Best Table Saws of 2024

Cutting through wood in the workshop has not been an easy task, but with a table saw, this hectic task becomes so easy.

It is important for every workshop owner to own a table saw for their workshop, as most of the job in the workshop will be simplified, especially cutting through woods. This post is aimed at showing the best table saws for a workshop. Read through if you are interested in getting the best table saws.


There are many factors you need to consider before buying a table saw. We will take a detailed view at all the essential factors you need to take into account before purchasing a high-end equipment like this.

The saw blades:

Table saw blades are usually divided on the basis of the following metrics

  • Arbor size.
  • Number of teeth available in the saw blade.
  • Kerf size.
  • Materials used in a table saw construction.

Most commercial table saws have 10/12 inch saw blades. The number of teeth falls in between 24 to 80. The saw blades can tilt either left or right which helps to have beveled cuts with ease.

Fence and miter gauge

One of the essential parts of a table saw is its fence. It lets you have a precise cut without facing any issues. Most of the table saw models will have a T-square fence that features exceptional design and a truly great accuracy.

Without a fence, the rip cuts are impossible to achieve. The fence also reduces deviation and uneven cuts. If you would like to have a crosscut or an angled cut, you need to depend on your saw’s miter gauge.

By using a miter gauge, you can choose various cutting angles starting from 45 degrees up to 90 degrees, thanks to its locking mechanism. Also, miter gauge provides you a lot of cutting options such as square cut, angled cut, bevel cut, and much more.


Table saws generally differ from one another based on their motor type. If you want to cut a thin material, then a portable table saw that uses a 2hp tiny motor and operates on 120volt power outlet is your best bet.

More powerful machines such as cabinet saw and jobsite saw will have motors up to 3 to 5hp, and they can be used for cutting more thicker woods. They usually operate on 240volt power outlet.

Table flatness

In order to get a highest cut quality, you need to have a flat tabletop. Without a flat tabletop, you won’t be able to achieve accurate cuts. Even a small difference, the final outcome changes dramatically. The tricky part is, you won’t be able to recognize it with your naked eyes.

Then, how can you eliminate this problem? Well, if you want to go the traditional root, you can pay a top dollar and get a high-quality equipment.

But what if you don’t have the budget to do it so? Then look for a table saw made of cast iron tabletops. They are the most durable and they have the reputation of being the flattest table you can find in the market. It is a best practice that whenever you read table saw reviews, look for a model with a flat table.

If the issue of table flatness being repeated again and again, you can safely ignore that model and move on to the next one. Sometimes, a cheaply priced models tend to provide exceptional flat table than the high-priced equipment.

Dust collection

Usually, a table saw produces a lot of sawdust. If you are working outdoors, or at a jobsite, then spilling sawdust won’t be a problem at all. Cleaning will not be a big deal, and generally, sawdust is biodegradable.

However, if you are going to use your table saw indoors, then using a dust collection system is a wise move as the sawdust doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Nowadays, most of the table saws comes with some sought of internal dust collection system that collects sawdust efficiently. With the use of a single port, the sawdust can be expelled from the machine. But it varies from one model to another.

Some models have a dust bag that you just clip on to the machine and the dust falls in to the bag, and you later empty it.

But it is not going to be a great system if you are going to do a lot of cuts. Still, if you are going to work outside and you don’t want to spill the sawdust everywhere, then it is a great addition. You can also plug in a shop vac or an industrial dust collection system with your table saw.

Many saws consists standard size dust port between 2-1/2 to 4-inches in diameter, that can be compatible with the equipment you already have.

Even the dust collection system that doesn’t fit into your dust port, you can purchase a convertor to make it work. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that convertors are sold for your specific saw model that you own.


There are several accessories that are included with almost all table saw models. They are, table extension, on/off switch, wheels that allow you to control the height and the blade tilt, onboard storage, and the dust collection system.

Although these accessories are included by default, you can increase the performance by adding some extras such as dado blades, a rooter table, cross cut sled, molding head, and much more.

You can add as many accessories as you want to make it perform better and fulfil your needs.


When you want to purchase a table saw, before checking anything, you must consider its safety features.

When you are working with a machine such as this, safety is of at most important to avoid table saw related accidents. We will have a brief look at each safety instrument that a table saw must have in order to protect its users.

  • Splitters

A splitter is basically made of metal or plastic and it is vertical in shape. It holds the kerf open behind the saw blade. Although this is a basic solution, it works up to a certain extent.

  • Anti-kickback pawls

The anti-kickback pawls are attached with the splitter and they protect both sides of the wood. Its job is to keep the wood fixed firmly in case of kickbacks. But if you are making crosscuts, you need to remove the wood as it can get in the way of the saw blade.

  • Riving knife:

Want to look for a better option than a splitter? Then consider purchasing a table saw with a riving knife. There are major differences in functionalities when we think of a riving knife over a splitter.

A riving knife can move along with the saw blade, while the splitter is fixed. A splitter needs to be removed when making a cross/dado cut.

  • Magnetic switch:

One of the useful safety features to look for in a table saw is whether it has a magnetic switch. This will prevent the motor from overloading, as well as setting the saw to an off position in the event of a power outage, or the power is interrupted for some reason.

  • Push stick

It can be used to slide the wood through the blade. It is a good practice to rely on a push stick to move a piece of wood.


There are table saw models available for everyone. Whether you are on a budget, or you want to buy an expensive model, you can find a suitable one for you. But our advice is to consider your budget and needs before buying a table saw.


  1. SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand
  2. DEWALT DWE7491RS 10 Inch Table Saw
  3. Makita 2705X1 10 Inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand
  4. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw
  5. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2736-21HD Cordless Table Saw
  6. DEWALT DCS7485T1 Flexvolt 60V Max Table Saw
  7. Metabo HPT Table Saw with 10 Inch Blade
  8. Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw
  9. Powermatic PM1000
  10. JET 708675PK
SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand

Table Saws

Dust port elbow contains debris to one area for clean-up

Outfeed and left support allow for larger cuts to be made by one person.

Stand handles to smoothly push the saw through the truck bed.

10 in. Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand.

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10 Inch Table Saw


Rack & Pinion Telescoping Fence System Make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate

Patented material support, can be used for narrow rip cuts.

32-1/2″ rip capacity easily cuts a variety of larger shelving and trim materials

Telescoping fence rails retract to create a small, portable package

Makita 2705X1 10 Inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand


Powerful 15.0 AMP motor delivers 4,800 RPM for improved performance

Large cutting capacity (3-9/16″ at 90° and 2-1/2″ at 45°); rips 4x material in one pass

Large 25″ ripping capacity for cutting plywood/sheet material

Easy to read scale with magnifying glass for increased accuracy

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw


Dual-Field™ Motor and smooth start-up runs cooler and lasts longer

Self aligning rip fence with on tool storage for a true cut

Portable and compact weighing only 49 lbs

10 in. 24-tooth SKILSAW® blade included for optimal cutting out of the box

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2736-21HD Cordless Table Saw


All metal frame to handle tough jobsite conditions

On board storage for guard, riving knife, push stick, fence and miter gauge

Tool free guard and riving knife changes

Single wrench blade change

Compatible with all M18 batteries and tools

DEWALT DCS7485T1 Flexvolt 60V Max Table Saw


Rack and pinnion telescoping fence rails make fence adjustments smooth and accurate

24 in. of rip capacity for ripping 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets

Run off of FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* battery system for maximum portability

Site-Pro Modular Guarding System allows for tool free adjustment of the guarding

Metabo HPT Table Saw with 10 Inch Blade


Heavy-duty aluminum table

8 X 13 /16 ” Dado capacity

3/4 inch T-Slot Miter gauge

Formerly Hitachi , the Metabo HTP has a telescoping table extension

Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw


The unit comes with a great design and is full of awesome features to help you get the best out of the unit.

The unit is a powerful one and able to cut through hardwoods with ease

Comes with a spacious working area

Very stable legs and design

Powermatic PM1000


Machine runs relatively quiet

Accu-Fence is rigid to stay straight for more accurate results

Arbor lock design makes it easy to change out blades

Ergonomic handwheels prevent strain

JET 708675PK


Ample tabletop surface expands to 42 inches in width

Saw can handle stock up to 3 inches deep and 13 inches wide

Fully shrouded blade plus 4-inch dust collection outlet minimizes sawdust blow-back

Jet saw comes with a 5-year limited warranty



SKILSAW SPT99-11 10-Inch Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand


The 10 in. Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw is the latest addition to SKILSAW®‘s table-saw lineup. SKILSAW®‘s legendary Worm Drive power train delivers superior torque, an aggressive 3-⅝ in. depth of cut, and 30-½ in. rip capacity. Tear through plywood and slice 4x with ease and precision. The rack and pinion system makes fence adjustments quickly and smoothly for accurate cuts. SKILSAW®‘s patented Dual-Field™ Motor runs cooler, so it can work harder, longer

Left support and outfeed allows for larger cuts Assembly instructions need improving
16 inch back wheels allows for stair navigating and maneuverability
Cooler-running motor


DEWALT DWE7491RS 10 Inch Table Saw


The DWE7491RS 10″ Jobsite Table Saw 32 – 1/2″ Rip Capacity, and a Rolling Stand has a 15 Amp motor and 32-1/2″ rip capacity to allow cutting of large and hardwood materials. Features tool-free guarding component adjustments and fast, accurate fence adjustments. Rolling stand designed for easy set up and breakdown with excellent stability.

Cuts even hardwood and treated lumber Sawdust port does not come with a collection bag
Telescoping fence rails for portability
On board storage system


Makita 2705X1 10 Inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand


Makita’s 10” Contractor Table Saw with Portable Stand is a versatile and powerful table saw for use in the shop or on the jobsite. The 2705X1 combines a range of convenience and ease-of-use features with large capacity and 15 AMP power, making it a true best-in-class table saw for a range of professional applications. The portable stand is jobsite tough for easy transport.

Easy tool-less installation of blade guard assembly Fence needs upgrading
Tow independent anti-kickback pawls Very heavy
Rips 4X material in single pass
Professional-grade table saw with electric brake


SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw


With the power and torque to tackle difficult cuts, bogging down is a thing of the past. The impressive 3-1/2 in. depth of cut and 25 in. rip capacity are big enough to rip plywood sheets in half. It also features our best-in-class Dual-Field™ motor and smooth startup for a saw that runs cooler and lasts longer. Without sacrificing legendary SKILSAW® durability, you get a compact and portable saw that will be the talk of the jobsite.

Larger gear teeth No stand included
Worm drive for more load capacity Loud operation with no soft start feature
Self-aligning rip fence
On tool storage


Milwaukee Electric Tools 2736-21HD Cordless Table Saw


The Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ 8-1/4” Table Saw w/ One-Key™ generates the power of a 15A Corded Saw, 24-1/2” of Rip Capacity and Up to 600 linear Feet of cutting per charge. Designed for the professional carpenter, remodeler and general contractor, the Milwaukee(R) M18 FUEL™ 8-1/4” Table Saw w/ One-Key™ is optimized for power, portability and productivity. The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor provides 6,300 RPM and higher speeds under load for corded cutting performance.

Battery operated for enhanced portable usage and no worries about circuit overload No corded option
Runs 50 percent cooler than standard redlithium HD packs
On-board storage
Includes extras like dust port and blade brake


DEWALT DCS7485T1 Flexvolt 60V Max Table Saw


The FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* 8 1/4 in. table saw is maximized for accuracy, capacity and runtime. The brushless motor delivers the power to cut all co mm.on materials, the rack & pinion fence allows for fast, easy adjustments and provides the capacity to rip 4×8 sheet goods. The DCS7485T1 comes with one FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* battery and fast charger.

Power loss reset feature prevents unplanned restarts after a power disruption Safety flap over start button may turn off the power if you let it drop down after starting
302 linear feet of run time Does not support Dado cuts
8 1/4 inch table saw kit
Quiet operation


Metabo HPT Table Saw with 10 Inch Blade


The C10RJ 10″ Jobsite Table Saw features a 15-Amp motor with 4,500 RPMs, and is engineered for rip-sawing and cross-cutting of ordinary wood, hardwood, plywood and composite wood materials. The fold & roll stand is designed with sturdy legs for easy set up and breakdown, providing stability while in use.

The stand also incorporates wheels to ensure the user can maneuver through tough terrain with ease. The C10RJ features soft start, an electric brake and a large working table size with telescoping table extension that can support a max rip capacity of 35″ to the right. Capable of a 3-1/8″ cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/4″ cut at 45 degrees, this user-friendly table saw is an ideal choice for any workshop or jobsite.

Emergency-off safety cover feature Instruction manual needs improving
Soft-start function to reduce noise and recoil
Good support for longer items


Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw


If you’re searching for a worthy investment, look no more. This particular model will fulfill your expectations and needs, for sure. Its powerful 3HP motor can cut through wood without any issues whatsoever. Also, the tabletop area is quite spacious meaning you won’t struggle with lack of work space. It’s quite important because many other models have a serious issue with the lack of space.

Even though hybrid saws have underwhelming dust-collecting capabilities, this one is an exception. It has a 4-inch port, and you can hook any industrial vacuum on it, even the affordable ones. Therefore, you don’t need to invest any additional funds whatsoever.

High precision Some people find the On/Off switch too small
High quality Requires assembly and fine-tuning
Great for professionals on a budget

Powermatic PM1000


The PM1000, 1-3/4HP 1Ph, 30-Inch Rip W/Accu-Fence System, from Powermatic, helps you cut large boards down to size for various projects. It has a 1-3/4hp motor that delivers a maximum speed of 4,200 rpm for fast job completion.

This Powermatic PM1000 table saw has a pawl system to prevent kickback. The Poly-V belt transmits power efficiently and also runs quietly so you can work in greater comfort. Its Accu-Fence is strong and straight to give you more precise results.

You can change the woodworking table saw’s blades with just one hand thanks to the arbor lock design. The 7-inch wheels are designed with ergonomics in mind so you can make adjustments without hand strain.

Easy to use and assemble. average customer support.
The rip fence locks down solidly.
Made of sturdy material.
Extremely durable.

JET 708675PK


Have all the industry-standard features of a table saw plus a rugged, expandable tabletop surface with the JET® Deluxe Xacta®? SAW 3HP, 1Ph, 50-Inch Rip. The table saw comes with a powerful 3 hp motor that turns the 10-inch blade at 4300 rpm. A riving knife stabilizes the Jet Deluxe Xacta saw blade, and an arbor lock keeps it aligned precisely, reducing vibration.

An Xacta T-square fence provides precise alignment for mounting stock, and the cast-iron Jet Xacta saw table is a generous 29 inches long x 20 inches wide, expandable by 11 inches on each side. The saw has a maximum cutting depth of 3 inches and a maximum rip width of 13 inches left of the blade.

The Jet saw blade is also fully shrouded to direct sawdust away from you, and comes with a 4-inch port that hooks up to an accessory dust collection system.

It features an anti kickback system to prevent you from devastating injuries. This is not an equipment that can be assembled easily.
Safety is at a premium with its modular blade guard technology.
Contains a 4-inch dust port.
Has a 3hp high power motor.


We have come to the end of this review on table saws, if you read through to this point, that goes a long way to tell your interest in getting the best table saws. The saws reviewed above are durable and reliable. You should go for one of them, using our buyer’s guide to make the right choice for your workshop.

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