Best Electric Planer of 2024

Are you a professional in woodworking? An electric planer is a tool you can’t do without as a professional in woodwork. In this guide, we would be reviewing the best electric planer. You should read through this guide; you will be glad you did if you do because you have everything to gain if you read through.

To get smooth finish furniture the wood needs to be flat as well. You cannot burnish wood with an uneven surface. So, make a rough plane into a smooth surface you need an electric planer. But it is quite impossible to pick a good one from the market’s whole bunch of cheap-quality planers.

An electric hand planer is probably one of the most reliable power tools that will be useful for all sorts of woodworking projects. Its chief purpose is to resurface and straighten out wood stock in a simple and quick manner.

What is a planer good for?

A planer is good for making the wood less thick. It doesn’t matter if it’s hardwoods or softwoods. It can also be used for flattening and making wooden surfaces a lot smoother. Unlike electric planers and gas cans, a die grinder is a rotatory tool.

You might also need a garden kneeler, for instances where you have to kneel down to plane through a  wood.



Of course, people will place the price tag as something of high importance. That’s only if you are looking for something on a budget. Otherwise, you probably won’t care as much. However, you should approach the price aspect with the same attitude even when on a budget.

Quality and performance that fits your budget are what you should be looking for. Don’t sacrifice both of these attributes for the sake of saving money. If the price matches the overall value, go for it.


Not every electric hand planer is created equal. The levels of power are one thing to solidify this point. The standard amperage of power is 6 amps. Some electric planers will be more powerful, while others will be less.

If you are fairly new to electric hand planers then 6 amps will be enough. If you have a bit more experience or want something that is fairly heavy-duty, it wouldn’t hurt to bump up the power a bit. Like electric planers, plotter cutters, and mill machines need electricity to work.

Softwoods, Hardwoods, or both?

The question that needs to be asked and answered is what kind of wood will you mostly work with? Most of these electric hand planers will definitely work with both types of wood.

However, some will work better with softwoods and others with hardwoods. In other words, some planers won’t be suitable for one type of wood. Keep this in mind while considering your options.


The best electric hand planers are perhaps the most well-built of their kind. Furthermore, they don’t break or fall apart even when you are performing heavy-duty tasks. This just doesn’t include the overall construction.

The blades can be durable and take lesser amounts of time to wear down. Changing the blades less frequently will likely be a godsend rather than a curse.


If you want to get the job done, then speed might be another attribute worth looking at. The quicker the blade speed, the better the chance you can get the work done quickly. If anything, you should probably go no lower than 15,000 rpm.

Smoothing and cutting are what these hand planers do. And a slow-moving blade just won’t get the job done.

Consistency (for Corded or Cordless)

Due to the fact that the quality of your results hinges on the user’s ability to remain patient or have the highest point of perseverance, the most vital thing or feature an electric planer can offer is consistency.

You definitely want your planer to cut at the same rate the entire time you are using it. This creates an instant dilemma: going cordless is really in fashion these days, but as a cordless tool’s battery loses juice it just gets slower.

For this reason, it is best that you consider the consistent output of a corded electric planer over a cordless one. For cordless hand planers, they have their advantage too. They are more agile to use and it is very easy to take them to the job point.

Overall handling

Of course, electric hand planers won’t do the job themselves. You’ll need to control and handle them on a regular basis.

If you can handle them by moving the hand planer smoothly around surface tops, corners, and edges then you’ll definitely be able to get the job done. Most handles will have over-molded grips that will make overall handling a lot easier.

Dust Management

Without wearing a safety glass, it can be dangerous to work with a power planer. With the help of a powerful motor, it chips down the wood and throws debris. This dust can easily make a run on to your eyes, and a mighty blow of it is able to make you blind.

However, in modern time, you can find some of the futuristic planers which have an inbuilt hose for managing that debris. I am recommending you to pick those modern hand planers for woodworking.

Cutting Depth

Cutting depth is an essential feature of a planner. Various planers from different companies offer a different depth of chipping. If you have a planer that has a low cutting depth, it will kill you more time to get your desired thickness of the wood.

So, try to pick up the planer which is able to make a deep slash easily. In my opinion, try to stay between planers able to make 1.5-mm to 4-mm deep chipping.

Ease of Use

For the DIYer, it is tough to use an upgraded tool. On the other hand, professionals want tolls that have some advanced technology. They have experience of years and want those futuristic tools so that those tools can make their work easy.

So, consider your position. If you are a DIYer, try to pick up the planer which is easy to use and doesn’t have critical features. Another tool that needs the ‘easy to use’ consideration before purchasing it is the hose timer.


DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer


Precision-machined front and back aluminum shoes ensure parallelism of cut

Kickstand allows user to rest the planer on the work surface without gouging the material

Precision machined groove in front shoe allows for edge chamfering

Poly-V drive belt provides increased belt durability

The ergonomically designed handle provides greater comfort and less user fatigue

Makita 1806B 10.9 Amp 6-3/4″ Electric Hand Planer


15,000 RPMs

30,000 cuts per minute

Multiple depth adjustments

Lock-on button for continuous operation

Sturdy soleplate

WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer


Attachable dust bag.

Can handle corners and straight lines well.

Fast cut speed.

Built-in blade-protecting kickstand.

Triton TPL180 1500W Triple-Blade Planer


Powerful 1500W motor for heavy-duty planing of the toughest wood surfaces

Power-on neon indicates a live power connection

Magnesium alloy for superior strength & durability

Non-slip rubber over-molded grip offers increased support, safety & control

VonHaus Electric Wood Hand Planer Kit


High cutting speed.

Professional cut results every time.

Depth adjustment knob.

Multiple replacement blades.



Great cut results.

Dual dust extraction.

Easy to use depth knob.

Easy to control.

Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp 3-1/4″ Electric Hand Planer


Offers smooth and professional-looking cut results.

Strong 6.5-amp motor.

Allows for easy depth adjustments.

Simple design.

Makita XPK01Z Cordless Planer


2-blade cutter head with double edge carbide blades for added performance and smooth finish

High power-to-weight ratio; weighs only 7.4 lbs. with battery (battery not included)

15,000 RPM motor engineered for faster stock removal

Spring-loaded stand elevates the base to protect the blades and workpiece

Makita KP0800K Planer Kit


High cutting power.

Fast 17,000 RPM motor speed.

Dual-edged carbine blades.

Built-in vacuum system.

Ryobi HPL52K


Powered by a 6 Amp motor with a no-load speed of up to 16,500 RPM.

Features a maximum planing width of 3-1/4 in.

Equipped with adjustment from 1/96 in. to 1/8 in. depth of cut in 1/96 in. increments.

Comes with a button that locks the trigger in the off position for safety.


DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer


The DCP580B features a brushless motor for maximum efficiency that helps to maintain speed under load. The brushless planer features a 3-1/4 in. width capacity and ability to adjust the depth at 1/256 in. adjustments with a rebate capacity of 5/64 in.

The planer weighs 6.8 lbs. and operates on the DEWALT 20V MAX* battery system. Lightweight and cordless, the planer can be easily transported around the jobsite without the hassle of a cord. Battery, charger, and dust bag sold separately.

Runs at 32,000 CPM. none
Brushless motor.
Allows for accurate adjustments.
Versatile rechargeable battery system.

Makita 1806B 10.9 Amp 6-3/4″ Electric Hand Planer


If you have large timber stocks you can’t straighten with a jointer due to their size, there is one tool that will help you get the job done easily. It’s the Makita 1806B 10.9 Amps 6-3/4 inch electric planer.

In terms of size and capacity, there are few hand planers that can be compared with this ​Makita’s 1806B. Planing really large and rough lumber will require a few more passes if you go for other planers with lower width and depth capacity.

Swing-down blade protector none
Two-blade cutter head
Double insulation
Aligned grips for added control
Comfort handle

WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer


With those stops, you can shave the workpiece up to 0 to 1/8 inches. For the adjustment of the cutting height, just turn around the knob, and you are ready to get your wood slab how you want to. The 6-amp powerful motor is able to deliver 34,000 cuts per minute. That means you will be able to reshape your slab by wasting no time.

6530 hand planer has a sharp blade with multiple knives that can rotate up to 17,000-rpm of speed. And it can shave the workpiece as deep as 1/16-inch or 1.5-mm with just a swing. So, you can easily trim your wood to make it even for making furniture.

This lightweight tool is easy to work with for hours long. Not so good for the heavy
Can deliver 34,000 cuts per minute which helps to reduce the project accomplish time.
The electric hand planer comes with a dust bag, a parallel fence bracket, and kickstand.

Triton TPL180 1500W Triple-Blade Planer


This powerful electric hand planer tool offers a very high cutting speed of 45,000 CPM, using a special trio of blades mounted to an internal drum to ensure fast cutting in almost every situation. The design also has a low center of gravity that makes it much easier to control without reducing its power, helping you make maximum use of the strong motor without suddenly veering off to the side.

There are ten different depth options based on an adjustable knob, letting you set the exact precision you need between 0 to 2mm. As a handheld tool, it makes use of a comfortable grip to help the user keep track of its movements on the material of any thickness.

Can handle heavy-duty projects Can be a bit on the heavy side
Quick with most jobs
Very durable
Easy to grip and control
Super powerful

VonHaus Electric Wood Hand Planer Kit


The VonHaus 7.5A Planer makes light work of fixing doors, fitting wood and correcting splinters, chips, and misshapen edges with little or no stress as it is extremely powerful. Add a drum speed of 16,000rpm into the mix, and you can achieve an even, professional finish every time.

The key features that also add to the unique way this planer work includes an adjustable base plate with three chamfering grooves for cutting a 45° angle along, a corner guide fence for maintaining a straight cut, rabbet depth guide for door and window jambs Left/ right dust extraction plus detachable dust bag which attaches to the port to minimize the rate of mess around the entire working area to ensure a hazardous-free working environment.

Ergonomic hand and lock-off switch Difficulty in swapping out the blade
Impressive cutting speed
Comes with a dust bag



The dual dust extractor is great if you are looking for a planer that won’t make too much of a mess. We know how much of a royal pain it can be with all that sawdust being left behind with woodworking projects. It happens. But less sawdust means more peace of mind. Especially when you have something that can collect a lot of dust.

Very reliable Some users found blade adjustment difficult
Efficient cutting ability
Great for newbie users
Dust extraction system is top quality

Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp 3-1/4″  Electric Hand Planer


This powerful planer uses a dual-mount guide to help you easily set it up on any wood surface, ready to cut at a moment’s notice. The stand is spring-loaded and can be easily adjusted as needed, while the protective shield built into its design means that you are in no danger of having shavings and dust blown into your face. Not only that, but the depth adjustment system has two scales in both the Imperial and Metric measurement systems, meaning that unit conversions aren’t necessary. As an added feature, the handled handle gives you far more control over the motion of the tool as it moves, resulting in smoother and nicer-looking cuts

Features a lock-on and lock-off button for providing extra safety. You have to detach the guide to keep the planer into its given box. Sometimes this detaching process can be annoying.
Ergonomic design helps to handle it easily.
Bosch PL2632 allows you to change its blade with a high-speed steel blade for multiplying its working ability.

Makita XPK01Z Cordless Planer


This cordless electric hand planer has dual blades that improve the overall smoothness and finish of the completed cut. As well as a high ratio of power to weight that makes it perfect for on-the-go cutting or as an addition to a toolkit. The depth adjustment knob has a related scale that lets you clearly see the current settings, ranging from 0 inches to 5/64 inches in depth. At 14,000 RPM shared with both blades, the hand planer can easily cut through most types of wood with ease

Cuts quickly and accurately. none
Allows for easy depth adjustment.
Low overall weight.
Dual blades for better versatility.
Portable cordless design.

Makita KP0800K Planer Kit


The easy blade setting system makes installing and replacing blades a whole lot easier. With some planers, it’s a task that’s not really one to look forward to. But nevertheless, it makes the task itself much more bearable. This has a base that is made from precision machined aluminum, giving you the best accuracy possible when it comes to cutting and smoothing.

Great for right-handed and left-handed users Does not include a dust bag.
Fast-moving blades help get the job done quicker.
Easy operation for most projects
Solidly built.
Very powerful

Ryobi HPL52K

Electric Planer

With the adjustable capability of this tool, you can overcome any planning tasks you are faced with as it is an ideal device that helps in achieving a lot within the shortest frame of time. You can adjust your depth from 0-1/8″ in 1/96” increments. This versatility will allow you to tackle a variety of woodworking projects with maximum precision

The ergonomic grip handle feature allows the device to have a maximal performance as you are assured of safety using the device. A rubber molding over the grip allows precise handling, even in slippery conditions.

Includes a kickstand that helps to prevent blade damage when setting the tool down. The cord can cause limitation while working.
Includes a dust bag and the ability to direct debris from either the left or right side.
Adjustable capability
Safety features


After taking carefully reading this review, I hope you have found it useful and it will help you make the right decision when buying a hand planer. Just don’t forget to follow the buying guide for making your purchase most money worthy.

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