Best Saw Horses of 2024

Are you a woodworker, searching for a versatile tool to use for your jobs? If yes, then you are at the right place, this guide aims at showing the best saw horses out there.

Read through to find out the best sawhorses.

Every woodworker needs the right work surface to get the job done. Many carpentry experts use work tables and stands but there are times when a table just won’t accommodate your needs, particularly when it comes to cutting large pieces of wood or working outdoors, after which the woods can be sprayed with insecticides using paint sprayers.

What is Sawhorse?

It is a woodworking accessory, made of a beam with four legs to provide support in cutting, sizing, and shaping lumber.

like refrigerant scales, Sawhorses are versatile tools that can be used for far more than just cutting wood. They can serve as a workbench and they can easily be moved around to be used wherever you need them. It is used as a base for sawing activities.

If you are a professional or you are weekend DIYer, you will need this tool for all types of sawing activities. The nice thing is that the best sawhorses can be folded and made compact for storage, like most floor jacks.

Components of a Sawhorse

Sawhorse comprises of following major components

  • The top (or box)
  • Legs
  • Leg braces

Types of Saw Horses

Saw Horses are mainly classified by the material of which a sawhorse is made Here is a list of all Types of saw horses.

  • Wooden Saw

These sawhorses are normally homemade. Wooden made sawhorses are much reliable and flexible than other sources. The main benefit of this type of sawhorse is that if you have accidentally cut at sawhorse. Your blade will not be damaged

  • Metal Saw Horses

These sawhorses are industry-based these are mainly made of steel. These sawhorses are beneficial for cutting metals. The main benefit of using this sawhorse is that these saw horses having longer life if proper care is done.

  • Chainsaw

These types of saw horses are for professionals who hold logs and wood to be cut by a chainsaw. as this is off the ground, so there are many chances to get better results and lesser mistakes.

These chainsaw saw horses are hazardous and can cause injury, so, you must have to follow safety precautions, just like many DIYers using soldering mats. These sawhorses are also for heavy-duty.

  • Lightweight

Light in weight means easy to carry, transport, or hold. These sawhorses are used for light-duty normally. But, there are many lightweight sawhorses which provide you 1000 pounds capacity, which is pretty good.

How to Use a Sawhorse?

You must understand how to use a sawhorse as well. Sawhorses are used as a working surface. They often hold wood for things like cutting but they can be reliable for far more than that.

Using a sawhorse is pretty simple. You just need to position them stably and sturdily. Make sure they aren’t wobbly and that they are unfolded and set up how you need them to be before putting anything on them. How far you space them can vary depending on what you’re doing.

You can also turn the space into a table by placing a piece of plywood over the tops or add 2 x 4’s to the sides.


The best sawhorse could be different for you than it is for your neighbor. We have some relevant tips and features to be aware of to help you on your journey to choosing your best option.

Weight Capacity

One of the things you will want to pay attention to is weight capacity. Most sawhorses are designed to hold 1,000 or more lbs. but you will still want to pay attention.

Even though some will hold what they say, they may not hold up for extended periods so just be mindful of the material of which they are made and whether that number is reliable.

Be sure to choose a sawhorse pair that will hold the weight you need. If in doubt, we recommend choosing something heavy-duty that will accommodate hefty sizes.


A Sawhorse must be easy to use and comfortable for handling purposes. When you will check this feature, you will know height is more important in this regard. Normally, a sawhorse is 24 to 27 inches high.

If you are not comfortable with this height, there are other sizes available too and you can also go for sawhorse with adjustable height. There is a rubber cap at the bottom of the legs to provide you more comfort. When it comes to comfort it becomes most important.

Load Hauling Capacity

Capacity is the main numerical feature to be checked before buying any sawhorse. If you want to work for lighter duty your capacity need will be lesser than heavier duty. If you will buy a sawhorse by keeping this feature in mind, you will get perfect sawhorse at the perfect price for you.

The capacity of Sawhorse is measured in pounds and there are 600 lbs to 2600 lbs capacity saw horses available, Vernier caliper are lighter in weight.

Portability and Storage

One thing you may want to keep in mind is the storage space you have for your sawhorses. Think of this concerning whether or not you need them to be portable or not. Some options have folding legs that turn them into only 2.5 inches in height packed into the tabletop.

Just be sure that you understand the storage and portability features. Some sawhorses also offer additional storage like hooks and shelves, which makes a nice feature as well.

Additional Features

If you understand the basics of a sawhorse, you know that at one time they were wood planks that were held together by hinges. They were considerable in size and they often had to be taken apart or transported awkwardly. Sawhorses have come a long way since that time.

You know that the basic function is to provide you a stable work surface. However, there are some additional features that you may want to consider as they come in handy. Here are a few things to think about.

  • Does the sawhorse come fully assembled?
  • Built-in shelf
  • Lightweight aluminum construction (heavy-duty and lightweight)
  • Clamping sawhorse features
  • Durability of materials
  • Hooks
  • Saw settings


Material is the most important consideration while buying any sawhorse. There are 3 types of material available you can opt either wood, metal, or plastic. Every material is meant for different types of tasks and specifications. Wood and metal can be chosen for heavy-duty tasks. While plastic is meant for light-duty tasks.


Nowadays, there are foldable sawhorses also available, these sawhorses are easy to carry and handle. secondly, the folding feature saves space in your workshop too. So, go for this feature only if you want to save space.




Compact design allows easy transport and storage

1000lb capacity (each) handles the toughest jobs

Lightweight aluminum construction (15.4 lbs.) allows for easy transport to and from the jobsite

Legs provide superior support and fold for easy storage

ToughBuilt Folding Saw Horse


100% steel construction

590kg capacity each, 1180kg per pair

Support arms adjust to fit 45mm x 90mm & 90mm x 90mm

Adjustable height legs

Easy carry handle

PortaMate All Steel Saw Horse


One-inch heavy gauge tubular steel legs, and powder coated, rust-resistant finish.

And because this is a pair, you’re getting a 1,000lb weight capacity.

You can also attach a 2×4 or 2×6 wood top to each one (they are pre-drilled to accept this).

WORX Clamping Saw Horse


Each features a 2-inch wide indentation on top to help hold and steady plywood, particleboard, and other sheet goods.

Built-in lower shelf and cord hooks help keep all your tools easily accessible, organized, and out of the way.

When you’re done working, the sawhorses fold flat for easy, space-saving storage.

Stanley 011031S FatMax Saw Horse


Each leg adjusts separately, allowing the sawhorse to stand on uneven surfaces.

Rubber inserts for stability.

High-quality, sturdy polypropylene and steel legs.

Unique slide mechanism, providing for easy, smooth adjustment.

2x4basics 90196 Saw Horse


Brackets of this product are made of heavy gauge structural resin.

This product can support up to 2000 lbs (900 kg) per pair

It is very easy to assemble with only a screwdriver

The product includes all hardware – 4 brackets, and 8 stabilizing feet to make 2 sawhorses.



Hold and clamp a full 4 Ft. x 8 Ft. sheet of material

Clamping force of over 1 ton

Foot pedal lever creates a hands-free portable work station

Collapses into itself for ease of storage and transport

KETER 197283


The work surface holds up to 1000 lbs.

Includes 2-12 in. Clamps

Portable work station

Unique quick opening system Device



This product provides portable work support and hands-free operation.

It is easier to set up quickly, it is also easy to transport.

As it is made of steel, so it is good in terms of durability and strength.

Accessories can be bought additionally for additional applications



The product includes two quick Clamps and four clamp dogs to secure different materials and shapes

Connects to additional models to expand the work surface

folds down for easy transport and storage

Functions as worktable and sawhorse




The DWX725 Heavy-Duty Work Stand is built to handle the toughest jobs with a capacity of 1000 lbs (each). Compact design, transport latch, and lightweight aluminum construction (15.4 lbs.) enable easy transport. Leg lock levers allow quick set up. Accepts optional DW7231 miter saw mounting brackets for use as a tool stand.

Extremely lightweight and easier to carry Mounting brackets need to be shop separately
Can collapse easily for better storage
Equipped with a transport latch for ideal transport


ToughBuilt Folding Saw Horse


The ToughBuilt™ C700 Sawhorse and Jobsite Table are durable, rugged, and offers unparalleled value. Constructed of 100% high-grade steel, this sawhorse has a remarkable 590kg capacity alone and 1180kg per pair.

Its telescopic legs allow the sawhorse to work in any terrain. With a fast-open mechanism, setup is straightforward and simple. Powder-coated and zinc-plated steel prevents corrosion and withstands rigorous environments. This folding sawhorse includes an easy carry handle for effortless transport and rolled edges for safety and comfort.

Pivoting feet for extra support Legs aren’t smooth
A pair can hold 2200 lbs
Made for heavy-duty works
Extremely durable

PortaMate All Steel Saw Horse


Want to get a mate in your job site? You can give PortaMate PM-3300T a chance to be one.

Along with grabbing positive sawhorses review, it has been able to become one of the strongest competitors in the market. You know why? The reasons are a lot. Firstly you will love the set of 2 sawhorses that the brand offers with 33-inch work height. So you can have the best comfort in working with it smoothly.

Next, it triggers you to screw a 2x4s onto the top metal piece through which you can make the actual use of the unit.

Compact and easy to store. A bit expensive
2 sawhorses with 33-inch work height.
Comes fully assembled.

WORX Clamping Saw Horse


It’s the WX065 by the brand WORX.

Present yourself plenty of features with this set of two sawhorses. They have been made with a thermoplastic polymer that can hold around 1000 pounds! The unit will also give you bar clamps so that you can attach the horses vertically or horizontally and detach them any time you want. I would say this is the highlighted feature of the product.

You will also love its folding feature since it gives you an option for easy transportation and quick storage.

Fully assembled. There are some plastic parts.
Features hooks and a shelf
Compact and foldable
Bar clamps for attaching horses vertically and horizontally.
Hold around 1000-pound

Stanley 011031S FatMax Saw Horse


The STANLEY® FATMAX®Adjustable Leg Sawhorse allows for the legs to be adjusted separately, enabling the sawhorse to stand on uneven surfaces. This solid sawhorse is made from high-quality, sturdy polypropylene and steel and has rubber inserts for added stability. Its unique slide mechanism provides for easy, smooth adjustment.

Rubber fitted underneath legs for stability Weak legs
Very less weight
Carry up to 1250 lbs in a single sawhorse

2x4basics 90196 Saw Horse


Just add 2×4 lumber to the 2x4basics® ProBrackets to make a very well-built sawhorse up to 8 feet long (2438 mm) and 4 feet high (1219 mm). Assembly is simple and takes only minutes. It requires only a powered screwdriver and a saw. Also, only straight, 90° cuts are required. There’s a need for miters or angles. All hardware is included. Because you add the lumber, you are no longer limited to a “standard” size sawhorse. By making your sawhorses wider or by utilizing the lower shelf, you can purchase only two ProBrackets for jobs that would require four or more standard-sized sawhorses.

Stabilizing feet included Too tight to fit
Cheaper Price Quality control problems
Strong construction
Larger capacity
All hardware included



The Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster is the only workstation you’ll need thanks to its more than one ton of clamping force, rock-solid all-steel construction, portable folding design, and foot pedal for hands-free clamping and working.

79% Positive Reviews There are many complaints about the stability of the 3rd leg.
Versatile Workbench wheels are smaller, so, it is difficult to transport
Front scooter wheels for easy moving on all-terrain even on rough ground a bit difficult to handle
Powerful Clamping Potential
Vice and Machine Press

KETER 197283


Whether you need a sawhorse for cutting jobs or a place to rest boards for painting works this is a perfect product to help you perform all these works in a very easy way.

Innovative engineering, quality construction, and weather-resistant materials will help you perform your activities more easily.

No assembly required The design load is 400 lbs which is much lower than advertised
Easy to handle and transport Not much stronger
Folding design can save your space
Portable and lightweight work table



This one is one of the perfect saw horses that one can buy from the market. The main thing about RK9003 is its tons of force, i.e., more than 2,200 pounds. It is nothing than the incredible and one of the largest ones in this list too.

There is a superior foot control added in this unit for boosting the clamping system. Overall, we can say it is a classic product that you can buy without any further discussion.

Available in five different sizes Complaints about poor screws
Equipped with a very powerful clamp system
Durable unit with solid capacity and metric ton-force


Saw Horses

Who doesn’t love the versatility of a product! If you have the same feelings as I do, then you must try this WX051 by WORX. The BIG PLUS is that you can turn the worktable to a sawhorse or workbench or anything within a flash. And you do not even need to assemble it that much. If you are greatly into having something compact and foldable then this can the unit for you. It has both the qualities at 5-inch depth when folded.

There is a bottom shelf that you will certainly find it useful to keep extra tools. Besides, the way the sawhorse support 1000-pound loads is simply notable.

Solid and well-built. Quick Clamps included but not very useful.
Compact and foldable
Very versatile and multi-functional.
Support 1000-pound loads


To sum up, we want to say that sawhorse is a piece of essential equipment that you can shop for completing a variety of projects. However, you need to make sure the product you are buying deserves its price tag. We have added the best saw horses in this post after an extended research process. So make the right choice.

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