Best Lipo Charger of 2024

Buying a good lipo charger should be a top priority for every professional. In this guide, we would be reviewing the best lipo chargers, you should read through this guide, so you would gain insight before acquiring a lipo charger.

The goal of a lipo charger is to charge a lipo to a specified voltage. That voltage is based on the number of cells multiplied by 4.2V. The charger goes about this by adjusting the output voltage to make the current flow to the lipo.

Initially, the charger raises the voltage enough to match the amount of current flowing to what the user has selected. This stage is referred to as the Constant Current, or CC phase. Current flows because of the difference in voltage between the charger and the pack.

The greater the difference, the greater the charge current. During the charging process, the resting voltage of the pack rises. Once the charge voltage reaches the maximum voltage of the pack, the charger holds it there. This stage is referred to as the Constant Voltage or CV phase.

The charging voltage is now held at the max pack voltage but currently continues to flow because there is still a difference between the charge and pack resting voltages. As the pack resting voltage rises, the difference will become less and less until they are very close.

During this phase, the charge current will drop off more and more until it is very small. Once the charge current and voltage reach predetermined values, the charge cycle is complete.

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The Process of Charging a Battery

While each charger brand has its unique features, this guide goes in-depth into some of the common ones.

If you want adequate information, check the documentation available with the charger. Some chargers are simple to use, and you just have to connect them to start charging automatically.

Usually, the steps involved in charging a battery include:

  • Plugin the charge and balance leads between the battery and charger
  • Choose the correct LiPo balance charge mode on your charger
  • Choose the correct cell count voltage and charge rate, with 1C being the most recommended
  • Then, start the charging process and ensure you never leave the machine unobserved


Balance Charging

Most lipo chargers have a feature that allows them to engage in balance charging. It’s a process that will check the voltage level of each cell in the battery. It’s a crucial feature that will monitor the power in the cells, thus helping to identify when either of the cells degrades in performance.

Any such degradation in performance can easily lead to fires or even damage your charger. Fortunately, all chargers are available with this feature.

Cell Compatibility

When buying a lipo charger, consider the type of lipo batteries that this unit can support. Some cheap lipo chargers can only support 2S or 3S lipos. That said, the high-end chargers can support a full range, including 1S to 6S. Some brands are even capable of charging more than one LiPo simultaneously.  For tools like drawer slides and crosscut sleds, you should not consider cell compatibility as a factor for consideration before buying.

Charging Current

Most lipo charger batteries have a specific maximum charging rate, which is often indicated as 1C, 2C, and more. That said, some charges specific the charge rate in Amps. Thus, some find it difficult to differentiate between these two values. There are some particular formulas you can use to convert the battery C charge rate to Amps.

You have to multiply the battery capacity by the C Rating. So, if you have a 2,00mAh battery with a charge rate of 1C, the maximum charge rate is 2.0Ah x 1 = 2A.

Power Output

All lipo batteries have a specific power output level, which you classify in watts, and often averages at 100W. This number depicts the amount of power the charger can deliver to your battery.

Generally, the larger the charger wattage, the faster it can charge your battery. The wattage of a charge comes from the current and voltage metrics. Thus, if you maintain a consistent current level, you might require more power with a high voltage level.

Therefore, having more power is better, especially when you have large lipo batteries. A good example would be when you want to charge a 2S 2100mAh battery at 1C, we will need to use 12.6V x 2.1A = 25.72W.

Power Supply

Some battery brands feature an in-built power supply, so everything is very convenient. That said if the battery does not feature a power supply, ensure that the one you get matches the rating specifications of your charger.

Also, ensure that it comes with a suitable connector for quality power. That said, the most crucial factor is to ensure that the power supply has the correct power rating.

Thus, if you are using a 50W charger, ensure that your supplier can deliver at least 50W of the power to the charger.


Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger


one charger many battery packs

wide connector compatibility

wide voltage compatibility

multiple functions

Keenstone LiPo Battery Charger/Discharger


Support Connector Types

Support Battery Type

Charge & Discharge

Smart Charger

Tenergy TN 267 1-4 Cells Li-Po/Li-Fe Balance Charger


advanced safety protections

hobby balance charger

easy to read led lights

compact design

SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 AC/DC Dual Power Professional LiPo Battery Balance Charger


Latest Version iMAX B6AC V2 Charger by SkyRC

Sold by Authorized US Dealer – 100% Authentic Guaranteed

Dual Power AC/DC Input – Max. 6A charge current and 50W charge power.

Venom PRO Charger 3 RC LiPo Battery Charger






HiTec RCD RDX1 Battery Charger/Discharger


Light in weight and extremely portable

Features a smooth, round switch on its bottom to help with its operation

Benefits from two sets of rollers on the side of the unit

It has an inbuilt side-spring that you can pull and release to help with its maneuverability

ProLead RC B680AC CAR Dual Power Battery Charger


HIGH POWER: 80 Watts lets you charge faster. Especially needed with High Voltage 3S LiPo and up.

AC/DC POWER & WORLDWIDE VOLTAGE COMPATIBLE: Plug it into the wall or hook it up to your car battery.

PERFECT CHARGING PACKAGE for LiPo LiOn LiFe NiMh NiCd Pb! AC/DC, Charge, Discharge, Balance, Cycle.

INTEGRATED COOLING FAN: Ready for all-day R/C at the track, pond, backyard or favorite driving spot.

HTRC 80W 6A DC Lipo Charger


Practical for a variety of batteries


Maximum Safety

HTRC LiPo Charger Dual 1-6S Balance Battery Discharger Duo






GoolRC B6 Mini Multi-functional Balance Charger


Optimized operating software.

Internal independent lithium battery balancer.

Adaptable to various type of lithium battery.

Fast and storage mode of lithium battery.

Various connectors to charge different batteries.


Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger


The Tenergy TB-6 makes one of the preferred variants for those searching for a good quality LiPo charger. It is a charger as well as a discharger that helps in providing power supply to all the battery cells.

This versatile charger works effectively for an extensive array of batteries, which include NiMH, LiPo, NiCd, LiFePO4, and SLA.

It features an octopus multi-charging harness, which makes it suitable for a multi-range of charging connectors like Tamiya, mini Tamiya, Hitech, and JST. The packs also contain the dean connector, which plays the role of connecting the charger conveniently, and a power supply for making it more apt.

Tenergy TB-6 is outstanding when it comes to its voltage compatibility as well.

Affordable pricing, a reasonable choice for a lot of users The charger can heat up
Intuitive interface offering overall convenience to users.
Convenient to use, features sufficient power supply.
Flexible, potentially support 11-18 volts DC input.
Comes with all related adapters and accessories.

Keenstone LiPo Battery Charger/Discharger


Keenstone LiPo Battery Charger/Discharger is worth your attention and money in terms of practicality and functionality. It comes with a variety of accessories like many other choices in this limit of price. However, what makes it set apart from others is its incredible features.

The charging/ discharging cycle of this battery is pretty easy and usually allows almost five cycles to balance it along with refreshing consistently. You can, relying on your requirement, set a time interval for charge/discharge as well.

Furthermore, it possesses phenomenal features of memory and storage. This charger is capable of easy memorizing and saves you the trouble to format it each time irrespective of the number of cells, battery type, or the discharge current.

Easily adapts according to the charging requirement of the user Instructions aren’t very clear
Guaranteed quick and hassle-free charging of the battery
Less risk of overheating or explosion
The fan isn’t too noisy

Tenergy TN 267 1-4 Cells Li-Po/Li-Fe Balance Charger


Compact and friendly on your pocket, the Tenergy TN 267 is designed for those consumers who need an incredible product at the best price. The TN 267 has wide voltage capabilities which allows it to charge any LiPo, Li-ion, Life Po4 battery with much ease.

The simplistic design and operation of this LiPo charger mean that it is suitable from a very young age and children can use it to charge the batteries of their toys like RC cars and RC helicopters.

To tell users the current state, there are a couple of LED lights on the top to show when the charger is powered on and when it is charging a battery. Since it is a minimalistic charger designed with budget in mind, there is no indicator of the time left or the percentage of the battery but those are auxiliary features commonly found in more expensive LiPo chargers.

Tenergy 1-4 cells Lipo battery is pocket friendly. A low battery takes more time to charge.
Turns off automatically when charging is complete Doesn’t come with many options such a discharging ability.
It is smaller in size compared to other lipo chargers making it more convenient to move around in your home or even in your car.
It is fitted with protection features such as short circuit protection and reserve polarity protection to provide maximum safety as you use it.

SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 AC/DC Dual Power Professional LiPo Battery Balance Charger


The SKYRC balance charger is designed to save your battery and ensure its long life. The battery charger gives users the capability of controlling the voltage of each terminal and allows users to update the charger’s firmware quite easily by connecting it through the USB port and downloading the required updates from the manufacturer’s website for free.

Another useful feature of the iMax B6AC Balance Charger is its internal resistance meter. Most LiPo batteries stop working abruptly because people do not check their condition regularly.

With the internal resistance meter of this battery charger, you can easily find out the health of your LiPo battery and predict how long it will last. The charger also supports fast charging so you can get more time with whatever device you are using on the battery.

You can set the limit of processing time and charge current The manual does not include instructions in detail
Adjustable terminal voltage for PC connection
Comes with a charging current of 6amp
Fast charger

Venom PRO Charger 3 RC LiPo Battery Charger


With the ability to charge up to 4 batteries at the same time with a charge rate of 7.0A, the Venom Pro Quad 400 Watt Battery Balance Charger comes with individual channels of 100 watts each.

This battery charger is designed to support multiple battery types including Lithium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lead-acid and Nickel Cadmium batteries. Thanks to its dual USB port system of 2.3A each, this device can charge mobiles, tablets, and all other USB compatible devices

Features many charging lead options with deans plugs Does not come with a power switch
Very easy to operate on account of its interface The LCD could be a bit brighter
Its comprising plugs can be swapped in or out
Light in weight and highly portable
It includes four balance boards

HiTec RCD RDX1 Battery Charger/Discharger


Known for its quick charging ability, the HiTec RCD RDX1 Battery Charger/Discharger comes equipped with a variety of 10 different charging and discharging profiles. Thanks to its Charge Master Software application that comes pre-loaded into the unit by default, this device can be operated via a PC. Designed with modern, sleek construction, it allows an easy plug-in via the front of the device and can charge most battery types.

Featuring a 3.2 inch LCD screen, this device makes itself very easy to operate by pretty much anyone with no prior instructions. Not just that but it is also compact in size and easy to store.

Charges various battery types The instructions are pretty shallow
Charges batteries faster
Doesn’t occupy much space

ProLead RC B680AC CAR Dual Power Battery Charger


Generally speaking, charging LiPo batteries takes time. Spending your afternoon keeping watch over some batteries being charged may not be an ideal use of your time, but it’s necessary for your hobby and your safety.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with having a faster charger, and that is precisely what you are getting from ProLead RC’s B680AC CAR Dual Power Battery Charger.

After you plug in your batteries, you can expect them to be fully charged in about 40 to 50 minutes. That’s a huge difference, and it gives you more time to spend at your favorite driving spots.

Numerous safety features are included to ensure that nothing goes wrong when you are using this charger It’s far from being the most durable LiPo battery charger.
You will be hard-pressed to find a LiPo charger that can work as fast as this one
It’s the kind of charger you can take anywhere

HTRC 80W 6A DC Lipo Charger


HTRC’s LiPo Charger Balance Discharger offers a ton of storage space. To be more specific, this particular device is capable of storing data for up to 20 packs. Considering that having enough space to store data for five batteries is already considered a good feature for LiPo chargers, you can imagine just how better is to have all that extra space available to you.

You can use this charger to check on the health of your batteries While noise is not an issue with this charger, heat is, so try to watch for that
There’s no need for you to worry about storage space for your battery data if you get this charger.

HTRC LiPo Charger Dual 1-6S Balance Battery Discharger Duo


The HTRC Lipo charger is a highly practical addition to your regimen. Why? Well, this unit comes with a host of unique features to make it easy to charge your devices. For instance, the charger is available with a dual battery charger, which you can use to power as many as two batteries at the same time. Even more, the HTRC Lipo Charge brand has done well to incorporate this unit with various unique features.

For instance, this unit can memorize as many as 20 data storage spaces, thus making it highly convenient. This way, you never need to set the specific battery value while charging or discharging the battery again. The makers of this unit have also done well to include various other features on this unit. These include a DC Cable, Pin Cord, Crocodile Clip, and more.

Durable Lipo Charger design The clip accessory is not durable
Heavy-duty charger design is durable Takes a lot of time to set up
Easy to set up and high-quality LEDs
The dual battery charger can charge two devices at the same time.

GoolRC B6 Mini Multi-functional Balance Charger

Lipo Charger

GoolRC B6 mini charger is a great choice for all the RC admirers on a budget. The device is powered through an 11-18 volts DC power supply and can charge around 3 distinct LiPo batteries.

For alerting you when the battery has reached its greatest limit, it comes with LED lights, which are pre-installed on this charger. Additionally, when you buy GoolRC B6 mini balance charger, it provides you B3 company’s charger along with a plug-in order. It also includes clips that permit the charger to be connected with the battery of a car, making it further used even as a field charging machine.

This charger is instant for LiPo (2s-6s), Ni-Cd, Li-ion, Pb, and Ni-MH batteries. It utilizes a completely discrete voltage detector for having a balanced charge mode.

Follows the voltage in separate cells Ineffective balancing as some cells may appear to charge swifter than others.
Controlled through microprocessor.
Delta-peak sensitivity


Chargers and so their batteries have improved exponentially in terms of design, functionality, and efficiency over the last decades.

When it comes to charging batteries of your RC vehicles, the most effortless way is through a good quality and economical LiPo charger. Remember, a decent LiPo charger keeps the battery’s integrity and increases their survival life.

We expect that the reviews have provided you with all the essential details and have helped you in finding the right LiPo charger, which fits your needs.

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