Best Leaf Shredder of 2024

You could heap dry leaves gotten from your garden, but the question is for how long? A heap of dry leaves piled for a long period could become an unpleasant sight. With a leaf shredder, you don’t have to pile up dry leaves for too long.

In this guide we would be looking at the best leaf shredder, if you are interested in getting one, then you should read through this guide.

A professional will also need to include the air and aviation snips to his tools, as this tool comes in handy when needed.

How Does A Leaf Shredder Work?

Leaf shredders have a few different designs- Electric, Gas, or Handheld.

Electric shredders

They use string trimmer lines, much like weed eaters. These thick plastic strings spin at a high speed to chop the leaves into small pieces. This type of shredder works best on dry, brittle leaves.

Gas-powered shredders

They use heavy-duty metal blades and grinding plates. These can usually handle large sticks and branches, anywhere from one inch to three inches in diameter.

Handheld shredders

They are usually a combination tool with a blower, vacuum, and shredder in one. These utilize a metal impeller, which looks much like a fan blade but with a solid back.

When the tool is in vacuum mode, the impeller spins and mulches the leaves as they pass through the channel and into the collection bag or bin.

How To Use A Leaf Shredder?

Each of the leaf shredders listed above has its specific instructions for use, and you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on their assembly, use, and break down.

Electric and gas-powered mulchers are stationary and have a chute either on the top or on the side where you dump the leaves. They will either have their bag or bin, or you can use your own to catch the mulch.

Leaf blower shredders strap on to your back and have a collection bag that catches the shredded leaves. With these models, you either walk around the property vacuuming up the leaves as you go, or you can blow them into a big pile and then vacuum them all up at once.

A Japanese saw however is used differently, it is used on wood, instead of leaves, so does a spokeshave too, it is meant to be used on wood.


Power of the Motor

Most of the products that we have featured on this list are powered by electrical cords. It will be important to check on the amperage that each motor will output. This will determine the rate that you will be able to work with this machine.


Considering the capacity of the machine may go-to ways. Some machines come with their collection bags or bins that will only be able to hold so many liters or gallons.

The machine’s capacity will also be measured in its mulching ratio. You will get more capacity the higher the ratio. The ratio is just determined by how much smaller the leaf particles are made after passing through the shredder.

Storability and Portability

The manufacturers of leaf mulchers generally design their products with a high capacity for easy storage and portability. This is because you may need to carry or move the machine around extensively to finish a job.

It is also a machine that will generally only be used certain times of the year. After that, it is annoying if they take up too much space. The way a tire inflator is portable that it can be put in a car and carried with ease is the same way a leaf shredder should be portable, for easier movement from a place to another.

Easy to Use/Lightweight

Although the weight of the product also factor’s into portability, it is included here because it will help determine how easy it is to use the leaf mulcher for long periods. If it has a stand, then is it easy to assemble, and during use, is it streamlined to make a job run quickly?

Safety Features

These mulchers and shredders are run by a motor quickly rotating sharp blades around. Often, it will not stop if your hand gets in the way. Many of the products are now made with safety hoods, sensors, or switches that help to restrict the type of materials that will be going in to be chopped.


Leaf mulchers often do not only feature a mulching capacity anymore, but also may include a vacuum or a blower, or all three. Think about the kinds of jobs that you have. Is Will having a machine like this be more useful than one with a solitary function?

Easy to Assemble

Since many of these leaf mulchers and blowers are only used during specific times of the year, they will often be disassembled for storage. Unless you want a hassle every time they are taken out of storage, ease of assembly is a great factor to read up on from other customer’s reviews. Another tool that should be easy to assemble is the cabin air filter, so be on the lookout for an easily fixable tool.

Easy to Clean

The dust that leaf mulchers generate is substantial. To keep the machine working properly, they often need to be cleaned between each major use. This factor has a lot to do with ease of disassembly and how far the machine breaks down.

Noise Level

These motors are running fast and hard. Nowadays, manufacturers are making them run smoothly and therefore more quietly. There is only so quiet you can get when sawing through branches and leaves, however, quieter is always nicer on the ears and neighbors.

Replacement Parts

Check to see how far the manufacturers are from you and if they have a good reputation for quality customer service. This will greatly expedite any process for receiving replacement parts if the need arises.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of leaf mulchers does not vary too much. However, some companies market their product as being more friendly when it comes to dust production and the size of the mulch for composting purposes.


If you are going to invest in any product, it is worth checking up on its durability. Look in customer reviews for answers to questions like: How long did the machine last? What did people use it for that might have reduced its durability?


Finally, sturdiness is important when you are considering leaf mulchers that are set on a stand, not meant to be carried around. These can be quite dangerous if they are not stable. Check and make sure that the stand is made of good material. You won’t regret it.




13.0 Amp motor mulches up to 53 gallons of leaves per minute.

Disposes of leaves and debris directly into a bag (not included).

Flex-A-line blade-less mulching system with an 11:1 mulch ratio.

Features a clean air motor cooling system & easily folds down for compact storage.

Patriot Products CSV-2515


The only capable electric chipper on the market

5 hp electric motor, 110/120v

Chips rigid materials such as branches up to 2 ½ inches in diameter.

Great for yard waste cleanup, composting, hay, bamboo, etc.

No fumes – safe to use inside garages, workshops, greenhouses, and barns

Toro 51619


3 machines in one; powerful blower, high-speed vacuum, and leaf shredder

340 CFM blow mode and 405 CFM Vac mode

Up to 260 mph maximum airspeed

Metal impeller improves for superior mulching and vacuum performance

Flowtron LE-900


Built-in storage compartment

Elastic bungee cord holds leaf-bag in place

Unit size: 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 23″

Control lever to adjust shredding size

21 inch, 1-bushel capacity polyethylene funnel hopper

Tazz 18493 K32


Functions as a woodchipper

Very powerful model

Reusable bag included

Black & Decker BV6000


2 Speed selections for flower beds and powerful enough for matted leaves

The 12 amp motor 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher keeps the yard neat and tidy

Easily change between vacuum and blower.

Built-in cord retainer keeps the extension in place and plugged in for uninterrupted use

Worx WG505 Trivac Pro


All-in-one system: Blower/Vac/Mulcher.

Metal impeller provides a 16:1 mulch ratio.

One-handed operation in blower and vacuum modes.

Adjustable airflow speed for corner sweeping and maximum performance.

Innovative vac tube design that easily reaches under decks and patio furniture.

Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag


Power Source: Leaf Bag Only

Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 66 Inches

Weight: 2.25 lbs

Sun Joe CJ603E


Eco-friendly with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air

Safety hopper with locking knob prevents the motor from operating when opened

Compact design with 7-inch wheels for easy portability

Reduces your yard waste into 1/21st of its original size

Earthwise GS70015 Electric Chipper/Shredder


Maximum chipping diameter of 1-3/4-inches

No-load speed: 4000 RPM

Safely feed debris into the hopper with the tamper tool

Designed for use on dry material only

2-bushel collection bin




The foldable mulcher with a mighty motor mulch as high as 53 Gallons of leaves every minute and disposes all output into bag attachable at beneath. A bladeless system for mulching achieves a mulch ratio of 11:1. The mulcher is sturdy, still portable. The mulcher can be easily assembled or dissembled without requiring ant specific tool for the same.

Worx leaf mulcher is excellent pick up for easy, quick collection of leaves more accessible and leaving the yard tidier. Leaves are dropped into the feed hole to mulched into 1/11th of their size and drop into a bag at the end of the process. The mulcher attaches any of the plastic or paper bags.

Easy to Use No wheels

Patriot Products CSV-2515


This handy machine not only makes light work out of leaves, but it also functions as a wood chipper meaning it can effectively clear all kinds of garden waste such as branches. It can reduce branches and other wood waste to the size of a coin, and will compact leaves in seconds. Waste discharges from a pipe at the side of the machine, so you will need to hold onto a bag at the side to catch the waste.

The chipper uses blades to cut through branches and leaves with ease and uses a powerful 14 amp electric power. The electric motor is quiet, so can be used without earplugs and is less likely to disturb your neighbors when you are using it. It is a bit heavier at 95ibs, but there are wheels and a handle to make it easier to move around and store. It does not disassemble but is quite small and compact when fully built.

Easy Transport     None
Safe and easy to operate and clean
Lightweight (< 100 pounds total weight)
Gas or Oil not required
No exhaust fumes when the shredder functions

Toro 51619


The Ultra blower vac delivers all the power and versatility you need to tackle every yard clean-up chore. It features a rugged metal impeller and an infinitely variable speed airflow. The 260 mph air stream clears debris, sticks, and large, heavy leaves.

Powerful vacuum and shredder none
Convenient with 3 functions in 1
Variable speeds


Flowtron LE-900


The Flowtron LE-900 Electric Leaf Shredder features a thermally protected 8 Amp motor with a circuit breaker and resets a button for overload protection. It is designed to shred and mulch leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, and paper with its double heavy-duty cutting lines. The high-density polyethylene funnel hopper is 21 inches in diameter, has a capacity of one bushel, and can be positioned at any angle for flexibility while loading. A sliding control lever allows for adjustable shredding sizes from coarse (8:1) to fine (30:1).

The Flowtron LE-900 comes with steel legs and can be placed on top of a standard garbage can, or attached to a leaf bag for collection of shredded material. The unit weighs 17 pounds and has built-in handles for portability.

High mulch rate Will not shred twigs
Very lightweight Assembly reportedly frustrating
Portability increased with handles

Tazz 18493 K32


If you live out in a wooded area, you’re going to need a gas-powered chipper shredder that focuses on performance. The Tazz 18493 is the ideal model for homeowners with large yards that live in wooded areas.

This machine gets its power from a 4-stroke,212cc, single-cylinder Viper engine, which is powerful enough to chew up the toughest garden waste and branches. The durable nature of the motor in this chipper allows you to go through piles of branches in minutes, with no jams and no burnouts.

The tank capacity measures 0.74 gallons, giving you enough range to cover large properties with extended run time.

Compared to other gas-powered chippers in this review, the suction power from this machine is up to 20% stronger, allowing it to make short work of the hardest woods

User-friendly operation Not suitable for heavy-duty use
Excellent safety features
The ideal model for mid-sized gardens
Powerful motor

Black & Decker BV6000


BLACK+DECKER’s High Performance 12 Amp Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher blow leaves and other yard debris with 250 mph of hurricane-like force for quick yard cleanup, but now a new redesign brings 50% less noise for a more comfortable experience (maximum noise level compared to BLACK+DECKER model LH4500 utilizing EN ISO 3744 sound measurement test)! This heavy-duty Blower/Vac is ideal for blowing leaves and yard debris, vacuuming leaves, grass or pine needles, and mulching leaves for compost.

Trusted household brand none
Comes with a reusable collection bag.
Easy to use.

Worx WG505 Trivac Pro


As with its predecessor the WG505 has a 12 Amp electric motor and an airflow that can be varied from between 80mph and 210mph.

Changing mode from blowing to vacuuming is done with the flick of a switch and it also weighs 9.5lbs. However, this has a mulch ratio of 16:1

The great mulching ratio at 18:1 none
Reasonably priced
Lightweight and storable

Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag


This leaf bag can be attached to your lawn tractor to turn it into a leaf collecting machine. It is a huge bag and will hold up to forty bushels of material. It is also a great bag for adding to your existing leaf mulcher if you collect a lot of leaves in one sitting. This bag is made in the USA to the highest quality and should last you for years. It is made out of a recycled polyester material making it more environmentally friendly than other bags – and is certainly one of the best options of the reusable bags.

It is tapered to allow airflow and minimize how much dust escapes when attached to a mulcher. Reviewers love how sturdy this bag is. Though it will likely drag along the ground when attached to a lawn tractor, it is designed to easily withstand this and will last for a long time.

Made of recycled materials none
Great accessory for mulchers
High quality

Sun Joe CJ603E


the CJ603E is perfect for turning leaves, twigs, brush, and branches up to 1.73-inches in diameter into nutrient-rich mulch! With a reduction ratio of 21:1, your yard and garden will be the envy of your neighborhood! Easy to assemble and virtually maintenance-free, this powerful electric wood chipper is ready to go when you are. And with its built-in safety stop that automatically engages when the hopper is opened, you’ll feel at ease shredding your lawn debris. Clean up your yard, enrich your garden, and Go With Joe.

Lightweight Not equally suitable for dry and wet mulching
Easy to transport.
Versatile operation
Safe to operate.

Earthwise GS70015 Electric Chipper/Shredder

Leaf Shredder

This is a pretty heavy-duty machine, but it is built with a large leaf chute and tamper tool to keep your hands and arms safe during use. The reason this product is voted the best product with a unique build is that it comes on a sort of walker with wheels with a collection bin attached underneath.

The wheels give it easy portability and the collection bin fits 1.2 bushels of mulched leaves. The manufacturers have accounted for the difficulty to see into the bin while mulching and have an overload protection switch.

Great motor Knives wear quickly
Easy collection with bin The bin is too small
Overload protection switch


We have given our top 10 Best Leaf Mulcher Shredder reviews and buying guides. Hopefully, you consider all these factors before purchasing a perfect mulcher to assist you in making your yard tidy and clean.

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