Best Pallet Busters of 2024

If you are in search of the best pallet buster, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we would be reviewing the best pallet busters and all you need to know about this tool. You are urged to read through this guide to get better insights on this tool.

Many people who work with pallets only need them for a short period and want to save the wood for something else afterwards. To keep each of the wood pieces in good shape, a nice pallet buster will help you break off each wood piece without splitting the wood. As a woodworker, you will definitely need to have tools like Dowel jigs and rotatory tools in your workshop, as these tools add to your job output.

Tools like mechanic flashlights and strap wrenches are versatile and can be used for almost every profession.

What Is The Easiest Way to Strip Pallets?

A Pallet Buster sometimes referred to as a Pallet Breaker, can help you easily dismantle pallets without damaging their components. While some use destructive tools like a hammer or a saw to take apart a pallet, a Pallet Buster achieves the same result safely and without excessive force.

How Do You Disassemble a Pallet Without Breaking the Board?

To disassemble a pallet without breaking any wooden boards, use a Pallet Buster. This tool is lightweight, handheld, and easy to use. Instead of destroying the boards, a Pallet Buster gives you the leverage to prop up the boards one by one.

What wood are pallets made of?

Though mostly made of steel or other metals, some pallet busters are made of wood. The fine softwoods like pine, yew, spruce, and Douglas fir are by far the most preferred kinds of wood for the job.


The factors to be considered when purchasing a pallet buster are different from the factors considered when purchasing hydraulic crimpers.

Lightweight and Portable

When you use a pallet buster all day, you can quickly get tired. Especially if the device is heavy. A high-quality pallet buster can weight anywhere between 4 to 15 pounds. Determine what weight will work best for your needs and you can shop through your options much more efficiently.

When it is time to pack up at the end of a hard day’s work, you need to consider the size of the product and make sure you have enough storage space. The last thing you need is another tool laying around and taking up your workspace. like pallet busters, rivet guns should be light and portable for better job efficiency.

Strong and Durable Parts

A high-quality pallet buster is usually made with steel. If you get a steel pallet buster, it will never break simply from the process of breaking up pallets. Steel is also durable enough to last a lifetime. Just keep it out of the rain, and store it in a cool dry place when not in use.

Plenty of Leverage

If you get a pallet buster, the last thing that you need is to end up splitting more wood pieces than you can remove intact.

The space between the tines in your pallet buster should ideally be anywhere between three to four inches. If the space between tines is less than this, you will be much more likely to split the wood.

Comfortable Hand Grips

Unless you want to wear work gloves each time you work with a pallet buster, try to get a product that comes equipped with a nice set of comfortable hand grips or a nice handle insert. That way, you will be a lot less prone to blisters and sore hands at the end of the day.

Affordable Price

Something as simple as a pallet buster shouldn’t be that expensive. Although you should check to make sure that it is very efficient at breaking up pallets, models over $100, for example, don’t always offer durability or features of any sort which make them worth extra money.


The construction of the pallet buster has to be strong to work with it safely. The material must be of high quality and extremely durable. A coating on the product is always a welcoming thing. It is protected against various weather conditions it goes through.

The rigidity and sturdiness deserve special mention. Furthermore, it should be built for heavy-duty use as it is going to be used every day and handled very roughly.


One can differentiate the pallet busters based on the fork type. There are some which have only two tines while others have 3 or more. The head must be rotatable so that it can slide under the pallets swiftly and disassemble it rather than disintegrating it.

The width of the fork also determines the kind of work you can do with it just like it is decided based on the versatility of the product.


The handle is one of the most critical parts of a pallet buster that not many people pay attention to. The short the handle, the more pressure you have to apply, and it is scientifically provided.

If you are a rather tall person, always go for the long handle because the effort required will be lesser and the balancing will be greater. The long handle also makes sure that your posture stays perfect, and you do not grow a back pain issue.


Molomax Deck Wrecker Pallet Busters


Saves time, money, and resources

Does not damage your boards at all

Handles different kinds of decks

Guarantees you some satisfaction

Spartan Tools Pallet Buster


Deck Wrecker also works great as a deck board removal tool

Exactly what you need for DIY pallet board projects like building furniture, wall art, and crafts. Please keep in mind that some boards will split and break when being removed.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Angel Guard DD-201 Pallet Buster


Solid steel construction

Capable of removing fasteners and clippers too

Highly effective because of requiring less energy input on your part

Crescent DKB44X Pallet Buster


For Every Home Renovation Project, DIYers and Tradesmen Alike Can Count On The New Dual Claw Wrecking Bar

Double Fork Design Provides Balanced Lift on Both Sides of the Nail. Boards are Removed Faster, Cleaner and with Less Effort

Rugged Indexing Joint Allows for Maximum Flexibility and Increased Leverage

Patent Pending Center Nail Puller Offering Better Balance and More Leverage

Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster


Built like a tank

Doesn’t damage wood

Significant time saver

HONEY BADGER Demolition Fork
Made in the USA – 100% Steel Fabrication – Patent Pending

Huge labor savings on demolition, wrecking, flooring and siding removal projects

The best multipurpose demolition tool on the market

A smaller version of its big brother, the Honey Badger HB56 Demolition Fork

Duckbill Deck Wrecker


Rotating head for user convenience.

Easy usage with padded grip.

High performance and improved durability.

ikris Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Buster


Backed by excellent customer service regime

Incorporates many of the functionalities of the ordinary tools and appliances

Roughneck Demolition And Lifting Bar 64640


Suffers less from the risks of item drops.

Prevents injuries to you and damages to your items.

Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster


Robust and sturdy

Great quality

Comfortable handle

Works great for disassembling deck boards

Minimum of board breakage


Molomax Deck Wrecker Pallet Buster


The Deck Wrecker is a pallet buster explicitly designed for flexibility. The unit is modular, as you can insert a handle in it to adjust the length as per your convenience. To secure the system, it comes with a locking pin that ensures safety.

The forks are placed at a 4-inch wide gap to give you more space for prying thorough pallet planks that are thick. Such sizes are widely used for various pallet decks around the world.

Does not suffer from the consequence of lost screws Does not come with a handle
Freedom of choosing your handle
Secure lock pin system

Spartan Tools Pallet Buster


This pallet breaker is worth considering if you need power for dealing with pallets. With a weight of 11.8 pounds, Spartan Tools has manufactured a heavy-duty tool for coping with demolition work efficiently.

While it does not have a grip on its handle, but it does come with protection gloves made of cowhide to give you a firm grip without scraping your hands. The claw is designed in such a way that it is usable for pulling out nails too.

Comes with gloves Heavyweight makes it harder to control
Suitable for heavy-duty work too

Angel Guard DD-201 Pallet Buster


All factors considered, this pallet buster has some long-lasting quality. This mainly stems from its commercial-grade and solid steel construction. It is this trait that enables it to manage many projects within its lifetime.

With this tool, you may choose to tackle your tasks with one or both prongs. Courtesy of this arrangement, you will enjoy some fair degree of convenience of use. At the same time, you will enjoy seamless operations.

Prevents your boards from busting or bending Will need expensive maintenance procedures
Gets rid of any fasteners that may be left behind Disparaging to inexperienced users and starters
Removes the target materials at a faster rate Quite cumbersome to fully comprehend and effectively engage
Requires no gloves on your part

Crescent DKB44X Pallet Buster


Unlike similar tools, the innovative 180º indexing head changes positions, allowing the user to easily select the best angle for maximum leverage and access. The Bull Bar has a double fork design with teeth that grip the edge of the board, decreasing slippage and providing a balanced lift on both sides of the nail. Closed positions offer fast action for shorter pulls.

Open positions allow for a powerful downward force on large planks and are an ideal solution for ground-level work. Additionally, a robust center nail puller will remove ring shank nails and stubborn long nails with better balance and increased leverage.

Adjustable handle for your convenience Dual-claw does need some practice
Simple and efficient usability

Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster


This pallet buster is designed for disassembling pallets easily due to its creative design; it is equipped with a handy handle for extra comfort when using it.

The dimensions of the Vestil pallet breaker are 46.7 x 7.7 x 7.3 inches, and the weight is 12.0 pounds. The Vestil pallet buster is built like a tank to ensure its durability over the years, pallets after pallets! It can also be used for deck board removal like the pallet breaker above.

Very easy to use Big and heavy
Good for deck board removal No nail puller
Durable heavy-duty construction

HONEY BADGER Demolition Fork


The product has patented design and it uses steel fabrication for its construction. The fork cum buster has various applications like you can do flooring, sliding removal, wrecking and demolition works perfectly. The product is used by professionals and it is extremely durable.

The grip is long and the handle is very long for better balancing, leverage, and comfort. The sharpened head slides through the pallets and disassembles them without breaking them.

Sturdy none
Great for both professional contractors and DIYers

Duckbill Deck Wrecker


The unique design of this pallet buster will let you use it comfortably. This is ideal for demolition and can dismantle pallets, decks, and docks, in no time. This lets you use it in a standing position, and you don’t have to bend on knees. Moreover, it has a rotating head that lets you work close to structure. Additionally, this delivers versatile performance and is ideal for professional use.

It has a balanced weight and lets you hold it comfortably with its padded nonslip grip. It has a strong fiberglass handle and can take the toughest job. It has steel and requires maximum advantage for screwed boards or pry nails. Furthermore, this is a product for pallet projects and lets you use it for years. It lets you save your effort and give support to your back.

Versatile head rotates to make room for close working Takes longer to yield the required outcomes
Has almost no equal in tackling the load lifting Damages your items when handled recklessly
Relatively simpler to make use of May pose some injuries on your part.
Lifts the board in one piece alone.
Slides smoothly under the board.

ikris Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Buster


the Ikris Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Buster. For those who are looking to get their work done quickly,  then this pallet breaker will not disappoint. With a practical design, this pallet buster tool will allow you to disassemble pallets, desks, or docks easily and quickly.

The articulating head of this pallet buster will prevent you from splitting or breaking the wood accidentally. The body of this pallet breaker is constructed from high-quality steel which is strong and durable and you can use it for many years.

Perfect for do-it-yourself projects Some users claim it is unsafe and injurious
Delivers 100% customer satisfaction Quite intriguing in scope and use
Neither splits nor breaks the boards Must be used alongside other safety gears

Roughneck Demolition And Lifting Bar 64640


If you want to lift large items relatively easily, you require a pallet buster which is similarly optimized for such kinds of applications. This is the one to look up to. It is on the whole pretty easy to engage and will also handle slabs.

Its bar, which forms the most significant portion of it, is designed to demolish and lift at the same time. It measures a whopping 94 cm (37inches) and is hence sufficiently large enough to take on just about any other kind of work.

Handles general demolition work perfectly Demands too huge working spaces
Performs multiple chores at a time Does not fold and won’t store easily
Positions slabs and breaks pallets Only for the strong and powered persons

Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster

Pallet Busters

Tackling tough and difficult do-it-yourself jobs is never a meant feat. You require a very tough and durable pallet buster. It is only in this manner that you will manage to retain the nature of the pallet indefinitely.

Generally speaking, this pallet buster is pretty great at disassembling the pallets. That is due to its highly responsive nature combined with its relative ease of handling.

A tough head exists to let you impact the hardest kinds of wood and materials reliably. While operating the pallet buster, you may count on it not to break apart or splinter the wood into tinier pieces or particles.

Gets rid of docks well Chances of recovering may not be easy if you happen to hit your body
Highly responsive to the slight prompts You have to stay alert while using it
Useful for those do-it-yourself applications
Eliminates broken or pallets faster and easier
Lighter in weight and convenient to carry around


While buying a pallet buster, make sure you check the specifications and features. For safety, use a pair of leather gloves so that there is less pressure on your hand. The longer the handle, the less effort you have to put. It is better to buy those metal handles that have a powder coating to prevent rusting and corrosion. Go ahead and choose any of these best pallet busters to recover the wooden pallet in the best form and reuse them again.

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