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Purchasing tools as important as a drill press requires thorough planning, because drill presses are no small equipment, you can’t afford to make a mistake while going for tools such as benchtop drill press. We know this, hence the creation of this post, to guide you to get the best drill press. Read through this guide to find out the best drill press


Your choice of drill press can be a very crucial factor to be considered when working with materials like wood and notably stronger substances like metal.

Model Type

You have the option of choosing either a floor model or a benchtop model. Ordinarily, a floor model is ideal for projects of a larger scale, are more accurate and this is due to the more extensive spectrum of accompaniments. Benchtop models, on the other hand, are great for smaller tasks, are less precise but are also very space-efficient.

Depth Stop

A depth stop is a gadget that guarantees that all openings you make share the same depth. This option is paramount when you are boring a considerable number of holes and you need to match up the depths of the hole.

If, for instance, you need a depth of two inches into the substance you are working on, and a total number of 20 holes, the depth stop will ensure that every one of the 20 holes has a depth not exceeding two inches.


You would need more power if you were to bore a wider or longer hole through a very strong substance like thicker metals, particularly iron or steel. The more power, the less stressed the drill bit will be and will make shorter work of drilling through tougher materials.

High-quality table

Typically, a table can be adjusted up or down to suit the user’s preference, making drilling a lot easier and way more precise. These come in a wide range of designs and sizes and some even can swivel.


The weight of a drill press will be a determining factor for two types of reasons and these are portability and stability.

If you want a more portable model, then chances are a benchtop model that weighs less than a stationary type model is going to be the best bet and will be a lot easier to move from one place to another.

Weight also is a contributor to how stable your drill press will be when using it. The heavier the unit is, the less likely it is to vibrate and the more precise your work will be.

People often forget that a drill press can produce quite a bit of vibration when in use and can make for shaky circumstances.


Accessories for drill presses have many different purposes and are specifically designed to serve one particular function or another.

For instance, below I have pictures of a drill bit holder attached to a drill press, a heavy-duty stand with rollers that make working with longer pieces easier, and a drill press clamp that will hold your material in place while drilling.

There are lots of other accessories that come with drill presses and are worth checking out if you plan on using your drill press regularly.

Speed Adjustment

Most drill presses these days come with some sort of speed adjustment, the more expensive models have a few more speeds to choose from that a less expensive model would but all typically do have them integrated into the machine itself.

A good example of how you would use a speed adjustment would be having the drill press toned down to a slower operating speed for working on metals and a faster speed for specific kinds of wood.


More often than not, you will need to have the capacity to make routine support on your unit as easy and seamless as can be achieved.

Not all producers have new parts promptly accessible for all their models, and a few producers ask that their units be handled by only qualified experts which implies that you’ll likely be spending a great deal of cash when you require new parts.

Bench-Top Machine

At the point when purchasers chose a bench-top unit, they can anticipate that the machine will work easily from 8 to 12 inches.

Also, the gadget’s stroke will reach from about 2 to 3/8 inches. A benchtop unit is ideal or storage in small spaces and is relatively cheaper than other models. Buyers ought to anticipate that the machine will cover straightforward home improvement tasks or very easy expert tasks.

Floor-Standing Unit

A floor-standing unit will ensure that consumers get a swing that extends from thirteen to twenty inches alongside a stroke from 3-6 inches.

Floor-standing machines usually guarantee more energy and a higher limit; consumers can project that the unit will finish standard and difficult projects. A standing machine is likewise perfect for expert usage.


JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press


  • 20-inch drill size5 HP motor¾ inch keyed chuck150 RPM to 4200 RPM spindle speed
Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press


Powermatic PM2800B drill press comes with a safety key to prevent accidental starting

The material stops allow for consistent hole depth

Handles are reversible for greater comfort

The large base adds stability

WEN 4208 8-Inch Drill Press


Spindle Taper JT33

Drill press Height from the Floor to the top ( 23″)

Drill press Height from the Chuck to the Base (10 3/8 ” )

Drill press Base ( 7 1/2″x11 1/2″)

WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press


Drill press Height from the Floor to the top: 37″

Front to the back of the motor: 22″

Width with the handles: 14-1/2″

Drill press height from the chuck to the base: 19-1/4″

Drill press Base: 10″ x 16″

Shop Fox W1668 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill


Motor: 3/4 HP 110V

Swing: 13-1/4″

Drill chuck: 1/64″ – 5/8″

Arbor: JT-33

Spindle travel: 3-1/4″

Grizzly G7943 12 Bench-Top Drill Press


Precision-ground cast iron table

Table swing: 360°

Table tilts: 90° left & right

Footprint: 18″ x 11″

Overall height: 38″

DRL-300.00 Small Benchtop Drill Press


The size is compact

The lightweight and compact size make it portable

Motor is reliable

It is easy to use

Price is affordable

DEWALT DWE1622K Drill Press


0 Amp Motor with 2-Speed settings provides optimal performance in a variety of applications

Overload Protection electronics prevent motor damage and excess accessory wear

Quick Change Chuck system allows for tool-free change between 3/4″ Weldon Shank and 1/2″ keyed chuck

Quick Release feed handles provide a tool-free change of handles to either side of the tool

WEN 4210T Drill Press


5 speeds offer a range of 570 – 3050 RPM

Linear scale depth adjustment sets the depth of the drill bit for repetitive and precise drilling

1/2 in. keyed chuck accepts large diameter bits; key storage included

Cast iron base with mounting holes provides stability and easy benchtop clamping

Delta 18-900l


Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System allows for fast and easy speed changes.

Full 6″ Quill Stroke for deeper drilling applications and Best-In-Class capacity.

Fully Adjustable TWIN LASER projects a bright red crosshair on the workpiece at the point of bit contact.

Flexible LED Light illuminates the work surface for better visibility.


JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press


JET is a lesser-known brand of power tools when compared with other options out there. But you can find various high-performance drill press from JET out there.

Jet’s 354170/JDP-20MF is one of the largest drill press options due to which it is present in the 2nd position. As per its name, it has a large 20-inch drill size that is much higher than other options out there. You also get a similarly large chuck size of ¾ inch that is always great to have in a drill press. It allows you to use almost any drill bit without any issues.

This drill press comes with a highly powerful 1.5 HP motor to power its chuck. It can offer a total of 12 spindle speeds that range from 150 RPM to 4200 RPM.



Inbuilt work light None
Weighs 288 pounds
2-year warranty
12 spindle speeds

Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press


At Powermatic, we have a woodworker’s intuition which drives our design process. We look for every opportunity to raise the workshop experience to new levels of performance and functionality.

So when we set out to redefine what it means to use a Powermatic Drill Press, we wanted it to be as easy, and as intuitive as possible; to allow you to focus your creative energy on the tasks that make woodworking so rewarding.

The PM2800B is the culmination of our efforts. The PM2800B brings simplicity to your shop. Ease of use that is truly unique.

Laser Guidance: The bright laser illuminated the drill spot. It is very accurate and allows the user to drill extremely fast without compromising accuracy. Expensive.
Large 6″ quill distance enough to bore holes in very thick materials.
Keyless Chuck: Quickly and easily change drill bits with this keyless mechanism.
Variable Speed Control: More versatile when drilling with different types of materials.
Adjustable fence and table. Drilling odd angles in the material are quick and easy.

WEN 4208 8-Inch Drill Press


WEN’s 8-inch swing, the 5-speed drill press is small but powerful enough to drill through metal, wood, plastics, and other materials. When you need accurate and precise holes, this tool does the job more conveniently and precisely than a handheld drill. With a full two inches of spindle travel, this drill press is the perfect companion for both the job and the garage. The compact design makes transportation and storage easier than ever. The rigid base and frame consist of cast iron to ensure durability and accurate drilling. Its powerful induction motor features ball bearings for extended life, all culminating in a smooth and balanced performance even at high speeds.

The metal construction of the base, table, and column for stability and durability. The weak motor of 1/3 HP can stall when drilling high-density metal of more than 1/2 inch. Not recommended for hardened steel.
Very affordable price
Variable speed of 740, 1,100, 1,530, 2,100, 3,140 RPM allows you to work with a wide range of materials.
Easy-to-use bit depth adjustment knob.
The table can be tilted to both the left and the right at 45-degrees.

WEN 4214 Variable Speed Drill Press


WEN’s 12-inch swing, variable speed drill press with laser centering device, is a powerhouse for your shop. Packed with features that you’ll find in larger more industrial type drill presses. This bench-top, the cast iron drill press has the power to drill through metal, wood, and other materials. Max drill capacity is 5/8” in 1” thick cast iron.

The variable speed feature allows you to target the exact speed (infinitely from 580-3200 RPM) that works for your project. While you are working you simply move a lever and adjust the speed as needed. No pulleys and belts to change! Our design uses a mechanical variable speed which allows for the same power and torque through the entire speed range.

A digital readout powered by LED displays the running speed. Constructed with a rigid frame consisting of cast iron: head, table, and base, ensures accurate holes

Variable speed of 580-3,200 RPMs. It offers great versatility when working with different types of material. Digital speed read meter on the front panel. Will have difficulty drilling through thick metal, especially steel.
Powerful 5-Amp 2/3 HP inductive motor. It can penetrate both wood and thin metal sheets with great ease.
Excellent build construction from metal. Very durable drill press.
The table can be tilted 45-degree to the right or 45-degree to the left for angular drills.
The large and stable base that can be bolted to a workbench.
X-Pattern Laser for more accuracy.

Shop Fox W1668 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill


SHOP FOX® offers a broad assortment of drill presses to suit every need – from small hobby shops to professional machine shops. Our unique oscillating models provide the convenience of two machines in half the space and our radial drill presses offer unmatched versatility. For the best selection of features, performance and value look no further than SHOP FOX.

Power: The 3/4 HP motor is ample for most drilling purposes. none
Versatility: You can bore holes quickly and easily. It has slits in both the tabletop as well as the base. It also retrofits as a very decent oscillating tool with the push of a button. It cannot be more versatile than this.
Speed: The 12 speeds of this unit are well thought of. The lowest setting of 250 RPM is perfect for drilling through tough material and the highest speed of 3,050 RPM is more than enough for fast and efficient drilling in thin material.

Grizzly G7943 12 Bench-Top Drill Press


Grizzly brings professional-grade power and many of the same elements that come standard with more industrial drill presses with an astoundingly low price tag. It has the same feature set as the floor-mounted model.

This thing comes with solid construction. It is a bit heavy for my liking.
12 levels of speed make it a formidable drilling tool.
For dim-lit places, it has a light to aid you.

DRL-300.00 Small Benchtop Drill Press


This compact size makes it a perfect choice for those with small, cramped workshops, as well as for those who often have to transport their machine from one place to another.

The DRL-300.00 provides the user with variable speed (up to 8,500 RPM) and allows easy speed adjustment via the dedicated knob. It has a small base that’s very stable and can be bolted to the workbench, as well as the 1/4″ chuck, a 5.5’ cord, and 1-year warranty

Inexpensive Not suitable for metal works
Variable speed No proper details in the manual
Stable base (can be bolted down)
Small and compact

DEWALT DWE1622K Drill Press


The DWE1622K 2″ 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press has a 10 Amp motor with 2-speed settings and overload protection to prevent motor damage. Quick Change Chuck system allows for tool-free change between 3/4″ Weldon Shank and 1/2″ keyed chuck.

Overload protection Minimal speed adjustments
Convenient design Quite pricey
Powerful motor
Easy to use

WEN 4210T Drill Press


WEN’s 10 in. swing drill press with laser centering device is a powerhouse for your shop. Packed with features that you’ll find in larger, more industrial type drill presses, you can power through metal, wood, and other materials with ease. Change from 5 speeds to target the exact RPM right for your project (570, 900, 1390, 2050, 3050 RPM). Rigid frame construction of cast iron provides sturdiness and reliability. Its powerful induction motor features ball bearings for extended life, all combining with a smooth and balanced performance at any speed.

Laser and LED light for accuracy and visibility. Still not powerful enough to comfortably drill through thick metal
Depth adjustment is accurate and very easy to set.
Decent power that allows it to drill in both wood and thin metal sheets with great ease.
Quality build construction made from metal.
Affordable price and good price-to-performance ratio.

Delta 18-900l

Drill Press

DELTA Machinery brings you the first professionally featured Drill Press designed with the woodworker in mind. With a 3/4-HP motor and a full 6″ quill stroke, you’ll be able to get tough drilling jobs done. The patented oversized woodworker’s table bevels and tilts for compound drilling operations. This Drill Press also features T-slots for clamping and a removable center insert for through-table drilling.

5 years warranty, much longer than others The speed adjustment can be tedious at times. This is because it involves changing the relative position of the belts. Since this may require removing and re-installing the belt, it can be wearisome at times.
Large swing
Powerful motor with 3/4 HP
Variable speed with very higher No of speed
Led light, laser for support


You have done well if you read through this guide. You might have seen a drill press that suits best the kind of work you do if so, you should go for it. these tools are reliable, and they promise to give you the best job

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