and have him do the job for you, to avoid any safety risks.


You do not want your product to wear out with time and your money to go to waste. To avoid that from happening, make sure you consider the factor of durability before buying your circuit breaker finder.

Even though these usually do not wear out with time, but buying something cheap in quality will increase the odds of you losing the freshness and feel of the product over time. For tools like miter saw blades and drill bit sharpeners, the durability should always be a factor of consideration


Circuit breaker finders are used for different purposes.

So make sure you know what you want to use it for, to avoid wasting your money on something that is not what you need and coming back home to regret the decision you made.

This, combined with the budget planning, is going to help you come home with the best product you could afford.

Circuit Outlet

The circuit outlets that circuit breaker finders are compatible with also vary from product to product. So take a look at the power outlets inside your home, and get a circuit breaker finder that runs by your needs.


Especially in larger homes, it’s important to consider the maximum distance possible between the transmitter and receiver. Some circuit breaker finders will indicate this while some leave it up to the user to find out for himself.

Some can go or as far as 1000 ft. whereas some can go only up to 100 ft. You’ll want to choose one that has a range that includes the distance from your circuit breaker to the farthest outlet in your home.


To date, there’s no single circuit breaker finder that can be considered to be the best. Circuit finder reviews will often contain mixed responses, from devices coming up with a lot of false positives to devices giving amazingly accurate readings.

This is because even the circuit breaker finders easily provide inaccurate readings when there are too many wires in an area. In this case, you’ll find that anecdotal reviews may be more useful than purely technical reviews. Another tool that requires a high level of accuracy to deliver perfect jobs is the circular saw blade.

Build Quality

High-quality circuit breaker finders should have sturdy ground pongs, receptacle testers, and other parts that you’ll commonly have to plug in or pass a current through quite a lot of times.

A lot of users have complained about one or two of these parts breaking off at the most inconvenient times. That being said, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to building quality.


Klein Tools ET300 Digital Circuit Breaker Finder

 Circuit Breaker Finders

Flashing arrow indicator for easy identification

Strong transmitter reaches distances up to 1000-feet

90 to 120V operation

Microprocessor controlled for more reliable identification

The auto power-off feature saves battery life

Extech CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder


Push-button GFCI test

Audible and visual circuit breaker indication

Convenient storage position for transmitter/receptacle tester

Eliminates circuit interruptions

Sperry Instruments PD6902 Electrical Circuit Breaker Finder


Integrated 3-wire wall outlet with GFCI test functionality

Built-in metal tip for marking stud edge, pipe location or desired mounting point

Over-molded rubber grips

Audible and visual indication

Operates from one 9 volt battery

Ideal Digital Circuit Breaker Finder


Triple Function – acts as a Signal Transmitter, Polarity Indicator, and GFCI Receptacle Tester

Tests for correct wiring, open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral, hot on neutral, hot and ground reversed with open hot in 3 wire, AC circuits

3-pin plug format allows direct connection to standard NEMA 5 15R receptacles

Reed Instruments R5500 Circuit Breaker Finder


Simply plug the transmitter into a receptacle and scan breaker box to identify the circuit

Detects 5 3-wire receptacle wiring faults

Built-in GFCI receptacle check function

Adjustable sensitivity wheel quickly identifies breaker

Audible (buzzer) and visual (LED) indicators assist in the identification

Amprobe BT-250 Circuit Breaker Finder


Identifies circuit breaker location

Works on all electrical systems from 90 to 250 V AC

Perfect for the office, residential and HVAC applications

Automatic sensitivity adjustment

VersativTECH Circuit Breaker Finder


advanced 3-in-1 multi-tool

identify wiring faults fast

bonus case included



Super-bright display

High accuracies

Measures voltage drop under full load (12A, 15A, 20A load tests)

True RMS

Line Voltage

PTE Wire Tracer and Circuit Tester


find wires quickly and accurately

save time and be safe

flexible usage


Meterk Wire Tracker RJ11 Line Finder


wire tracing function

status of the telephone line test

network cable collation& continuity checking

line function& professional line finding


Klein Tools ET300 Digital Circuit Breaker Finder


With this digital circuit breaker finder quickly, accurately, and automatically find the corresponding circuit breaker of any 120V standard electrical outlet. The flashing arrow indicator lets you quickly identify when you’ve got a hit. The strong transmitter reaches up to 1000 feet. The auto power-off feature saves battery life and gives you one less thing to worry about.

Strong transmitter, reaches 1000 feet Doesn’t come with orange shock absorber
Controlled by microprocessor Does not work with double breakers
Auto power off to save power Does not go above or below 90-120v
Flashing arrow indicator


Extech CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder


The CB10 is an AC Circuit Breaker Finder/Receptacle Tester that locates circuit breakers and tests receptacle wiring. The CB10 allows the user to quickly locate 110 Volt to 125-Volt AC circuit breakers and fuses with audible and visual circuit breaker indication. The product also features a variable sensitivity adjustment to pinpoint the correct circuit breaker. This product is complete with a year warranty, the receiver and GFCI transmitter, and a 9V battery for the receiver.

Bright Red and Green LEDs indicate if the receptacle is correctly wired or six fault conditions None
Variable Sensitivity adjustment to pinpoint correct circuit breaker
Quickly locate 110V to 125VAC Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Sperry Instruments PD6902  Electrical Circuit Breaker Finder


This is a durable and safe circuit breaker finder that gives you accurate measurements. It helps you find the circuit breaker easily. It is high in quality and gives precise results. This device comes with dependability for over forty years.

Offers quick and easy breaker identification Does not work on a circuit with no power
Offers audible and visual LED alert Can’t be used to trace the actual line
Adjustment dials unnecessary Only used for outlets
GFCI test functionality


Ideal Digital Circuit Breaker Finder


The IDEAL 61-534 Digital Circuit Breaker Finder provides three testers in one device. The receiver identifies breakers by detecting a signal applied to the branch circuit by the transmitter and additionally incorporates a non-contact voltage sensing function. The transmitter also works as a GFCI receptacle tester, allowing you to verify AC is present in an outlet and to detect nearly all common improper wiring conditions. So you get the functionality of a circuit breaker finder, a non-contact voltage tester, and a GFCI receptacle tester in one versatile tool.

Includes non-contact voltage sensor The two testers do not work for 220v
GFCI receptacle tester included Is not able to identify more than what outlets are related to one circuit
Operation is fully automatic
Verifies power presence
Works for 120-220v

Reed Instruments R5500 Circuit Breaker Finder


This circuit breaker finder quickly and easily identifies the correct circuit breaker protecting a specific electrical circuit. The R5500 also features a receptacle tester to identify faulty wiring and a GFCI check button.

Great design none

Amprobe BT-250 Circuit Breaker Finder


The Amprobe BT-250 Circuit Breaker Tester works on powered systems from 90 to 250 V AC and is designed for use in residential and light commercial environments.

Comes complete as a Circuit Breaker Tester kit with transmitter, receiver, socket/test lead cable set with insulated alligator clips, and a light fixture adapter. All housed in a professional hard carrying case.

The BT-250 Circuit Breaker Tester is a preferred solution for the latest in code requirements. Identify circuit breakers fast and efficiently.

Extremely accurate reading always finds the right breaker none
Durable and dependable
Quick and easy to use

VersativTECH Circuit Breaker Finder


The transmitter is also a step up, with a socket test mode that audibly and visibly identifies missing earth and neutral as well as reversed wiring. And VersativTECH has some fun with their tool as well, integrating a nice “smiley” face for a found circuit and a “sad” face as the default state. There’s even a battery gauge to tell you when it’s time to change out the receiver’s 9V.

risk-free; 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. none
Easy to use & accurate



Ideal Industries 61-164 SureTest TRMS Circuit Analyzer checks for correct wiring, polarity reversal, and no ground per UL-1436. Ideal Industries 61-164 SureTest TRMS Circuit Analyzer has a simple menu that displays measurements of line voltage, voltage drop under a full load condition, ground-neutral voltage, and line impedance. Performed separately, the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) test is done in accordance with UL-1436 and disrupts the electrical supply if a functional GFCI is present. Ideal Industries 61-164 SureTest TRMS Circuit Analyzer tests each outlet and circuit under a full load in just seconds.

Tests all kinds Does not give amps
False reading prevention Only the 61-165 tests for AFCI
Tough case to resist impact
Ergonomic design for best comfort

PTE Wire Tracer and Circuit Tester


This device can be used as a wire tracer, circuit tester, and telephone line maintenance as well. Detects wires in a wide range of applications, for example, buried wires, broken, single strand wires, etc. Also offers CONT mode that makes the usage highly flexible.

With the availability of the tone signal, you can track the cable as quickly as possible, which saves time and ensures safety.

Tone signal enables the quick and accurate result The probe is sensitive; picks up other noises
Adjustable sensitivity to avoid false detection Not designed for live electrical circuits
Detects wires in a wide range of applications Doesn’t trace through drywall

Meterk Wire Tracker RJ11 Line Finder


It offers a wide range of use due to its line function. Also manages to detect line-level or positive or negative polarity. The tracer function it offers enables you to find a pair of lines amongst many others. You will also be able to check the continuity of the circuits with this gadget.

Not only this, but you can also locate the breakpoint, without exposing the wire through its cover.

Professional line finding Plastic feels cheap
Judges all kinds of circuits The push-button isn’t stiff enough
Offers wire tracing function
Build quality is great for the price


There are many testers on the market, and sometimes, it is difficult to find the best circuit tracer that will fit your needs. Make sure you identify and define all your primary requirements before setting out to select the best circuit tracer available.

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