Best Automatic Center Punch of 2023

An automatic center punch is a hand punch consisting of a short steel bar with a hardened conical point at one end used for marking the centers of holes to be drilled. As DIYers and professionals, tools like automatic center punches should be a must-have in your toolboxes.

This guide is focused on revealing the best automatic center punches. Read through this guide, to find out the automatic center punches you should be adding to your toolboxes.

Benefits of an Automatic Center Punch

Before we start diving into the best products on the market, we figured that we would run you through some of the benefits of an automatic center punch. This way you will get a feel for why you would want to opt for one of these products over a standard automatic center punch. However, in terms of size and purpose, automatic center punches and hydraulic crimpers are different.

  • Smashes glass

Believe it or not, many of the people who pick up an automatic center punch are not using it for punching materials.

Instead, it makes a tremendous safety tool. A quality automatic center punch can easily punch out the glass in a vehicle, which could save your life. This is a far cheaper option than safety hammers.

  • Easier to use

Automatic center punches are a lot easier to use than traditional center punches. This means that they are fantastic for those people who may not necessarily be familiar with tools, as well as those who are planning to use their punch tool a lot and, therefore, need something nice and quick to get set up.

  • Spring-loaded

Most automatic center punches have a quality spring in them nowadays. This means that you do not even need to have a hammer to hand. You just press the punch and it will create an indentation for you.

Again, this is something that is probably going to make your life a whole lot easier, particularly if you have a ton of holes that you need to be punching!

  • Works with several different materials

The best automatic center punches on the market will work with a wealth of different materials, which means that they become a lot more useful. For example; many of the ones that we mention on this page are going to punch metal just as well as wood or plastic.

  • Adjustment

This doesn’t apply to all of the center punches that we will mention on this page, but it is worth pointing out that some of them have adjustment. This is useful if you are punching through thinner material. The punch will ensure that you do not punch all the way through.


The factors to be considered when getting an automatic center punch are different from the factors considered when getting caulking guns.


This is the first thing to look for if you want to buy the best automatic center punch. Since the punch will go through tough tasks at times, it needs to be strong. Therefore, you should look for a material that will see the job done no matter what.

We’ve found some materials to be extremely popular in the market. These are hardened-steel, stainless-steel, and tempered-steel. These materials will make sure that the tool lasts for long. Also, these are known to be extremely resistant to rust, corrosion, tear, and wear.

So, you should look for any of these materials if you have serious projects to work on.

Materials it can punch

Whenever you are looking at an automatic center punch, you will want to look at the types of materials that the punch claims it can work with. You will need to make sure that you have a tool that can cope.

For example; the best center punches can deal with wood, glass, plastic, and a whole lot more. Cheaper ones may only be good for metal, and maybe softer woods.


The design of the device should be such that it offers you convenience and comfort. We’ve seen some design geniuses that make the use of the tool much more fun.

And we reviewed the product that comes with knurled cap and handles. This is a remarkable design aspect that you must look for. A knurled tool won’t slip out of hand so easily.

So, if you want a safe working experience, you need the punch to have this design. It will also let you have precision at work. Likewise, when getting rotatory tools and pallet busters.


You might want to look for cushioning on the cap of the punch. It provides you with extra comfort during impact. I found this feature to be extremely cool. Since it allows me to work for long hours without getting hand fatigue.


Different brands sell different kinds of automatic center punch, and their prices vary from $20 to $50. This ranging price is based on the quality of the tool.

The models that are available in $20 are usually for soft metals and are considered as the entry-level tool. While tools in $50 are mostly regarded as high quality and can hit the hard metal such as stainless steel.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for prices as well the specific purpose you are buying this tool for.


To make the on-point dimple, the size of the bit is significant. The standard model of an automatic center punch is 5 inches long and ½ inches wide. However, the new tools now have adjustable striking force, allowing the user to match the impression on the surface with the hardness.

Therefore, the buyer must know the size of the tool before buying an automatic center punch. The size of the bit is crucial in making dimple on delicate jewelry.

The size favorable for jewelry parts and creating a small dimple is 4 inches long.


Due to the frequent usage of an automatic center punch, sometimes the bit loses its sharpness, which is necessary to make the right dimple on the material.

The bit can also lose its sharpness when a tool for soft metal is used on hard metal or wood. Thus, it is necessary to check whether the bit is replaceable or can be sharpened in case it loses its sharpness.

It is advised to buyers to know the material before using a certain tool model for making an impression. If the bit is neither replaceable nor can be sharpened for reuse, then you will have to buy a new automatic center punch. the sharpness of the bit is not a point to be considered when buying tools like laminate floor cutter, and sharpening stones.


Starrett 18C Automatic Center Punch


Just turn the cap to change force

Reliable and solid

On the pricier side

Neiko 02638A 5″ Automatic Center Hole Punch


Chrome-plated body

The red handle is highly visible

Even the top setting isn’t very strong

Horusdy Spring Loaded 2-Piece Center Punch


Two tools

Both single and double spring actions

Solid construction

Non-slippery handle


Stanley FMHT16446 FATMAX Center Punch


Limited lifetime warranty

Bright yellow is a snap to spot

Color can chip off

Mayhew 62213 Knurled Center Punch Kit (4-Piece)


Includes: 24200 1/4-Inch Reg Knurled Center Punch

24300 5/16-Inch Knurled Center Punch

24301 3/8-Inch Knurled Center Punch

24302 1/2-Inch Knurled Center Punch

LAUREL + HOLLAND Brass Spring Punch


Great length

Knurled handle

Adjustable cap

Chrome-plated tip

Spring-Loaded Automatic Steel Center Hole Punch


Cushioning on the cap

Easy adjustment

Non-slippery handle

Comfortable length

Extra tip included

Stainless Steel Automatic Center Punch


Good for light or heavy strokes

Just over 5 inches long

Hardened steel point

ABN Spring Loaded Center Punch


Knurled design

Steel body construction

Comfortable cap

Awesome length of the tools

General Tools Automatic 79 Steel Center Punch


Fantastic grip

Easy to use

Built to last


Starrett 18C Automatic Center Punch


They call the Starrett 18C heavy duty because it’s made to provide a heavier blow than you’d get with most automatic models. But this doesn’t come at the cost of accuracy, as it is equipped with constant spring tension for creating uniform marks.

It is resistant and durable. It can get rusty if not used for so long.
Makes drilling easy. It can only serve one purpose.
Composed of steel components.

Neiko 02638A 5″ Automatic Center Hole Punch


If you are using your automatic center punch a lot each day, then you will know how easily your hands are going to get tired. Thankfully, this option from Neiko is fantastic for that. This has a tremendous rubber grip at the top. This is so much more comfortable than gripping metal for hours and hours on end.

Of course, it is a good automatic center punch beyond this too. The steel tip is capable of punching a multitude of different surfaces. The action is incredibly smooth too. You don’t feel like you are ‘forcing’ the punch.

Lasts hundreds and hundreds of strokes Just get one in the packaging. Most other center punches provide you with two.
The awesome grip makes this center punch great to hold
A strong tip which is great for punching through almost all materials.

Horusdy Spring Loaded 2-Piece Center Punch


The most outstanding thing about this product is that you have two tools in the package. They come with different levels of strength. Therefore, whenever you need to work on lighter projects, you can use the smaller device. And the bigger one will be appropriate for more intense tasks.

They’ve made these tools differ from each other based on the number of spring action. You have the smaller tool to come with single spring action, whereas it’s double in case of the larger one.

Knurled body for a tight grip. Not for heavy-duty work.
Internal spring mechanism. Rough internal finish.
Easy to make a dimple.

Stanley FMHT16446 FATMAX Center Punch


The Stanley Company has a good reputation in the construction industry for providing high-quality tools. The Stanley FATMAX manual center punch is no contrary to this reputation.

For a manual punch, you have to use a hammer to tap the knob to make markings on your working materials. This may be a little time consuming, but when using this punch, accuracy, and strength are assured.

This punch’s one-piece construction design makes it strong. It is hardened, quenched, and tempered for durability. This also ensures that it can withstand working with hard materials such as steel without worrying about it breaking.

Powder-coated for increased visibility none
One-piece forged construction for strength
Hardened, tempered, and quenched for long life


Mayhew 62213 Knurled Center Punch Kit (4-Piece)


The Mayhew Punch set provides versatility and adaptability to various projects and materials. They combine their top manual center punches to give professionals and DIY enthusiasts one set of their most essential tools.

The set contains 242001/4” (REG), 24300 5/16”, 24301 3/8”, and 24302 1/2″ center punches. The varying punch sizes give you different sized dimples that come in handy when drilling different sized holes.

They have a one-piece construction design using tempered material. This makes them durable and corrosion resistant to work with different materials, including hard metals.

Good for industrial use none
Great value for the price
Comes in a pouch
Black oxide finish

LAUREL + HOLLAND Brass Spring Punch


If you are working alone and don’t have some to handle heavy hammer. This is the perfect product for you. It has a perfect slim shape and very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the load.

The solid brass body makes it easy to handle not only this, it has an adjustable tension lever. Moreover, it comes with a spring-loaded mechanism that works, and it will work on metal, wood, metal, aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and many more.

You don’t have to use any hammer for this drill. It will be a great help. An amazing product for light work.

Adjustable Tension Lever. Sharpness lessens after some uses.
Easy one-hand operation. Not easily use in glass.
Hardened Steel Tip.

Spring-Loaded Automatic Steel Center Hole Punch


The MulWark Automatic Punch is built according to your needs. You don’t need someone to handle hammer other tools for you or the help of others. You can work alone because it doesn’t need a stick to drill.

This is a perfect product for your underhood light work. It has a knurled handle, which gives you perfect control of the product.

Since it’s an automatic tool, you can rest assured that the screws or the drill bits will remain firm on the spot. This is the most obvious benefit of using a tool like this. Also, in terms of ease of use, this is a great device.

The comfortable cushion which prevents hurting. Horrible thread quality.
Spare replacement parts. Bad internal surface.
Good automatic punch.

Stainless Steel Automatic Center Punch


The stainless-steel punch will be extremely resistant to corrosion. And the hardened steel tip will be as durable as it gets. Also, what’s quite impressive is that it won’t have a problem with marking the hardest of materials. And that’s something not many models can offer you.

All you need to do to get it started is put the pressure downward. This is how easy it will be to make those dimples.

Sturdy build none
Precise dimples
Corrosion resistance
Knurled cap for easy adjustment

ABN Spring Loaded Center Punch


ABN automatic center punch is made for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It works on a range of materials, including light metal sheets, cardboard, wood, leather, and glass.

As an automatic punch, it has a double spring-activated punching mechanism, which makes your work easier. You don’t have to carry extra tools such as a hammer when you have this center punch.

Its shank body is constructed using chrome-plated steel, which is strong and durable. It also resists corrosion, and it can withstand high impact force. Its tip contains S2 steel, which is more durable and robust for punching metallic surfaces.

built to last none
fits your project
grip comfortably
adjust for accuracy
easy to use a spring punch tool

General Tools Automatic 79 Steel Center Punch


If you want to get fast results while punching dimples, then save yourself a bit of time and effort by placing your hand on this automatic 79 steel punch center.

Its powerful mechanism makes it a dream tool to have in one’s toolkit. Dense and hardened surfaces do not stand a chance against this device. You can singlehandedly create a dimple with it; no extra tools are required.

It can be adjusted to one’s preference. Few operational functions.
Has a body diameter of 1/2″.
Does repetitive work.
It is rust-resistant.


If you want some of the best automatic center punches out there, then any of the ten that we have mentioned on this page are fantastic options for you. If you still can’t make a decision, you should make use of the buyer’s guide, it will guide you in making the right choice.

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