Best Reciprocating Saws of 2024

Best Reciprocating Saws of 2024

Cutting through hard Materials such as hardwood, masonry, fiberglass, drywall, metals, ceramics, and much more, can be a very tiring task to take on. But with the use of a reciprocating saw, these tiring tasks can be done in minutes without stress.

This review is aimed at showing the best reciprocating saws. You might want to read through, to have a grasp of the best reciprocating saws.


Cordless vs Corded

When buying a reciprocating saw, the first choice you will need to make is between a corded reciprocating saw or a cordless reciprocating saw.

  • Corded

The two main advantages to corded saws are that they are more powerful and do not need to be recharged. This is fairly standard as far as power tools go; most corded power tools are more powerful than their cordless counterparts, and reciprocating saws are no exception.

Also, because they do not need to keep a heavy battery within them, corded reciprocating saws are actually a bit lighter than cordless reciprocating saws.

The main negative for corded saws is that the cord can get caught very easily and reduces your mobility; in extreme cases, it can even get cut while you are using the reciprocating saw.

The way to solve this is to try and get a reciprocating saw with a rubber cord, which is more flexible than the traditional plastic cords that are usually used on power tools.

Another issue with corded saws is that they can only work near outlets, so you are limited in where you can use your reciprocating saw (unless you want to use an extension cord).

  • Cordless Reciprocating Saws

There are two main advantages to using a cordless saw. Firstly, because they run off battery power, cordless saws can be used anywhere, even if an outlet is nowhere in sight. Secondly, because they lack a messy cord, cordless reciprocating saws are easier to maneuver around with.

The downsides to a cordless saw are that they lack the power of their corded counterparts, and they have to be recharged regularly. If you do get a cordless saw, get one with a lithium-ion battery, as these take longer to die and less time to recharge.

Features to look for

  • Orbital action

A normal reciprocating saw blade moves up and down, with the orbital action the blades moves both up and down or side to side. This increases the cutting power of the saw by having it make more “aggressive” cuts.

So, if you are facing a job that the reciprocating saw cannot finish on its own, then simply turn on the orbital action, and watch the reciprocating saw finish the job with ease.

  • Variable speeds

Since reciprocating saws are used to cut through such a wide variety of materials, it is important that you have the ability to switch speeds on your saw. The reason being that certain materials cut better at certain speeds.

So, when cutting through something like wood, you want a very high speed on your saw, but when cutting through metal, you want a lower speed.

  • An adjustable shoe

The “shoe” on a reciprocating saw refers to the metal guard around the saw blade. Having an adjustable shoe allows you to make different kinds of cuts, as well as allowing you to have greater control and stability while using the saw.

  • Easy to use blade replacement

Look, it’s a fact of life that power tools are going to get worn out, and the blades on a reciprocating saw are no exception. No matter how well you take care of your saw, the blade is going to get dull and wear out; you will need to replace it when this happens.

To make your life easier, get a reciprocating saw that lets you quickly and easily change the blades; some saws require you to use tools to switch the saw blade, ignore these saws.

  • Stroke Length of Reciprocating Saw

As you can guess longer strokes result in faster cutting while shorter strokes will obviously take more time to finish the job. However shorter strokes are desirable for plunge cuts where you have no start hole to make pass the blade through.

Budget reciprocating saws generally come with stroke lengths anywhere from ¾ inches to 1-1/4 inches. Pick the one with stroke length according to your work requirement. The more expensive ones come with adjustable stroke length which is a good choice if you are doing remodeling work.

For example, you may want to cut a square opening on your wooden floor where you can’t drill a through-hole.

You should set your stroke short during the initial plunge cut and once the blade can move inside the cut freely, switch to longer strokes to increase the speed of cutting.

  • Auto-stop brushes

This is an important feature to look for because auto-stop brushes both increase the life of your reciprocating saw and make it safer. Auto-stop brushes stop the saw blade immediately after you cut power to the saw, as opposed to letting the blade slowly stop.

And when the brushes wear out, they automatically stop the saw, preventing damage to your reciprocating saw’s motor.

  • Metal housing

Look for reciprocating saws with metal housing. Why exactly? Well, metal housing helps dissipate the heat better than plastic housing, which makes it easier to use the saw for long periods.

  • Type of Cord

In case you decided to go for a corded saw, get the one with rubber cord. They are safer than plastic cords since rubber cords provide more flexibility during work.

  • Type of Battery (Li-ion vs Ni-Cad)

On the other hand, if you opted for a cordless reciprocating saw get the one with a Lithium-Ion battery. Compared to Nickel-Cadmium batteries, the Li-ion cells can hold charges for longer periods and they are smaller and lighter which will reduce the overall weight of the Sawzall.

  • Vibration Reduction

High-end models come with vibration reduction that will give you better control and less fatigue. You should look for this feature if you are going to use reciprocating saw continuously for long hours. You can make much smoother cuts with reduced vibration.

  • Comfortable Grips

This is often an overlooked feature that can have a big impact if you are using the reciprocating saw for a longer period of time. A cushioned grip can be much more comfortable than a hard plastic or metal grip.

  • Carrying Case

A carrying case is handy when you have to transport your power tool to your workplace. Sawzall from most of the reputed brands comes with storage cases or a carrying bag.

  • Saw Blades

Finally, check the availability of saw blades for the particular reciprocating saw you are buying. The bi-metal saw blades are normally available in different length and pitch.

You need fine tooth blade to make a smooth cut as well for cutting metal. A course blades suitable for rough cuts and for cutting softer materials like wood.


  1. Black and Decker BDCR20C
  2. Makita XRJ05T 18V LXT
  3. Milwaukee Super Sawzall
  4. Ryobi P514
  5. DeWalt DCS367P1
  6. Bosch PS60BN 12V Max
  7. Skil 9216-01 Reciprocating Saw
  8. Worx WX550L Reciprocating Saw
  9. Porter Cable PCC670B Reciprocating Saw
  10. Kimo Cordless Reciprocating Saw
Black and Decker BDCR20C


Tool-free blade change for quick and easy changes

Pivoting shoe helps keep saw flush to reduce vibration

Comfort overmolding reduces fatigues and provides comfort for

Compatible with Black & Decker 20V Max Lithium-Ion Power and Garden Tools

Includes: reciprocating saw, 1.5Ah battery, and charger

Makita XRJ05T 18V LXT


Compact and ergonomic design at only 17-1/4″ long

Weighs only 8.2 lbs. with battery for reduced operator fatigue

Rubberized soft grip handle provides increased comfort on the job

Large two-finger variable speed trigger for operator convenience

Milwaukee Super Sawzall


On/Off orbital action

Toughest demo applications

1-1/4″ stroke length

Adjustable shoe extends the life of the blade

Compatible with all M18™ Batteries

Ryobi P514


Tool-less Blade Changing

Adjustable Shoe

Variable Speed Trigger

Anti-Vibration handle

DeWalt DCS367P1


Up to 2.5x more runtime*

Compact 14.5″ length fits in between studs & in other tight spots

Only 5 lbs. in weight (tool only

Bright LED light to illuminate dark work areas

Bosch PS60BN 12V Max


Bumper design offers less vibration

High/low temperature and over-current indicator

Fuel gauge for easier battery management

Optimized handle for a secure grip

Skil 9216-01 Reciprocating Saw


Tool-less blade change for easy blade changes

Heavy duty metal gear housing for added durability

Counter balance for vibration control

Variable speed dial adjusts speed to cut

Worx WX550L Reciprocating Saw


Need power? You’ve got reciprocating saw. Need precision? You’ve got the jigsaw too.

Built in dust blower to clear any dust and debris from the line of the cut.

It is part of the 20V power share platform. This means that you can share batteries of other 20V WORX machine. Save your money and time.

Porter Cable PCC670B Reciprocating Saw


0-3000 strokes per minute speed feature will finish plenty of work quickly for you.

Changing blades is quicker and easier with the tool free blade release system.

A shoe that pivots. How does that help? Well, it ensures constant contact with the material during operation. As a result, you get more efficient cutting.

Kimo Cordless Reciprocating Saw


Ergonomic Handle


lightweight design


Black and Decker BDCR20C


Versatile, lightweight and easy to use. This cordless reciprocating saw features a powerful 3000 spm motor while the variable speed trigger and electric brake provide additional control. Tool-free blade changes and an adjustable pivoting shoe help enhance the ease of use. Battery and charger sold separately.

Fits in tight spaces A little bit bulky
Variable speed control It has a lot of vibration.
Light and easy to handle

Makita XRJ05T 18V LXT


Makita, a pioneer in brushless motor technology and battery innovation, combines both in the 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Brushless Recipro Saw Kit. It has an electronically-controlled BL™ Brushless motor that matches torque and RPM to the application, and is powered by the industry’s fastest charging 18V lithium-ion batteries. With Makita, users can remain in one battery platform, using the same fast-charging 18V batteries on the XRJ05T as they use across the Makita 18V LXT® cordless tool line-up.

Excellent cutting speed in all materials No orbital action mode change
Very good vibration control
Blade lock holds in open position and snaps closed when you insert a blade
Good value rating


Milwaukee Super Sawzall


The SUPER SAWZALL® Reciprocating Saw generates 15A corded power, faster cuts than 15A reciprocating saws and delivers Up To 150 Cuts in 2×12 SPF per charge. Designed to perform in the toughest applications, the M18™ FUEL SUPER SAWZALL® combines Milwaukee’s legendary performance and durability with the portability of the M18™ platform.

Very good vibration control Heaviest in its class
Top-ranked advanced cordless reciprocating saw
Top overall cutting speed for cordless reciprocating saws
Good value rating

Ryobi P514


ONE+™ delivers more productivity and better ergonomics with the 18V ONE+™ Reciprocating Saw with Anti-Vibe™ Handle. The combination of the unique Anti-Vibe™ handle, which reduces fatigue during prolonged use and the new GripZone™ overmold for optimum grip make this saw a must-have tool for any size job.

Oversized rubber grip, great for two-hand use Battery not included
Quick and easy blade change Short battery runtime
Excellent anti-vibration system

DeWalt DCS367P1


The DCS367P1 20V MAX* XR® COMPACT Reciprocating Saw has a compact and lightweight design for making cuts in confined spaces like in between studs. The brushless motor helps to provide up to 2.5x more run time** to get the job done. With a 1-1/8″ stroke length and a variable speed trigger delivering up to 2,900 strokes per minute, this saw is fast and efficient. It also features a keyless, lever-action 4-position blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes in four directions for a variety of applications including flush cutting. A bright LED light is included to illuminate dark work areas.

Significantly better cutting performance than one-hand compact models Vibration control needs help
4-position blade clamp Heaviest in the compact class
Faster cutting than Makita’s XRJ07 Sub-Compact Reciprocating Saw
Lever-action blade release

Bosch PS60BN 12V Max


Bosch delivers stronger performance and lasting reliability. The new Bosch 12 V Max cordless pocket reciprocating saw is compact for perfect handling. Making it easy to reach into tight spaces. Its small grip size and light weight make it ideal for over head use and is faster than it’s cordless competitors. Bare tool only, battery and charger sold separately.

Fast motor brake delivers accurate cuts as well as safety none
11 In. tool length for better balance and control
LED light effectively illuminates dark work spaces
Front rubber wrap offers more protection for internal parts from dust, debris and water

Skil 9216-01 Reciprocating Saw


With a powerful 9 Amp motor, this variable speed reciprocating saw model 9216 can handle tough applications while minimizing user fatigue with its vibration reducing counter balance.

Good performance. Better options available in this price tag.
Tool-less blade change mechanism.

Worx WX550L Reciprocating Saw


WORX has really given something unique as well as versatile. This WX550L model provides you with the power of a reciprocating saw and the precision of a jigsaw. So, you’re in for a change to save some hard earned money!

It has a pivoting axis which allows you to quickly change from the reciprocating saw to the jigsaw, and vice versa. As a result, you get 2 in 1 compact and easy to use cutting machine.

Accepts both reciprocating and jigsaw blades. Requires improvement in design.
Lightweight and good control. Slow and does lack that “needed power”.
2 in 1? That’s a good deal, isn’t it?

Porter Cable PCC670B Reciprocating Saw


This saw is picked because of its surprising power while being such a lightweight and small. In fact, I believe this is the smallest PORTER has made.

This will really provide excellent result when working in tight spaces. The tool length is just 14.5 inches. In addition, it weighs so less that you’ll feel you’re holding nothing at all.

Really fast cutting. Not getting any battery with it.
Great for working in tight spaces. Less chance of lasting long.
Increased comfort.

Kimo Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating Saws

With an upgraded battery and an arsenal of blades, this Kimo sawzall is ready to go to work right out of the box. It’s pretty much a straightforward tool, lacking the fancy extras that the more glamorous models come with. If fancy extras aren’t your thing, then this might be the tool for you.

They’ve recently upgraded the battery to a 20-volt 4.0 Ah, which should give you around 40 minutes of steady usage. That figure isn’t etched in stone, however. If you’re cutting through 2x4s, you might expect a little less battery life; tree branches, a little more.

Good battery Short stroke length
Ships with four blades
Easy to use


Cordless Reciprocating saw is the best choice for the handyman. These reciprocating saws reviewed above are reliable and should be gotten for easy sawing of things.

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