Best Backpack Sprayers of 2024

Spraying your garden has been made easy with the invention of backpack sprayers. This equipment is used to spray the garden with herbicides, and other chemicals to aid your garden flourish, even without having to use loopers for the unwanted plants.

This guide focuses on showing the best backpack sprayers. Read through the guide so you get to know the best backpack sprayers. they are quite different in size and shape from the paint sprayers.


Garden Size

While in any garden you can legally use any form of the sprayer, the size limits will always slow down or speed up the job you are doing.

A sprayer with a tiny tank and/or battery life would cope with huge open areas, while an enormous sprayer could be more difficult to use in very small gardens with lots of design to crash into.

Choosing a sprayer of the right size would almost lead to a much smoother experience so it is worth considering.

Remember storage is critical, too. If you end up puncturing the hose or tank, it will need to be patched, and that can be done much quicker than you would think.

If your home (or vehicle, if you’re using the sprayer for work purposes) doesn’t have a lot of storage space, then just try to go for a smaller model.

The Purpose

Not all sprayers are built to do everything, and in certain cases, others may be much better at distributing other chemicals or spraying.

Make sure you know what kind of product you’re purchasing before you purchase because if you’re using it accidentally, you can end up breaking or damaging a backpack sprayer.

Some backpack sprayers may have low pressures and PSI levels in a similar vein, which means they generate very weak and gentle sprays at a slower rate for saturating smaller areas. The higher the PSI, the more the spray is aggressive, which is great for long-distance work but can damage grass up near.

In general, even models with adjustable pressure rates will still have a “recommended” amount of pressure to be used, which can determine the type of design choices and features they provide.


Some of the most popular features of any backpack sprayers are the fact that you can hold it on the back as the name implies. Not every design, however, attempts to do this well, and a poor-quality model can even be constructed in a manner that induces physical pain or bruise after long periods of use.

Weak straps made of thin materials can also easily snap, particularly if the tank is full, which can cause permanent damage to the unit’s internal structure, or even completely break it.

There’s the far more severe lumbar support issue, too. If you constantly use your backpack sprayer, whether it’s around your home or as part of your work, you’ll need the best possible physical support to ensure your body doesn’t experience any long-lasting posture damage or other forms of physical harm.

The bigger the tank, the more weight you place on your back, so weaker or physically vulnerable users should always try to find a comfortable weight layout.

Know you don’t have to fill the tank. If you are struggling to determine how much water you put into the sprayer, it might be better to use a transparent tank, because you can easily see through the outer layer instead of having to look through the tank’s head.


Backpack sprayers usually come with different volumes. You need to look for the one that has a volume that is ideal for you.

There are some sprayers that has a volume of maximum4 gallons and they are ideal for individuals who have large farms. Nevertheless, if they are too heavy for you, you can choose 3.2 gallons and it is relatively cheaper.

Shoulder Straps

The comfort is also a very important thing that you must consider when shopping for a spray backpack. Look for the one that is well padded and comfortable and this will make it easy to carry when you are working.


A decent sprayer must be durable and strongly built for it to give you a service for a long time. Additionally, look for the one that has a wide mouth opening to make it easy when filling the spray.


The key intention behind buying a backpack sprayer is to spray the chemicals uniformly. Therefore, it is important to check what nozzles it comes with. In most backpack sprayers, you will find 2 or 3 or 4 nozzles.

They come with different fan volume and different spray patterns. Most of these nozzles are adjustable, so you can spray in the desired manner.


It is required to carry a backpack sprayer throughout the lawn. Therefore, you need to check weight and insist on choosing a lightweight backpack sprayer. Most sprayers discussed below to weigh in the range from 7-15 pounds, weightier than vernier calipers, and clamp meters together.


It is easy to find an affordably priced backpack sprayer. Make sure it is equipped with all the essential features. The cheaply priced backpack sprayer may come with less durability and limited features.

For easy and effective maintenance of your lawn, it is recommended to choose the one that falls in your budget and including all vital features.


Chapin Backpack Sprayer 61800


4-gallon translucent tank

4″ wide-mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning

Compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides

3-Stage filtration system with in-tank removable/cleanable filter

Cushion grip poly shut-off and brass nozzle

Field King Max Backpack Sprayer 190348


4 nozzles included: brass adjustable, 2 flat fans, and foaming nozzle. Also accepts TeeJet® nozzles

Premium, lockable shut off with brass components and an in-line filter

Easy access pump, change seals in just minutes with no tools

Petra 4 Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer


It has an acid bleach wand.

This product also has a stainless wand.

The sprayer has an extended 6.0AH battery.

My 4 Sons Battery Powered 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer


Battery-powered operation; this means pumping isn’t required

It is equipped with an 8h lead-acid battery, which facilitates excellent battery life, three times more long-lasting than other units

It features a locking trigger that aims at enhancing the ergonomics of the unit

Battery life indicator lights

Roundup 190314 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer


4-Gallon Sprayer

Has a lock for continuous spraying

Adjustable padded straps

Heavy-duty poly wand

Long-lasting chemical resistance

Smith Performance 2-Gallon Sprayers R200 Compression Sprayer


Professional grade sprayer and components built to withstand harsh agricultural chemicals along with rugged transport and use.

Durable, 21″ stainless steel wand with exclusive poly lining and the highest quality Viton® seals for maximum chemical resistance.

A highly efficient pump requires 25% fewer pumps per gallon than a leading competitor.

Oregon 518771 5 Gallon Backpack Sprayer


Easy to store

Lance holder

A flexible hose is over 6 feet long

Includes lance and spray nozzle

Non-pressurized tank.


Solo Backpack Sprayer 425


High-performance piston pump

28″ unbreakable wand

Extra-large tank opening

Rugged metal frame for stability

High-performance piston pump

Hudson Bak-Pak Sprayer 19001


Lead-acid battery sprays for 10 continuous hours on a single charge

Extra-large fill opening prevents spills when adding chemical

Bonus nozzle system includes 4 different nozzles (adjustable long reach, double cone, flat fan, and shower

Extra-long 20″ fiberglass/poly spray wand

Sprayers Plus 105Ex Backpack Sprayer


Lightweight and ultra-portable

Has 40 PSI working pressure

Motor and Battery Enclose Design

High-grade nozzles included

Equipped with 20V Lithium-ion battery


Chapin Backpack Sprayer 61800


The Chapin 61800 4 gallon backpack sprayer is a good, inexpensive, and lightweight sprayer that will meet a wide variety of needs. With a 3-stage filtration system, cushion grip poly shut-off, and three nozzles included it is ready to handle just about anything you throw at it.

A triple liquid filtration system No padded shoulder straps
Dual right or left-handed operation Small tank mouth may make for challenging maintenance issues
Affordable and budget-friendly
A good choice for home gardens

Field King Max Backpack Sprayer 190348


The Field King Max 190348 Backpack Sprayer comes with 4 adjustable nozzles for different spraying possibilities. The nozzles are interchangeable, some people like this feature better than having one nozzle with 4 different modules.

What we can say is a definite plus for this product is the nozzles it comes with look like they are of higher quality in comparison to the ones offered by other brands. Most manufacturers typically use plastic nozzles all across the board.

Field King claims that this sprayer can spray with a power of up to 150 psi. This pressure is very rarely reached by any of the other competitors even with their more expensive top of the line products.

This Field King Max 190348 backpack sprayer also comes standard with a pressure regulator that can go from 25 to 150 psi. Allowing the operator to use this particular product for a wide variety of products.

Handles pressures up to 150-psi Back-strap could have more padding
Internal Agitator No pressure gauges
Affordable No lower-back support
The system is compatible with TeeJet spray nozzles
No-leak pump

Petra 4 Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer


This battery sprayer sprays 3 times longer than lithium sprayers on the market that has LT-PRO6.0 ultimate lithium battery. It comes with a protracted 6.0AH battery used for maximum spray time to that you cannot pump once more. It is a stainless steel wand and has an acid bleach wand; hence, this ensures that you meet your spraying needs. It has a wide-mouth lid that enables you to fill with the screen filter quickly.

Quick Connect Valve Handles Expensive but worth the price especially when considering the performance
Easy Drain Tank Design
Custom Built Commercial Cart
100-foot commercial quality hose

My 4 Sons Battery Powered 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer


The M4 Automatic Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer* is the top-rated 4-gallon sprayer on the market, providing the most power, control, and reliability. This best-selling system is designed to be versatile, durable, inexpensive, and easy to use.

The M4’s adjustable pressure, variable nozzle output, and extra-long wand virtually eliminate overspray and make the M4 a top choice for everyone, from DIYers and CEOS to line workers and industry professionals.

4 Gallon tank capacity None
Largemouth opening
Comfortable shoulder straps

Roundup 190314 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer


This backpack sprayer is ideal for all your farming, household, and gardening spraying needs. It is a 4-gallon sprayer that features padded straps with built-in lumbar support and waist belt. This makes it simple to carry for a long time without fatigue. In addition to that, this Backpack Sprayer features heavy-duty poly wand that has shut-off and locks for continuous spraying. It also includes three nozzles that permit versatility for different needs.

The pump handle reverses right or left-handed use, and the tank has a built-in carry handle with wand storage. On the other hand, this backpack sprayer has gaskets and Viton seals throughout the pump for long-lasting chemical resistance.

Includes 3 nozzles fairly hefty when full
The pump handle is reversible
The wand is ergonomically designed

Smith Performance 2-Gallon Sprayers R200 Compression Sprayer


The sprayer’s capacity is one of the important considerations to look when purchasing the backpack sprayer. With Smith Performance R200 sprayer, it has up to 4-gallon capacity, and this makes it ideal for spraying the big farms. With its 21-inch stainless steel wand, it will offer the highest quality Viton seal and exclusive poly lining for extended chemical resistance.

The filters are easy to access and thus it easy to clean and reduces the chances of clogging. In addition to that, this Compression Sprayer will be able to withstand all the harsh agricultural chemicals. On the other hand, it is fast and easy to repair.

Nylon shoulder strap Small capacity means more refills
Contains a filter to help avoid clogging
2-gallon tank

Oregon 518771 5 Gallon Backpack Sprayer


This Oregon’s Backpack sprayer can hold 20 liters (5 gallons)in its Non-pressurized tank. The sprayer includes a spray nozzle and lance with a very flexible 6 ft. hose. There’s also shoulder straps and the spare seal kit included. The sprayer is also well-equipped with the lance holder. Unlike most backpack sprayers, Oregon is a non-pressurized tank.

An easily adaptable hose as it is 6 ft. long. The straps are not designed to provide comfort so it is difficult to carry especially when the tank is full.
It is easily stored as the hose and wand lockout. It is not made of durable material hence can easily spoil under mildly harsh conditions.
It has a lance holder and 2 nozzles, the flat fan, or adjustable cone.

Solo Backpack Sprayer 425


This is a powerful sprayer that works quietly and features a unique design making the best choice for many customers. It will effectively and efficiently handle liquid disinfectants, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and formulations of plant, tree, and shrubs protection. Ideally, this backpack sprayer has a high-performance High-performance piston pump that has increased pressure capabilities for a maximum of 90 psi. Other than that, it has Viton seals that ensure durability and long service.

The Viton seals strategically positioned ensure it lasts longer. The shoulder straps might easily fall off or fail to fit depending on one’s size.
Convenient for both right and left-handed people as it has a reversible pump handle. Although affordable, it is a bit expensive compared to other sprayers.
Durable as it is made of high quality, corrosion-resistant plastic that isn’t vulnerable to chemicals that you might want to use.

Hudson Bak-Pak Sprayer 19001


The implementation of the heavy-duty nozzle system makes this HUDSON backpack sprayer famous in the market. There are spray tips that are perfect for garden pest control and some other tips are ideal for weeds. The ergonomic straps let you conveniently carry this bak-pack sprayer. The high-performance battery provides efficient power output.

The capacity of this HUDSON 19001 is 4 gallons. There is the execution of a heavy-duty nozzle system. This system includes dual mist, stream, fan, and shower. The entire backpack unit weighs 12.72 pounds.

Inside its configuration, a high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery is present. This battery is removable. With the help of a huge shut-off valve, you can lock the spraying mechanism on for constant spraying. A big tank opening facilitates easy filling. Moreover, a detachable filter is included to keep away dirt and debris. This filter reduces clogging.

Large valve locks on for constant spraying Not very much durable
Quick charging and long spray time
High-performance rechargeable Li-ion battery for easy charging
4-gallon transparent tank lets you see the fluid level

Sprayers Plus 105Ex Backpack Sprayer

Backpack Sprayers

Sprayers Plus is one of the best-selling backpack sprayers on the market. It is a high efficient Backpack Sprayer that features a 20V Lithium-ion battery that lets you spray up to four gallons on a single charge.  Moreover, it has a constant 40 PSI working pressure for even spraying experience. This Sprayer delivers stream spraying of up to 23 ft. vertical and 33 ft. horizontal for tall vines and trees.  It only weighs 9.6 lbs. making it ultra-portable and lightweight.

This Sprayer is equipped with high-grade nozzles giving you the flexibility to select how you work. What’s more, the battery and the electrical components have been well protected from unwanted moisture and liquids. It will bring a new level of spraying experience for you.

A variety of high-grade nozzles included Slight leakage
High-performance battery with level indicator
Advanced strap design for portability and comfort
Delivers continuous high-pressure output
Effortless spraying is at fingertips


When it comes to backpack sprayers, the need for each user is different. But using our buyer’s guide you can factor out your needs, and select the most suitable backpack sprayer for you.

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