Best Clamp Meters of 2024

Best Clamp Meters of 2024

Are you searching for the best clamp meters? If yes, then you are in the right place, as in this guide we aim to review the best clamp meters. Do well to go through this guide, to keep yourself informed on the best clamp meters, and then you can take a step further to purchase the one that suits you best.

A Clamp meter is an Electrical instrument used for measuring the current flowing through a conductor. An AC Clamp meter fundamentally comprises of a Current transformer in its jaws, bar CT generally. A Clamp meter utilizes the guideline of the current transformer to show Display Reading.

However, a DC clamp meter uses a Hall Effect sensor for the measurement of current.

Advantages of Clamp meters over other Electrical tools

There are mainly two advantages of Using a Clamp meter.

  • Safety

In clamp meter, there is no need for physical contact between jaws and Conductors so it removes the old method of cutting into wires and measurement with the insertion of test lead into the circuit.

Due to the non-contact method, it provides safety to electricians.  This is the main reason why it becomes the most popular electrician tool for the measurement of current nowadays.

  • Convenience

It’s not necessary to shut down the circuit supply during measurement with a clamp meter, so it provides hassle-free measurement. So, it increases the Efficiency and Productivity of work.

Applications of Digital Clamp Meter:

A Digital Clamp Meter can be used to measure:

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Crest Factor
  • Continuity
  • Resistance


What to Look for in a Clamp Meter


Your clamp meter must offer consistent and accurate measurements. A dependable clamp meter puts out identical measurements for a single currency. You can rule out accuracy issues by opting for a model from a trusted brand.


A clamp meter is a handheld device, just like floor jacks, and Vernier calipers. As such, it should be portable, durable, and easy to use. We recommend opting for a meter with a glowing LCD screen and distinct controls.

Ensure that the device is durable enough to withstand a few bumps and bruises. Always opt for a model that works well in both dim and bright conditions, though not as bright as handheld spotlights. You might be testing a wire in a vehicle or a crawlspace. Where ever your electrical work takes you, you want to be well-prepared.


You’ll be dealing in high-risk situations. Remember, a clamp meter is a tool for assistance, and assistance only. Never compromise on your safety. You should be as careful as you are with a saw horse

Since you’ll be dealing with circuitry and high voltages, ensure that your equipment is adequately insulated at the holding points.


Unlike refrigerant scales, Some clamp meters offer an assortment of data tools, such as auto-ranging, holds, and sleep functions. Auto-ranging features enable users to receive automatic readouts. This is extremely helpful if you do not know the resistance range of the current you are testing.

Instead of flipping through several settings, you can simply set your clamp meter to its auto-ranging setting. Data holds are also helpful. They enable you to store and compare measurements.

A meter that can store more than one measurement is extremely desirable. Of course, auto-shutoff and sleep functions enable you to conserve battery power without making a conscious effort to do so.

Measurement Parameters

Most clamp meters provide you with a measurement of AC currents, which is different from that gotten when soldering. However, some meters also offer AC/DC voltage readings. On top of that, some clamp meters provide continuity, resistance, capacitance, and diode measurements or reports.

Continuity readings determine whether a current is complete and connected. Resistance measures how electric current flows through a device. It is reported in ohms. Meanwhile, a diode is a device that keeps currents flowing in one direction.

Detailed readings provide users with a more in-depth understanding of electric currents. This makes for safer, more accurate repairs.


To make it your buddy for a long period, look at its build quality. It should be heavy-duty plastic with tough construction and necessary ruggedness. Some of the best clamp meters have also rubber toppings that make their hold easy.

Proper certifications

A good electrical device always comes with a safety feature as its priority. Here I am referring to proper lab tests and certifications. The common certifications that you can look for are CE, IEC, etc.

However, there are many more authorized certifications or rankings that claim the better performance and safety of the device.

Meter ratings

Make sure to look for the current measurements. They are necessary and indicates what you are looking for. So, consider the maximum voltage or current holding of a clamp meter. This is because using clamp meter other than its intended ratings can cause harm to the electrical equipment as well as the user.

For instance, if you are an electrical guy and looking to use clamp meter for industrial purposes, then see its suitable use and maximum meter ratings. On the other hand, see the suitable use in case of residential purposes. If you are specifically looking for home use then go for Amprobe AMP-210 ELSA2A.


Your clamp meter should be suitable to work in all types of environmental conditions. A clamp meter has to work usually in different environments, unlike digital multi-meter. Thus, it should be capable of withstanding various temperatures.

This is why some of the clamp meters come with temperature reading functions. However, you should particularly look for the temperature tolerance features before buying a clamp meter. This would help you to purchase specific clamp meters for high temperatures.


Mastech Clamp Meter MS2109A


Display 6000 counts

Jaw Opening Ф26mm/1.0″

Auto Ranging

Auto Power Off

Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Kyoritsu Clamp Meter 2046R

 Clamp Meters

600V input protection

Sleep function saves battery life.

Continuity & diode check

Capacity measurement

Peak hold function for peak value measurements on inrush currents (only at AC A range)

Fluke Clamp Meter 323


Measures resistance to 4 kΩ with continuity detection

Slim, ergonomic design for measuring in tight cable compartments

Presents measurements on a large, easy-to-read display

Hold function captures a reading on the display

CAT III 600 V, CAT IV 300 V safety rating

Hioki Clamp Meter 3283


Measure leak current using highly sensitive 10μA resolution (at 10.00 mA range)

Indicate 50/60 Hz leak current components with the filtering function

Monitor leak current conditions in combination with a Memory HiCorder

Klein Clamp Meter CL380


Measures temperature with a K-Type thermocouple probe

Max/min, Rel/zero and data hold the capability.

Auto power off after five minutes to conserve battery life.

Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery compartment

Built to withstand a 6.6 foot (2m) drop

Ideal Clamp Meter 61-763


Measures AC

AC/DC voltage

Selectable audible and visual voltage alerts on AC/DC voltage functions

Frequency via clamp head or test leads


Amprobe Clamp Meter 220


Maximizes battery life with auto power off and low battery indicator

Backlit display for easy measurement viewing in bright and dim environments

Accommodates conductors up to 1.37 in (35 mm)

CAT III 600 V safety rated

Extech Clamp Meter MA445


True RMS feature for accurate readings regardless of waveforms

2″ (30mm) jaw size fits conductors up to 500MCM

Built-In Non-Contact Voltage Detector (NCV)

Large backlit LCD and built-in Flashlight

AIMO MS2108A Auto Range Clamp Meter


Measures alternating and direct currents

Measures voltages

Measures resistance, frequency, capacitance, duty, continuity, and diode

Sperry Instruments DSA500A


Measures AC (400 amp limit)

Measures alternating and direct voltages (600-volt limit)

Automatic shutoff feature

Comes with two test leads and AAA batteries.

Five functions


Mastech Clamp Meter MS2109A


The Mastech has a good-sized digital display with a bright backlight. It features a low-battery indicator as well as an automatic power-off mode. You can store several data sets for easier recalls and comparisons. The Mastech takes three AAA batteries. A temperature probe and two leads are included in the kit.

Non-contact voltage detector Lacks accuracy
Measures AC/DC voltage and current
Work light and backlight
Thermocouple temperature measurements
Hold and other data storage features

Kyoritsu Clamp Meter 2046R


Designed to meet international safety standard IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V. This clamp meter can measure the voltage and current in both very low and high power circuits making it very useful for power distribution companies, power utilities, and maintenance fields.

Professional design none
Tested by IES safety
Compact size

Fluke Clamp Meter 323


Designed to perform in the toughest environments and provides you with reliable results, this True RMS clamp meter allows access in tight areas due to its slim, compact size. It is ideal for identifying the presence of load current, AC voltage, and continuity of circuits, switches, fuses, and contacts.

Delivers rugged and reliable performance and includes True RMS measurements, optimized ergonomics, and large display which makes it ideal for troubleshooting. This clamp meter is part of the 320 series and is built to perform in the toughest environments, and provides you with noise-free and reliable results

Measure AC No slots for probes
True RMS conversions
30-millimeter jaw opening
Includes zip-up carry case
Conductivity sensor with buzzer

Hioki Clamp Meter 3283


The Hioki 3283 is a leakage current handheld clamp meter with a 10mA to 200A range and 10 μA resolution. The 3283 has output capabilities for advanced monitoring on recording equipment.

Accurate result None
Simple Design
Good build quality

Klein Clamp Meter CL380


Klein Tools CL380 Electrical Tester is an automatically ranging true root mean squared (TRMS) digital clamp meter that measures AC/DC via the clamp, AC/DC voltage, DC microamps, resistance, continuity, frequency, capacitance, and diodes via test leads and temperature via a thermocouple probe. It includes a non-contact voltage tester integrated into the clamp, and features high visibility, reverse contrast LCD that optimizes viewability both in dark or bright ambient lighting.

True RMS. The temperature reading function inaccurate.
Automatic shut off.
AC/DC clamp meter.
Preferred for HVAC applications.
Includes case, batteries, test leads, and thermocouples.

Ideal Clamp Meter 61-763


The IDEAL Electrical 61-763 True-RMS AC Clamp Meter with Tightsight Display, 660A AC is feature-rich, built to professional quality standards to withstand tough use in commercial and industrial settings. The High-Frequency Rejection (HFR) feature measures accurately even in noisy electrical environments.

For everything from load measurement to troubleshooting industrial motors and adjustable speed drives (ASDs), the new TightSight Clamps bring speed, accuracy, safety, and ease-of-use together in one rugged meter line.

Tightsight none
Great build quality.
Have Backlit display
light in weight

Amprobe Clamp Meter 220


With a full range of AC/DC, AC/DC voltage, and frequency measurement functions for basic electrical troubleshooting, the AMP-220 clamp meter with its large backlit display is an excellent amp clamp meter choice.

Rated CAT III 600 V, the AMP-210 clamp meter offers True-RMS sensing, fast response processor, non-contact voltage detection, capacitance, resistance and continuity measurements to enhance efficiency and safety in today’s complex electrical environments.

The Amp-Tip function allows for precise measurement of current down to the tenth of an Amp, enabling accurate current measurement of both large and small diameter wires. A low pass filter allows the measurement of current and voltage on variable frequency drives (motors with speed controlled by frequency).

Includes socket tester that detects wiring faults. High ohms readings may be less accurate.
True RMS.
Includes AC to DC line splitter.
Reads capacitance and resistance.
Backlight for easy readings.

Extech Clamp Meter MA445


Three models to choose from, with or without True RMS and AC or AC/DC Current functions. Choose True RMS model for accurate readings of non-sinusoidal waveforms, a model with DC Current function for automotive applications, or model with Type K function when applications require Temperature measurements. The MA440 Series meters are fully loaded with multimeter functions and built-in non-contact voltage (NCV) detector to meet your application needs!

Generate accurate result none
Built quality

AIMO MS2108A Auto Range Clamp Meter


Finding a combination of low cost, easy to operate, and feature-rich clamp meter can be hard, but the Aimo MS2108A Auto Range Digital Clamp Meter offers just that. It is loaded, in basic terms.

This model eliminates the requirement of turning a knob. Rather, it provides accurate, fast AC and DC measurement, along with resistance and diode testing. Moreover, its body outstandingly resists wear and is highly durable.

The unit can be easily taken into the field with no worry regarding buttons or inferior knobs as it has a durable molding case that offers protection in rugged areas.

Precise hz tester Doesn’t measure temperature.
Protects every range; doesn’t damage the circuit. Not much accurate while measuring less than 3 ampere
Hold function for easy comparison of readings
Reliable auto turn off the feature

Sperry Instruments DSA500A


Sperry Instruments DSA500A Digital Snap-Around Clamp Meter presents some of the most precise readings in this price limit. The meter comes with a brilliant data hold ability that maintains easy reading on its LCD.

Furthermore, this product features auto shut off functionality that saves and prolongs your battery life. It features a compact, lightweight design and includes a convenient carrying case for protecting the meter plus allows you to take it wherever you go.

The clamp meter is a digital snap-around unit, which embraces electric voltage to reveal more exact results. It can measure the current to 400 amps and AC/DC to 600V, and also cycles automatically through 9 resistance ranges.

Highly accurate Not as such noted
Ergonomic design
Auto-off feature


Clamp meters are incredible devices that help you in mapping out electric connections without executing invasive procedures.

Before purchasing, make sure of getting something, which satisfies the expectation you have for it. We hope that these reviews have proved useful in finding you the right model for resolving your electrical issues.

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