Best Measuring Wheels of 2024

This guide seeks to review the best measuring wheels. So if you want to get a measuring wheel, or gain knowledge about these items, you should read through this guide. As you read through, pay attention to the main points.

For long distances measurement, you need a measuring wheel Measuring wheels are one of the best tools for measuring long distances and also when working on irregular shapes. And they also tend to be more efficient and accurate than the measuring tape and most other measuring tools.

These tools typically have digital LCD digital screens with backlight that makes it easy to read, while others have analog readouts. Some wheels feature a brake and kickstand so you can prop it up in any location when it’s not in use. Also, most handles collapse for easy transport and storage.

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The first thing that you need to know when it comes to the measuring wheels is that they are available in various types. Although there are various ways of classifying the simplest and probably also the most accurate is either mechanical or electrical.

Mechanical ones are the types that do not require batteries and they are very simple to use but will only measure in single units. The electronic ones run on batteries but they can measure in various units and also tend to have more features.


How you can use the measuring wheel matters a lot. And here what you choose will depend on why you are buying the measuring wheel

in the first place. You have to determine whether you want one for indoor or outdoor use. For indoor use, the small models are often enough but for outdoors you need something with a larger wheel to handle the rough terrain.

Frequency Of Use

The next factor that should decide the wheel type to go with is the frequency with which it is to be used. If you plan to use the device continuously for long intervals, then go for one of the brands such as Scuddles.

This particular brand offers a high-quality rubber-lined wheel that can withstand the extreme wear and tear that is bound to come with repeated use. For sporadic-use purposes, any standard wheel from our list will suffice.

Ease of Use

Something with many complicated features might look more useful but this is not always true. In most cases, the measuring wheels with the basic features and are straightforward to use are the best option. The more complicated the device is the more time you are likely to waste taking measurements and this also increases the likelihood of getting inaccurate results. you should also put the ease of use into consideration when getting tools like paint rollers and crosscut sled when buying them.

Carrying case

In case you wish to use the measuring wheel frequently then it will be important to look for one which has a carrying case. This will assist in making storage and transportation easy.

Size of the wheel

The work that you wish to do will be easy if you can buy a measuring wheel that matches your needs.

Units of measurements

While you are planning to buy the best measuring wheel it is good that you decide the best units that you will use. There are so many wheels that are calibrated in different units such as ft and meters.

In case you buy a wheel with any other units which are not used within your area, it will force you to convert the units which may interfere with the accuracy of your measurements.


This goes without saying since the last thing you want with your distance wheel is inaccurate results. It is therefore important to inquire about the level of accuracy for the wheel. As much as it is impossible to get a wheel which is 100% accurate, the error should not be that big. An accuracy of 99.5% is good for you. For tools like lipo chargers, and drawer slides, the accuracy should not be a factor for consideration.


In some cases, you will want to move with your wheel to different places. If you will be using your wheel at different locations, it would be ideal for you to go for those wheels which are portable.

Look to see whether the handle can be folded down. Other wheels will even come with a carrying pack to enhance portability.


Zozen Measuring Wheel 0-9,999 Ft


zozen measuring wheel with pistol grip.

imperial measuring units

multiple applications

easy to use

Scuddles Collapsible Measuring Wheel


Accurate and precise measurements.

The large measuring capacity of up to 10,000 feet.

Display Counter with a magnifying lens.

Durable rubber wheels for improved traction.

Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man Measuring Wheel


4-Inch diameter measuring wheel

Adjustable twist and lock handle

Polyvinyl tread for improved traction

Magnifying lens for improved readability

Accurate gear driven counter with push-button reset

Keson RRT12 Measuring Wheel


Enhanced pistol grip

Reset trigger

Counter reset on the handle

Centerline balance

Folds down to 1/2 it’s size

TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel


Easily and accurately measure up to 9,999 feet in a variety of work environments

The handle is 2 feet and 9 inches but is collapsible to about 1 foot and 4 inches

The wheel is 1 foot in diameter

Extremely convenient reset button, kickstand, and carrying bag

Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master.


Measures up to 9,999 feet, 11 inches with 99.7% accuracy (+/- 1″ in 30′)

Easy to use walking linear measurement tool, accurate and reliable – comes with a 2-year warranty and Free Carrying Pack

Hand brake on pistol grip for precise measuring; sealed, gear-driven transmission for durability, handy kickstand supports the wheel

Calculated Industries 6575 Measuring Wheel


Determines length, width, height/depth, square areas, cubic volumes, perimeters, and circular calculations.

Features a center-line design for balance and stability, top-mounted controls with backlit display eliminates stooping, bending, or squinting.

Equipped with a reinforced handle, protective bumpers, and sturdy metal shaft.

Crescent Lufkin Professional Measuring Wheel


Glare-resistant counter is easy to read

Analog counter dial reset at 10, 000 ft.

Ergonomic dual-material pistol grip handle

Built-in kickstand supports the wheel

AdirPro Digital Measuring Wheel


High quality and durable construction

Multiple applications

S and metric measuring units

DuraWheel DW-PRO Measuring Wheel


Designed for heavy-duty uses

It can measure up to 9,999 feet

Sealed roller bearings

Sturdy tube frame


Zozen Measuring Wheel 0-9,999 Ft


Many wheels are never accurate in the sense that their functioning is compromised by the environment they find themselves in. For your accuracy, we ask that you try this one out. It is more apt to deliver the accuracy you need in the first instant.

It does come along with a built-in kickstand. This one provides the support you need to rest the item approximately when not in use. In this way, it aids with easier handling and storage.

To move the wheels around for the sake of taking the measurements, this equipment relies on a patented gear transmission mechanism. This one makes for the highest accuracy of the measurements taken as well as added strength.

Accords tighter grip when handled Demands heavy muscle power to engage
The handle is smooth and ergonomic Develops friction and heat too soon
Light enough to move around with ease Quite bulky and in need of too much storage space
Measures many kinds of items and places
Highly versatile to allow for smooth handling

Scuddles Collapsible Measuring Wheel


Scuddles is a brand that fits every use. Durable, compact, and accurate, this product ticks all the right boxes. And what’s more, all this comes with a very reasonable price tag.

Extremely durable as compared to regular measuring wheels, this device eliminates the need to use a measuring tape for taking long measurements. Suitable for any kind of terrain, the device includes a thick rubber wheel that provides improved traction when in use.

Its smooth wheels roll about easily Unsuitable for general home use
Yields highly accurate measurement outcomes Costs a lot to come by
Particularly reliable on uneven terrains Only for those with the necessary skill
Protects your wrists from all forms of injuries
Comes about in a lightweight yet durable design

Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man Measuring Wheel


Lack of the necessary muscle power yet would want to enjoy your measurements? We bring to your attention this wonderful piece of measuring equipment. It is light in weight yet durable enough to handle many incidences of use.

Its telescoping handle comes in among the list of the many awesome features it brings along. Courtesy of this handle, you will be able to reach largely inaccessible areas and out of reach of many.

The wheels in which this gadget runs are strong and very reliable indeed. This stems from the corrosion-resistant ABS material construction. Expect them hence not to let you down in times of use.

Adjustable twist and lock handle allows for easy movements May not deliver reliable readings in the long run
A magnifying lens greatly improves the gadget’s readability Easily damaged by harsh impacts
The wheels are Polyvinyl treaded for improved traction Lacks many other vital features
Large and stable wheels expedite the movements.
Operable smoothly, simply, and easily

Keson RRT12 Measuring Wheel


This kind of measuring wheel has an enhanced pistol grip, rest trigger, and a counter rest at the handle. It also has a centerline balance and you can easily fold it into half of its size so that you can easily store and carry it.

Resets to guarantee long-term accurate measurements Calls for too much care and maintenance
Delivers the measuring outcomes faster and easily Demands too much attention from you
Better balanced to prevent any falls or fidgeting Slightly clumsy to handle around
Does not bend over or fall off when engaged
Will not lift when engaged

TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel


The TR industrial measuring wheel is the best pick for those who are looking for accurate measurements. It has the capability of measuring a maximum distance of 9,999 feet in so many environments. This wheel features a 2 feet handle which makes its storage easy. This is because the handle can be easily collapsed to 1 foot in case you want to store or transport it.

This wheel is extremely convenient due to it is easy to use the reset button. To add on that, it comes with a carrying bag which makes its transportation easy. The general construction of this measuring wheel is a guarantee that it will stand the test of time. Another great feature of this wheel is the fact that the wheel is very smooth and comes with some in-built ergonomics.

Extremely convenient resetting None
Easy and accurate measurement
It comes with a 2 feet handle
Built with care

Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master.


It has a heavy-duty diameter wheel with a collapsible handle that can be folded from 38 inches to 19 inches for easy portability and storage. It also has a handbrake at the pistol grip for you to have accurate measurements. The handy kickstand which is gear driven and sealed can support the wheel. It measures to 9,999 ft and 11 inches with a 99.7 percent accuracy.

Resets to allow for continued use and applications Does not accept any upgrades
Delivers truly accurate measuring outcomes Unsuitable for complex chores
Works smoothly in rough terrains It becomes too obsolete too soon!
Lighter and easier to carry around
Simpler to make do with

Calculated Industries 6575 Measuring Wheel


One of the first things that we liked about the 6575 model is the presence of a top-mounted control panel with a backlit display. The convenient positioning of the display eliminates the need for any bending or stooping to take readings. Also, the centerline design provides the required balance and stability.

Another notable feature is the ability to take readings in both US and Metric systems. Measurements can be made with a close-to-100% accuracy, and the foldable handle allows for secure storage and transportation. Add to that the sturdy build quality, and you’ve got a product that is just right.

Increased accuracy of the calculation. Cumbersome positioning of the On/Clear button.
Simple and intuitive operation.
Multiple measurement units.
Reinforced construction.

Crescent Lufkin Professional Measuring Wheel


Apart from the looks (the red-black combo looks excellent), this is a device that doesn’t compromise on the quality front. The centerline wheel makes for accurate measurements and impeccable balance, while the heavy-duty wheel wiper stops debris from building up.

The counter is glare resistant and measures up to one inch short of 10,000 feet. Also, the folding handle makes it easy for the device to be stored and transported. And above all, the ergonomic design and the pistol grip handle make this a product worth buying.

Heavy-duty wheel wiper to prevent debris accumulation. Measures only in feet, not meters.
Accurate gear-based measuring system.
Easily resettable analog counter.
Glare-resistant counter.

AdirPro Digital Measuring Wheel


This is among the highly rated measuring wheels you will get in the market. The wheel has been made in a way that it will stand those harsh conditions as well as elements while on the field. The measuring wheel is a leading brand and you can, therefore, be sure to get value for your money. Its telescoping handle implies that you can use the handle length which is convenient for you.

The buttons for this wheel have been made in a waterproof manner to guarantee that you enjoy using the wheel. This wheel runs on batteries not forgetting that it features a cordless operation. Another thing you need to appreciate about this wheel is its multiple applications which place it higher than its competitors.

Long-lasting strength none
Durable construction
Cordless operation
Easy to use

DuraWheel DW-PRO Measuring Wheel

Measuring Wheels

It has a folding handle and sturdy oval tube which has a hefty pistol grip. It also has a folding stance of a wide stance, debris scarper, hi-traction tire, and sealed roller bearings. It measures up to 9,999 ft and has a belt-driven counter for smooth operation and long life.

Comes to a halt promptly courtesy of the powerful trigger brakes Demands excess attention and operational procedures
Performs optimally on rougher surfaces Calls for too great expertise to handle and engage
Handles professional applications well Poor back-end customer service regime
Reliable for use over longer distances
Secures tightly in position



A measuring wheel is one the most reliable tool for measuring long distances whether you are a surveyor, estimator, or landscape architect. It is also a relatively affordable tool when compared to high-tech options and is also easy to use.

And even though there are many options on the market our detailed guide above will make it easy for you to pick the perfect one for your needs.

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