Best Miter Saw Blades of 2024

Best Miter Saw Blades of 2024

If you own a miter saw, you would agree with me that the miter saw is nothing without the blade. In this guide we would be showing the best miter saw blades, these blades are great and are sturdy. You should read through this guide to find out the best miter saw blades. As woodworkers, you might be intrigued to have a look at the best radial arm saws and circular saws.

The razor from a good company is not enough to cut your beard without the attached blade from it. Like that a miter saw isn’t enough alone to take care of your wood cutting task if you don’t have a sharp, sturdy blade on it.

With a variety of specialized cuts that can be made on a miter saw, it’s no wonder as to why they’re a popular power tool to use across the industry, as many cuts can only be made with a miter saw, which sees cuts such as miter, bevel, angled and cross-cuts being made.

Miter saws can not cut through pipes, so you might need to purchase a pipe cutter to cut through your pipes.

If you plan on getting drill bits, it would be wise if you also get a drill bit sharpener along, as the drill bit sharpeners come handy when the drill bit is not so sharp.


The factor considered when getting a miter saw blade is different from the factors considered when getting tools like AC vacuum pumps and refrigerant leak detector, as these tools are different in purpose, and design.

Miter saw size

One of the first things you need to consider is the size of the blade that your miter saw will take. Your saw will have a size that it is marketed as, such as a 10-inch miter saw. That will help you determine the size of the blade that your saw needs.

You will find saw blades ranging in sizes from five to 12-inches. The more popular sizes of miter saws are the 8, 10, and 12-inches. You will find the greatest variety of blades in those ranges.

A larger, 12-inch miter saw allows you to make a longer cut through your lumber. Although, for most hobby woodworking applications, a 10-inch miter saw will do just fine.

Blade thickness

Another feature that manufacturers often list is the blade thickness. Thinner blades will usually cut faster, while thicker blades tend to last a bit longer.

With many products, the blade thickness is not listed, and the width of the cut made by the blade is described instead. This will be listed as the blade’s kerf and it indicates the width of material removed by the blade’s offset teeth. Fortunately, my grandfather was able to show me the differences here using the blades in his shop.

Tooth count

You will notice a wide selection of tooth count on blades, ranging from as little as 14 per inch up to 120 teeth per inch. The number of teeth on a blade will help you to determine the material to use it on as well as the type of cut you should make with it.

For a miter saw blade, you will want to go with a blade with approximately 80 teeth per inch. A higher tooth count here will make cleaner crosscuts. These cuts are also smaller, so the slower speed of the cut will not burn your wood.

Again, if you are in doubt, the manufacturer will usually indicate the type of cuts the blade is best used for. Unlike miter saws, tools like paint sprayers do not have tooth count as a factor of consideration when buying.


Generally, the kerf of a blade is ignored while making a selection. But, it is equally important to other major facts such as blade size or material.

The kerf thickness is responsible for the material lost in the cutting process. As the kerf size increases, more material gets lost in the cutting process. But, thicker kerf blades also possess higher strength and durability for the teeth as compared to the thinner ones.

You can use a thick kerf blade on harder materials, while thinner kerf blades can only be used on softer materials. Therefore, make sure you consider your application before choosing a proper kerf value.

Tooth shape

Blade teeth designs also take into account the shape of the tooth for the best performance. Teeth are shaped to make good crosscuts, rip cuts, as well as combination blades that are decent at both.

For your miter saw, Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) teeth are best, as this pattern was made for crosscuts. Other tooth patterns may work, but they will leave rougher edges or might even slightly damage the wood.

Blades for different materials

You will also want to consider the materials you are working with when selecting a miter saw blade. The typical crosscut blade you will use on a 2 x 4 will usually chip plywood or plastic veneers on boards.

There are blades available with a hook-tooth design and angles on the teeth that help eliminate chipping on these materials. Most product lines will carry blades marked as “plywood” or “veneer” that are designed with these features.

Gullet size

A gullet on your saw blade is the space between the teeth. It is the rounded section cut into the plate and is used to help remove debris during a cut.

Miter saws will use blades designed for crosscuts, which means more teeth and smaller spaces between them. The gullets will be smaller on your preferred blades but there will be more of them across the blade in total.

Blade Wobble

One of the more frequent issues I have come across since I was a kid in my grandfather’s woodshop is blade wobble in circular blades. There are a variety of sources for this problem and it is something you will likely come across as you use your miter saw.

This issue can cause vibration in your saw. It can also make cuts rough and uneven. Finally, a wobbly blade could reduce the accuracy of your cuts.


Freud D12100X 100 Miter Saw Blade

Miter Saw Blades

Make high-quality cuts thanks to the axial shear face which creates a tidy finish.

Cuts are effortless thanks to the ultra-thin kerf design.

12”, 100 tooth TiCo hi-Densight special blade carbide blade provides up to 5x longer cutting life

Hitachi 725206 72-Teeth


Size: 10 inches, 72-Teeth;

Type: tungsten carbide tipped blade;

Arbor: ⅝’’;

Maximum RPM: 5500;

Applications: moldings and veneer.

Makita A-93681 Mitre-Saw Blade


The 10-inch Makita A-93681 miter saw blade is able to cut softwood, plywood, and hardwood.

You can make fine crosscut with this particular A-93681 miter saw blade.

It has 80-teeth to make a smooth crosscut.

600 Grit was used to sharpen the blade tips to get an excellent result.

DEWALT DW3128P5 Miter Saw Blade


Size: 12 inch, 80-teeth; and 2nd one 32 teeth;

Type: 2 PCs tungsten carbide saw blades;

Arbor: 5/8’’;

Maximum RPM: 6000;

Applications: any hard and softwood material.

Amana Tool A.G.E. Series MD12-106 Heavy Duty Blade


European Style Carbide Tips

Laser Cut Expansion Slots

Precision, Heavy-Duty

Precision Ground

Made in Germany

IRWIN 11870 Tools Classic Series Steel Blade


10 inches diameter

180 teeth on the blade

Affordable option

‘ground circular saw teeth

Neiko Miter Saw Blade 10768A


12 inches diameter

80 teeth in total

Maximum 5000 RPM speed rating

Carbide tipped teeth

Bosch Miter Saw Blade DCB1024


10 inches diameter

24 teeth in total

suitable for almost all hardwood, plywood, and similar jobs

High-quality blade

Craftsman Miter Saw Blade


10 inches miter saw blade

Combined with 10 inches table saw blade

24 teeth on the miter blade

60 teeth on the general-purpose blade

Diablo By Freud Combination Saw Blade D1050X


10 inches diameter

50 alternate top bevel teeth

combination blade

Can be used with both miter saw and table saw

098-inch kerf


Freud D12100X 100 Miter Saw Blade


Diablo offers a great blade for fine cutting in the 12-inch range here. It will work well with wood composites as well as with most standard woods. 100 teeth give you a smooth cut while avoiding surface burns caused by a slow feed time.

Its larger size makes a great addition to most professional settings where clean cuts are needed on the first pass.

Parma-shield non-stick coating Slightly expensive
High-density carbide
Stabilizer vents
100 teeth


Hitachi 725206 72-Teeth


Your home renovation projects can never be flawless without having a miter saw blade with super fine cutting capacity. To get those perfectly clean cuts on crown moldings, this tungsten blade with carbide tip is unrivaled considering the durability. This blade is the best for seamless angle cuts on the crown base or moldings.

If you are a professional, then I would suggest you purchase at least two of this blade to store one. Because, this blade performs as good as super expensive blades; so, there are possibilities of a rise in its price.

The appealing warranty and satisfaction guarantee offered for this blade makes it even safer to purchase and run for a test

Warranty and satisfaction guarantee offer For fine cuts on softwoods only.
For demanding applications.

Makita A-93681 Mitre-Saw Blade


Makita has a glorious name on the making of some of the best tools in the market. To hold that position Makita has added the miter saw blade to their tools line up.

The A-93681 miter saw blade is the thinnest saw blade on the market we have found. This blade can handle any kind of wood like soft, hard, and plywood. The .091-inch kerf of this chop saw blade leaves a smooth finish on the final workpiece.

The blade is made from high-quality carbide. Makita A-93681 is not good with Acrylic and Lexan.
The blade is smoothed with the 600 grates.
It can cut hard and softwood.

DEWALT DW3128P5 Miter Saw Blade


The 80T blade works wonderfully while cutting hardwoods. It produces less vibration and cuts without chipping or damaging the material. Such blades are suitable for home renovation projects where you need a good blade to tolerate materials of different hardness and density.

On the other hand, the 32T blade comes with a wedged shoulder to eliminate the risk of breakage. This combo pack is convenient for projects where you need to trim large boards before making fine cuts. One pack will be enough for the entire project.

The long warranty offered. Can not be sharpened many times.
Comes with a case
Versatile use

Amana Tool A.G.E. Series MD12-106 Heavy Duty Blade


This blade measures 12 inches, so it’s designed for smaller sliding compound miter saws. It’s another fine example of German engineering and manufacture.

You don’t have to worry about build quality since it’s not made in a country where cost-cutting is more important than the quality of the product.

With this blade, you can expect a terrific finish whether you’re working on soft or hardwood materials. With the 100 teeth on the blade, you can make finer cuts, and it’s ideal for making crosscuts on natural wood. It’s an MD12-106 Heavy Duty blade, so it’s great extra-fine crosscutting for solid wood.

Perfect for professional hobbyists and mid-sized cabinet shops. none
Provides nice finish on soft and hardwoods.
Blades need less horsepower to function.
Have a thin kerf to reduce waste.

IRWIN 11870 Tools Classic Series Steel Blade


Irwin is also one of the most affordable brands from our list. All teeth are ground circular saw teeth for the smoothest and most accurate operation possible. The blade is fully hardened so you can trust its durability and cuts. It is made up of heavy gauge high carbon steel that provides it a very long life.

It has a professional standard ⅝ inches arbor along with a very thin 0.09 inches kerf. As it has a very minimal price tag, it is sort of justified that it does not carry a manufacturer’s warranty tag. As the number of blades is pretty high, you can use it on any softer wood. But, it cannot be used for heavier applications.

Decent durability none
fully hardened blade
Treuer cuts obtained.
Smoother and accurate cuts

Neiko Miter Saw Blade 10768A


Neiko is rather a fresh brand that can be the best option for an affordable product. Here is a quite inexpensive saw blade from Neiko.

If you are looking for a more budget-oriented option, then we have Neiko 10768A for you. It is a 12 inches carbide-tipped blade that carries 80 teeth along with periphery. It has a maximum 5000 RPM speed rating that is pretty fast and suitable for various applications. The carbide teeth tipped teeth possess a very high abrasion resistance as well as heat sustaining capacity for smoother cuts.

As the number of teeth is pretty high, you can expect cleaner and more precise cutting operations from this blade. It has a 1-inch armor along with a 20 mm arbor reducer included in the package for a tight-fitting.

Smoother and finished cuts are obtained none
High heat sustaining capacity
High Abrasion resistance
Precise operation

Bosch Miter Saw Blade DCB1024


Bosch DCB1024 has a standard 10 inches diameter while it holds 24 teeth along its edge. It is suitable for almost all hardwood, plywood, and other similar materials. As Bosch is known for its top-quality products, you can expect similar results with this blade. The teeth on this blade are triple sharped c4 micro-grain carbide teeth. Hence, they provide an excellent finish as well as long blade life.

It is coated with a speed coat finish that will reduce the friction considerably. Also, the pitch buildup results in a fast and effortless cutting experience, especially in the case of a wet workpiece. It has a ⅝ inches arbor that is pretty much standard and acceptable by the majority of machines. Bosch is giving a year of the warranty period on this blade that is always good to have.

pitch buildup for fast cutting
speed coat finish for less friction
excellent finish as well as long blade life
triple sharped c4 micro-grain carbide teeth

Craftsman Miter Saw Blade


The CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Combo Pack is another combo pack on this list, and this one is by a company well known for creating high-quality tools.

This two-pack features one 24-tooth ripper blade and one 60-tooth miter saw blade. Each blade is heat-treated and features a carbide tip. They also feature a corrosion-resistant coating that helps prevent rust.

W found that both blades in this CRAFTSMAN Combo Pack cut very well and were quite durable. However, the 60-tooth miter saw blade produces cuts that are a little rougher than many of the other blades on this list.

As we made cuts, the blade was very loud, and when we first took the blades out of the package, they had a very gooey coating that was challenging to scrape off.

Corrosion-resistant coating Noisy
Includes ripper blade 60 teeth
Heat-treated Gooey residue
Carbide tips

Diablo By Freud Combination Saw Blade D1050X


Diablo D1050X is our 1st pick for the best miter saw, or table saw blade out there. It is a 10 inches diameter blade that has 50 alternate top bevel teeth. As it is a combination blade, you will be getting that can be used for bot table saw as well as a miter saw. It has a 0.098-inch kerf that is considerably thinner.

The available hook angle is 15 degrees, where the blade can rotate at a high speed of up to 7000 RPM. As you can see in the design, each blade teeth set of 5 is divided by a large gullet in between. This will allow you to cut through harder materials without any problem. Also, you will be getting a lifetime warranty from Diablo that is exceptional for such a product.

5 teeth set divided by the gullet none
Supports 7000 RPM rotation
Suitable for harder materials
Lifetime warranty


The woodworking industry depends on the cutting of the wood. Everybody knows that the workers need a saw with a high-quality sharp blade because sometimes the saw alone with the best-quality is not enough to cut the lumber.

So, it is essential to have the best saw blade with your saw to get exclusive productivity. The listed miter saw blades will help you to identify the best for your job.

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