Best Drywall Lifts of 2024

Are you interested in getting the best drywall lifts for your job? You have come to the perfect place. This guide will provide you with the best drywall lifts there is. All you need to is read through this guide, and select the drywall lifts that suits you best.

Drywall Lift

A drywall lift is a specially designed construction tool that is made to hold large and heavy sheets of drywall.

They are essentially an extra helping hand on the construction site, as they can be used by one person to lift heavy and cumbersome materials without risk of injury or without the need to hire extra workers.

They can also save time. If you have a construction project or work in a professional capacity, then you know how important drywall is.

This construction material can cover large surface areas of walls and ceilings to provide quick drying and instant improvement. However, although drywall is a useful material, it can be quite difficult to use.

This is where drywall lifts come in handy, and they are essential if you have a large construction project and a small deadline.

Manually, you need a bunch of people to accomplish the drywall installation, but drywall lift is one investment that will allow you to perform the task alone. Though you can rent the lift for rare uses, investing in one when you use one regularly is something you will never regret.

How do drywall lifts work?

A drywall lift or a sheetrock lift is made up of three components, namely: Hoist, tripod, and cradle.

The base is usually tripod shaped with wheels to move the lift and backstop to hold the elevator in place when in use.  The cradle holds the drywall panels. The frame on the cradle acts as a platform which can be tilted to secure the sheetrock on the slanting surfaces.

The hoist is the shaft that connects the tripod and cradle. It comprises of the winch with brakes and lock mechanism. You can steer the winch by cranking it up or down to move the cradle.

The lock mechanism holds the panels at height until you work on them. The lifts have reduced the number of men needed for drywall work to just.


The factors put into consideration when buying drywall lifts is different from the factors put into consideration when getting tools like miter saw blades and drill bit sharpeners, because these tools perform different functions

Buying vs. Renting

Drywall lifts are relatively inexpensive, and it is recommended that you buy one instead of renting it because the cost is similar. It will also rid you of the hassle of returning the lift once you have used it.

Alternatively, you will have the convenience of having the lift available on hand at all times and ready to be used.


Nobody wants a flaky product, especially when it comes to something that can pose a potential risk of injury. Moreover, if you are spending good money on a product, then it is natural that you want it to be durable. Keep the durability of the drywall lift in mind before you buy one. You can do this by analyzing the materials and design to gauge its structural integrity/durability.

It might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, but this isn’t the time to skimp on the money because you might end up compromising on the quality of the product. While buying tools like electric gloves and hydraulic bench press, durability should be a top consideration.


Drywall lifts are used for several purposes. In addition to hoisting up drywall, they can also be used to lift other kinds of wallboards and panels such as plywood.

Therefore you should buy a model that is suited to your particular preferences and frequency of use. Keeping this in mind will help you choose a product that is optimally suited to your needs and well, within your budget.

Compatibility and Size

One more factor you have to consider is the site of the actual lift. Some models can fit in your car while others are more compatible with pickup trucks. If you are transporting it from one place to another, you might have to disassemble the lift and reassemble it. For tools like circular saw blades and PVC pipe cutters, you should also put compatibility and size into the factors to be considered before buying.


Drywall lifts are designed to hoist large construction panels and materials onto ceilings and walls. This means that their maximum length and height is vital.

You should consider the kind of building you are working on to determine how high you need your drywall lift to go. Most of the drywall lifts throughout this review have a standard reach of around 11-foot which is the standard height of residential ceilings.

However, if you need something a little bigger, then you should consider the Idealchoiceproduct 16′ Drywall Lift which has the largest length of any of these drywall lifts and can reach up to 16-feet of ceilings.


Red Line Professional 11-Foot Drywall Lift


One Person Operation

All welded steel construction

Tilts 65° laterally for easy loading and installation on sloped ceilings

Get sheets in place and mounted in a fraction of the time

Red Line RLP9016 Drywall Panel 19′ Hoist


Can be operated by one person

Comes with a lifetime guarantee

Can lift to 150 lbs to a height of 15 feet

You don’t have to buy an additional extension as it is included in the package.

Idealchoiceproduct 16′ Drywall Lift


Can handle Maximum Sheet Size of 55 inches

Maximum weight capacity: 150 lbs

Toll-free assembly and improved portability

Integrated winch-brake and foot control

Three by 4-inch caster wheels for mobility

GypTool Drywall Lift Panel Jack Hoist


powerful winch crank

superior reach

stable & secure

heavy-duty construction

Goplus 11AA Drywall Lift


3-part assembly

Easy to store and transport

5″ wheels add maneuverability.

34” loading height

Telpro Inc. 138-2 PanelLift Drywall Lifter


Quick assembly

Convenient and easy operation

Use on angled or sloped surfaces

Renowned and famous brand

Troy DPH11 Professional Panel Lift Hoist


Professional standard

All-welded steel body

Durable and easy to use

Reduces risk of injury on site

Can be used by one person

Artist Hand 11’Drywall Lift


CE Standard Lift

Integrated winch with brake

Tool-free assembly

Panellift 439 Drywall Lifter


Made in the USA

200-Pound load capacity

36-Inch loading height. Lower with 195 Loader

Added safety with torque limiter prevents overloading

3-year drive train limited warranty

FDW Drywall Panel Hoist


Easy to assemble and disassemble

Allows one person working alone

Safe and in good balance

150Lbs Load Capacity


Red Line Professional 11-Foot Drywall Lift


This drywall lift is made for one person operation and features a 65-degree tilt that can make loading and installation even easier. The all-welded steel construction is durable and long-lasting, to suit a range of construction chores.  It works to get drywall and other wood panels onto walls or ceilings without a lot of time, effort, or labor.

This drywall lift has a simple operation and is tool-free in its assembly and tear down. It can make hoisting, positioning, and lifting large construction panels and materials incredibly easy and risk-free.

Tool-free assembly and tear down None
65-degree tilt for easy loading
All-welded steel construction
Simple operation

Red Line RLP9016 Drywall Panel 19′ Hoist


Why do all the hard work of installing the drywall when you can have RLP9016 Drywall Red Line Panel 19’ to do it? It is yellow and handy when you work on the installation of drywall regularly. The 11-foot lift can be extended to 15 feet with the 4-foot extension.

If you need the lift to cover the sidewalls of your attic, it can be tilted up to 65 degrees for added precision. Plus, it is made up of durable steel which will last you for years to come and with a lifetime warranty accompanying the product at this price, what more can we ask for!

Tool-free assembly none
Prevents injury on site
Easily positions drywall panels.
Designed for one-person operation.

Idealchoiceproduct 16′ Drywall Lift


With the ease of movement control provided by integrated winch and foot-brake, you can move the Ideal Choice Product 16’-19’ Drywall Lift up and down.

It is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you when you are planning to install some drywall panels on your ceiling or walls. The 5-inch caster increases the maneuverability of the lift. Moreover, a tool-free and hassle-free assembly make the lift even more popular. It can lift the load of 150 pounds with ease and handle a sheet as big as 4’ by 16’. Plus, the assembly is powder-coated for a longer life.

Suitable to be used by one person none
Great reach for walls and ceilings
Heavy and durable construction
Tool-free device

GypTool Drywall Lift Panel Jack Hoist


Designed for heavy-duty use by contractors and professionals, this deluxe drywall lifter and installation jack from GypTool features a new and improved winch crank operation, simplifying lifting, positioning, and installation of drywall, sheetrock and wood panels on ceilings or walls for faster and more efficient work.

Crafted with all-welded steel construction and coated with a premium enamel finish, this durable and heavyweight lift is built to last a lifetime. Hoist features an easy-to-operate hand winch and accommodates standard-sized panels, with a telescoping mast for fast and smooth sheetrock raising/lowering, with an 11′ reach for flat ceilings.

Can be used for various panels none
Contractor-grade drywall lift
The superior reach of 11 feet
Telescoping mast
Safe and secure

Goplus 11AA Drywall Lift


Speaking of brands that deliver quality for a reasonable price, GoPlus leads the show. And GoPlus 11AA 11’ Drywall Lift is its showstopper! Perfect for both home and commercial drywall installation, it is quite easy to assemble and disassemble when the need be.

This has the ideal holders for placing 4×6-feet drywall panels and lifting them to a height of 11′. The triangular bottom can be moved with three caster wheels of 5 inches. The safety and sturdiness of the lift when in use is guaranteed by the in-built winch with brake.

Easy to assemble none
Heavy-duty steel body
Winch brake and lock for safety
Wheels for movement and balance

Telpro Inc. 138-2 PanelLift Drywall Lifter


The Telpro is built for single-person use; the cradle is quite large and tilts to a 65-degree angle, making it easier for you to load the drywall. It is ideal for installation on tiled walls/ceilings. There is a winch brake to keep the lift in place while you work and prevent it from wobbling.

The lift is manufactured in the US. Therefore, you can rest assured regarding the quality.

Large cradle to fit big loads Does not reach full extension without extender
Can fit into the trunk of your car Loading capacity of only 150 pounds
Good lumbar support for lifting
No tools required for assembling/dissembling

Troy DPH11 Professional Panel Lift Hoist


This professional standard drywall lift is made from all-welded steel construction that can provide a durable tool-free assembly and teardown. It has a single-stage winch brake that can be operated by one person, making this a great tool for construction sites with not a lot of manpower.

This drywall lift has a great reach of 11-foot for horizontal ceilings and a 15-foot reach for walls. It has a great weight capacity and can make light work of difficult construction tasks. It has been manufactured to be incredibly safe and easy to use, with rubberized feet, support hooks and telescoping arms.

Compact in size A full-extension may prove difficult
Doesn’t require batteries Limited maneuverability in smaller spaces
Can be used by one person
No tool/one person assembly
Eliminates the risk of accidents/injuries

Artist Hand 11’Drywall Lift


Another innovation by Ideal Choice Product, Artist-Hand 11’ Drywall Panel Hoist is popular amongst online buyers for the tool and toll-free assembly it offers. This is a CE Certified Lift which can be moved with ease via 3×4″ caster wheels.

The lift can hoist up to 4’x8’ drywall panels, making it perfect for home décor DIY ideas and using in narrow spaces such as hallways. The winch comes with a brake and a lock feature to hold the panel in place. Panels weighing as much as 150 pounds can be lifted effortlessly to the height of 11’ with this device.

Minimal tools required for operation The extension required to reach the maximum height
Easy to assemble and disassemble Can only lift drywall panels of 4 by 8’ or lower
Tilting cradle for easier loading
Easily foldable for storage

Panellift 439 Drywall Lifter


The Panellift has a higher loading capacity than some of the other lifts on this list, 200 pounds to be exact. It is manufactured in the US so the quality can be trusted upon. There are safety torques as well to prevent you from overloading the lift and keeping you safe.

Can be extended to a height of 15 feet Requires an extension
Exceptionally low loading height Weighs more than standard lifts
Good for light and heavy-duty work
Ease to move around.
Compact design

FDW Drywall Panel Hoist

Drywall Lifts

This drywall wall is more recommended for heavy-duty/commercial use as it can reach heights up to 16 feet in total. The overall lift is sturdy and stable with brakes, and caster wheels to move it around.

It has an anti-skid design that is good for hoisting large sheets up on the max. Height, i.e., about 16 feet.

Can hold large sheets of drywall up to 15 feet high The extension required reaching the max-height
Great for angled ceilings/walls
Smooth operation


After getting to know about all these drywall lifts, you have a fairly solid idea of what kind of products/features you should be looking at. By going through these reviews, you can make an informed decision regarding the product that suits you (and your pocket) the best.

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