Best Draw Knives of 2024

DIYers can not do without certain tools if they want to be good at what they do. One of such tools is the drawknife. In this guide, we look to discuss the best draw knives one can buy, if you are interested in getting one, you should read through this guide for better knowledge on what is obtainable.

What’s So Special About These Knives?

Also known as a shaving knife, a draw shave, or a drawing knife, a shaving knife is a conventional hand tool used mainly for woodworking purposes. It does this by shaping a piece of wood into sculptures by slowly and patiently removing wood shavings using the sharp edge of the blade.

A typical example is made up of a sharp blade with a grip handle on both ends. The dimensions of the blade are such that it is longer along the cutting edge as compared to the deepness (from the back edge to the cutting edge). It is ‘drawn’ or pulled toward the artist, which is what gives it the name of ‘draw knife’.

Traditionally, a typical blade of a draw shave has a length of about 23 centimeters (9.1 inches), although you have the option of getting a shaving knife that is smaller in length. The blade of a drawknife is usually sharpened to a chisel bevel.

The handles on either side of it can be beneath the level of the blade, or on the other hand, they can be at the same level as the blade.

The normal application is to use it to remove big slices of wood to be able to sculpt flat surfaces, or to debark trees or to form roughly cylindrical or rounded billets for extended work on a lathe.

It can also be used to shave wood similar to a spokeshave plane, in which the finer finishing is of less priority than finishing the work faster. The thinness of the blade makes it easier to form and design complex and complicated convex or concave curves.

However, the difference between a shaving knife and a spokeshave is that it does not comprise of a closed mouth to finely control and design the formation of chips, and thus, it is inferior when compared to a spokeshave, which has a much better ability to shave and cut wood with precision and accuracy.

These edge tools are also essential to create hand-crafted cricket bats, as it helps a lot in forming the curves at the edges of the bat.

How to use Them

The best way to use one of these carving tools is to use it from a seated position beside a conventional shaving horse, which allows you to harmlessly and firmly grip the working stock. Furthermore, the artist/sculptor can add further power to their pulls by using the strength of their legs. The best type of working stock is designed in such a way that the grain of the wood runs parallel to the shaving horse and is perpendicular to its blade. In this way, it can be used to shave apart the entirety of the wood fiber and also does not cut against it.

The ideal way to use it is to not pull the blade completely perpendicular to the wood stock. Instead, it has to be pulled a bit upward towards them at a skewed angle (at a slight diagonal) or in a slithering manner, in such a way that a lot of wood is not taken off, it is slowly and gradually shaved away.

In this way, the woodworker can patiently and gently lever the blade in such a way that it ‘bites’ into the wood and this allows the user to precisely control the depth of the cut by lowering or raising the handles as it is slowly pulled towards them.

Cabin air filters like draw knives are must-have tools for professionals when they are needed these tools come in really handy.

While using a drawknife on wood, it is important to put on a dust mask, to prevent harmful particles from getting into your nose.



Before buying the knife one must know about the sharpness of the drawknife. The most essential feature is the sharpness of the product. The output quality of the work depends on it. It doesn’t matter about the brand when you know how to Sharp it properly.


It is best to use a smaller draw knife if the work itself is not large. Draw knives are used to have proper control over the work. Smaller ones can be controlled more than the larger ones. You can easily go through any portion of wood if the tools are small enough to fit into it.


Draw knives are like bows. You can have several ones but in the end, you will end up using one of your favorite ones the most. Having a couple of draw knives will help you working on different furniture which comes in different sizes. And the best one will allow you to draw the best you’re out of you.


There are many times when a worker requires a draw knife that bends a lot and also there are sometimes when a straight blade is needed the most.

We cannot go for the same brand or product her. The versatility of the job has made the draw knives versatile. And we need to make sure that we are purchasing both with their required features.

Support Screw

Check for the support screws where the pressure will be when bending the drawknife. These screws of the handle are a necessity so that the blade does not fall apart. If the screws are not checked properly it can cause a serious accident. It is better to verify.

Not just the time of purchase only. These screws need to be checked for the whole life of the product. There are many heavy works always going on with the product. So, its best to check the tightness of the screw in a couple of days to avoid an accident.

Sheath Protection

Look for the sheath protection for your hand. The model that comes with sheath is better. Anyone can get hurt by a drawknife if it is not protected carefully. Even the unboxing of a product can be dangerous if it isn’t protected properly.

A draw knife has very sharp blades which can be dangerous in various ways. Look for ways to get protected before buying. Consider purchasing the one which offers additional protection material.


Draw knives blades that are very dull need to go through extensive work every day. It needs to be sharpening every day. That requires a lot of work hours. Go for the ones which do not have a dull blade. That way you will be able to save so much of your time and energy. And also, the knife with a dull blade is likely to break earlier.

Many kinds of blades can be used in different ways. Some blades may not work on different areas, some blades can me multipurpose ones.

Firstly, knowing which kind of blade you need to achieve work success is also necessary. Then if the blades are working perfectly needs to be checked. So, it’s best to check the blades thoroughly before purchase.

the blade in a Japanese saw is different from that of a drawknife, these two tools perform different functions, hence the difference in their blades.


There are a curve and straight blades. Curves are for a deeper cut. The go in for large wood and also curved woods. And the straight one is for a smooth cut. But no matter which one you use it needs to be considered that learning comes from the experience of your work.


One of the common problems of drawknives is that they become uncomfortable to use if the handles are not well designed or not well fitted. So to do the extensive works the handle needs to be fitted well otherwise the quality of the work will decrease.

Make sure to try it out before the purchase. See if the handles are attached properly or not. Cause sometimes it requires more than tightening screws to set a handle of the drawknife.

Cutting Process

The process of cutting needs to be easier with your tools. The design of the product makes it easier and also sometimes makes it harder to use. So check if you are comfortable with the design or not.

Sometimes people do not feel comfortable about the new models because they have already mastered the early ones by using them. So before purchase, one needs to know about their preferences of design and work.


Keep several options for several works categories. Do not use the same tool for different work. It is best to identify the draw knife by using it over the years that which one is adjusting more achieving the job perfectly.

Ease of Usage

The drawknives are being replaced by the power cut machines. But many workers prefer their hands more than machines.

So the products are made especially for the comfort that people require. There are a large number of products that are putting their value only to the comfort that customer desires.

So in a way you are purchasing that value after verifying from the company. So take no excuses when the question is about your comfort. like the best tin aviation snips, the spokeshaves also need to be easy to use, so that the professional using them does not spend more time trying to understand the tool, instead of using that time for his job


High price does not always mean that the product is the best and as like low price do not always mean that the product quality is not good. So the price is not that much of a considerable fact. The drawknife needs to grab possibilities around the area of your expertise.

Product Warranty

Product warranty is a considerable fact and exactly what you should look for. Some companies give even three years of material warranties. The warranties mattes because low-quality materials are there everywhere. Companies tend to give warranties more with the products that they have the confidence of.


Ox-Head 10’’x 1-3/8’’ Straight Drawknife



​Well shaped

​Holds the edge from repeated use

​Feels good to use in the hand

The Timber Tuff Straight Drawknife


Drawknife easily shaves wood and bark from logs, wood, fence posts, and more

Durable steel blade hardened to HRC 30 for maximum edge retention

Wood handles are comfortable and provide a secure hold

Included blade protector shields the blade when not in use

Ideal for building rustic furniture

The Flexcut KN16 5″ Draw Knife


5 inches of the workable edge

Flexible blade conforms to projects as needed

Two ergonomic ash hardwood handles provide a solid grip

Comes with sturdy leather sheath

Made in the USA

The Stubai Drawknife


Straight blade

Tangs extend down through handles

Hardwood handles are slightly offset for comfort

PVC edge guard included for blade

Beavercraft Draw Knife


Blade length – 4.72 inches.

Blade thickness – 0.08 inches.

Handle length –4.13 inches.

Total length – 12.99 inches.

The Biltek 10’’ Straight Draw Shave Tool Knife


The Perfect Tool for Debarking Logs, Firewood, Fence Posts, and More!

Removes Large Slices of Wood for Flat Faceted Work or Create Roughly Rounded Billets for Work on a Lathe

Extremely Durable Hardened Steel Blade Design

Wood Handles Provide a Comfortable and Secure Grip

The Felled Draw 10” Inch Shave Knife


woodworking tools for building furniture

keen beveled blade

wood handles for comfort and control

easy to use

Timber Tuff Curved Draw Knife TMB-05DC


It’s suitable for shaving hardwood

Durable steel construction

A 5-inch and 5mm blade

Robert Larson Two Cherries Drawknife


Premium steel blades

Well-shaped wooden handles

The lightweight design of 13.6 ounces

FLEXCUT Mini-Draw Knife


1-inch miniature draw knife

Designed to get into those tough to reach spots

The ergonomic ash hardwood handle is both comfortable and sturdy

The razor-sharp hard carbon steel blade is ready to use right out of the package

Made in the USA


Ox-Head 10’’x 1-3/8’’ Straight Drawknife


This product by Ox-Head’s material is quality German steel thus it is durable and will last for long. Its cutting edges’ fine polish allows the best cutting experience. The riveted hardwood handles have ergonomic shapes for more comfort.

The knife’s tangs extend fully through its handles to ensure a strong and secure grip. Perfect for debarking logs as well as other specialized works. This is a high-quality draw knife, tough tool, and perfect for most woodwork.

Very durable The steel of the blade is relatively soft
Handles allow you to work longer while staying relatively comfortable The blade is not very sharp
The blade does not require frequent sharpening
Lightweight design allows faster, more efficient work

The Timber Tuff Straight Drawknife


Timber Tuff’s 10” Straight Draw Shave is the must-have tool for debarking logs, firewood, fence posts, and more. The ultra-sharp 10” blade is 5mm thick and features a 30° angle for shaving bark and wood with little effort. Made of heavy-duty steel hardened to HRC 30 for maximum edge retention. The comfortable wooden handles provide a secure hold, while the included blade protector protects the edge when not in use. To keep the draw shave cutting well, simply resharpen the blade with a stone when needed.

Includes blade protector Doesn’t hold an edge well
Affordable Blade not durable

The Flexcut KN16 5″ Draw Knife


This Draw Knife has 5 inches of workable edge, designed to flex around contours where large amounts of stock need to be removed quickly. The tool can be flexed to accommodate concave or convex surfaces. Cuts can be made that conform more closely to the finished shape, taking less time to sand or scrape. A leather sheath is included to help protect your cutting edge.

The grip is great that is resulted by the ergonomic ash hardwood. A serious handle problem has identified.
Very user-friendly
It does not require sharpening right out of the box. It can be used right after the purchase.
The blades are very sharp. It does not require frequent sharping day after day.
Better updated

The Stubai Drawknife


This drawknife is a great quality woodworking tool made with great craftsmanship by Stubai in Austria. Hand-forged from high carbon steel then hardened & tempered, this drawknife blade is tough & cuts wood efficiently & holds a sharp edge well. It is a great mid-sized drawknife for general woodworking, debarking, or roughing out larger projects. The tangs on this drawknife blade extend into the handles for a reinforced & durable tool. A great drawknife for your woodworking needs! Made in Austria.

It’s safe for anyone to use The metal component doesn’t come with a fine construction
This drawknife measures 17 inches
Ergonomic offset handles that allow you to identify the tool easily.

Beavercraft Draw Knife


The Beaver Craft Draw Knife will shape your woodworking project by removing wood shavings. You can use the draw knife for roughing out, shaving down to an exact line, and cleaning concave surfaces.  This Beaver Craft Draw Knife was designed with and Ashwood handles and a 2mm thick blade. The blade is made from high carbon steel, hardened, and razor-sharp.

It has a 4.3-inch blade It works better when you have some wood carving skills.
It comes with designs of a beveled and flat blade
The cutting edge is smooth
It’s a professional-grade shaving tool for expert and beginner woodcarvers.
You can make concaves, straight, and complex curves

The Biltek 10’’ Straight Draw Shave Tool Knife


This Biltek shaving knife ensures fast debarking of wood logs. Timber framers and woodturners use it to create smooth surfaces.

It comes with both stylish and functional features that ensure great performance. Apart from the wood handles, this hand tool has a 10-inch hardened steel blade.

It’s very sharp when you grind the edges with a diamond stone. Also, this Biltek draw knife tasks out barks without hassles.

Usually, fast removal of wood shavings reduces downtime during woodworking tasks. You can remove bark from big logs, and protect your fingers from cuts after working with this tool. However, this peeling tool doesn’t come with a protective sheath.

Durable steel blade It doesn’t fit a pro-grade tool.
10-inch blade
It’s suitable for peeling large slices of barks

The Felled Draw 10” Inch Shave Knife


The Felled Draw Shave Knife has a ten-inch blade with a thickness of .8cm, making it a rather large and thick blade. The handles are sturdily built for strength and comfort. The frame of the tool appears to be heavy and rigid.

The blade of this tool is constructed with hardened steel, making it very durable. Additionally, the tool comes with rubber edge protectors for safer use.

This drawknife is at the bottom of the list for several reasons. Even though the blade is hardened, the edge bends over after a few uses, and once unpacked, it requires extensive sharpening and other maintenance before it is ready to be used.

It’s ideal for shaving surfaces when making wooden furniture, bowls, spindles, and pegs. The hardened steel blade comes dull and need to be re-sharpened.
Contoured handles and hardened steel construction
Polished and durable beveled edges

Timber Tuff Curved Draw Knife TMB-05DC


This knife comes with a sharp 5 inches curved blade that is 5 mm thick and bent 30 degrees. The bend and thickness ensure fast and accurate work. Its steel blade is made to last long and has a hardness of up to HRC 30.

Use this knife to shave wood from logs, fence posts, firewood, and much more. Its comfortable handle grips are of wood, and the knife comes with a blade protector. This is so far from a perfect tool for stripping poles. It is well made and works great too.

​Appropriate quality for the price ​Some buyers complains about having to sharpen it upon arrival.
​Sturdy and straight
​Great smooth action

Robert Larson Two Cherries Drawknife


When it comes to high-quality German steel blades, Two Cherries is a versatile drawknife that will meet your wood carving needs. Shaping and removing large chunk off excessive woods can be quite tricky and Two Cherries is the best drawknife for removing large quantities of wood quickly. This durable drawknife can assist you with any wood craftsmanship, starting from carving chunk of woods to crafting chairs and shingles.

Two Cherries is a straight-edged drawknife and is forged traditionally. Among many of its attributes, it is heat-treated and has a wooden fitting handle. Two Cherrie’s 90° handle which is preferred by many over other 45° handled drawknives that are available online, offers a variety of carving.

If you prefer precision on your wood project and want to make precise cuts, thankfully Two Cherries blade is razor-sharp to cater to your need. Two Cherries has an amazing handle design that provides an excellent grip while working with it, making your life easier.

Cheaper while better than others. When it comes to working station safety, it might result in harmful incidents.
Reduces grip strain. Has bending issue of the blade.
It offers precise slices.
Lasts longer.
Perfect for spoon Carving projects.

FLEXCUT Mini-Draw Knife

Draw Knives

This miniature draw knife is designed for hard-to-reach areas, where a pulling action is more conducive to efficient stock removal. The shank allows the cutting angle to be changed easily for contoured cuts.

The concave tip is built for hard-to-reach areas during your woodwork tasks The design of a single handle doesn’t allow much control.
You can change the cutting angle with the draw knife’s shank
Ergonomic handle that’s made from ash hardwood


These top-rated draw knives come with sharp and shiny steel blades that remove the hassles of shaving wood stocks. If you need a one-draw that removes barks effectively, don’t hesitate to pick one of these woodworking tools.

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