Best Belt Sanders of 2022

Sanding is known as the most uninteresting part of woodworking as it takes too much time and it is boring at times. Fortunately, with a belt sander, that hectic job of sanding woods becomes very easy and quick.

This review is aimed at showing the best belt sanders out there, if you are interested in getting one for your workshop, you might want to read through this review, to get yourself acquainted with what is available.


So let’s see the key features you need look for when buying a new belt sander.


More amps mean more power: When it comes to tools, this is what most people always think. And belt sanders are no different.

A belt sander may come with an electric motor that runs between four to 10 amps. If you are working on hard surfaces, obviously you’ll need a motor that has more power so that you will able to drive the scrape belt.

On the other hand, if you’re working with softer and small jobs, you can opt for a belt sander that has 4 to 6 amperes of power. However, if sanding is part of your day-to-day then investing in a belt sander that has a power of more than 10 amperes makes sense.

Ease of Use

There’s really not a point in buying anything unless it’s easy to use. This makes a big difference in how much time you might spend assembling, configuring, and adjusting versus actually getting work done.

The faster you get set up, the faster you’ll get things done. Units that are easy to assemble or come already assembled are most efficient.

Speed Settings

Though powerful belt sanders may get the work done, you can still add more power by selecting the speed that suits the job you’re currently doing. Having that said, it is a good idea to choose a belt sander that has adjustable speed settings so that you’ll be able to transform it to a tool that is great for delicate finishes or strong belt sander.

Width and Length of the Sanding Platform

The sanding platform’s width and length are just two of the essential considerations when choosing the best product. The longer and wider the belt, the quicker you might finish a job because you will just need a shorter sanding pass.

But, if you are doing a project that needs greater precision, opt for a model that has a shorter and narrower belt instead of one that’s longer and wider.

Dust Extraction

As we all know, dust is known as a natural side effect of sanding wood and other materials. Dust may get into your eyes or can be breathed in. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you choose a belt sander that is capable of extracting dust.

Maximum Comfort and Control

Belt sanders must-have components which let you optimum control as you slide the tool through the surface you are working on. In fact, this is where the handle becomes useful. When buying a belt sander make sure to consider the handle. Look for a handle that has a maximum fit and grip. For sure, you don’t want to develop calluses on your hands after finishing a project.


There are different belt sander sizes in the market and so you need to determine what you want. Also, it is important to note that the sizes are according to the size of the sanding belt that they use.

Most belt sanders will fall into two sizes which are 3 x 21 inches and 4 x 24 inches. The 3 x 21 belt sander seem to be the most popular as their small and compact size makes them easy to handle and ideal for regular woodworking projects. The 4 x 24-inch belt sanders are great when working on large panels and also when you want to own a heavy industrial sanding machine.

Choose the smaller (3 x 21-inch) models when you intend to use the machine under various circumstances or when you want something for use at different worksites.


When buying a power tool, one of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration is the weight. For belt sanders, it’s an essential factor as well since it identifies the convenience and ease of use.

If the majority of your projects oblige you to utilize the device at horizontal positions when doing severely misaligned boards, then heavier belt sanders are perfect for you. But for overhead as well as vertical sanding, you need to use lighter models since they’re easier to hold.


  1. WEN 6502T 4.3-Amp 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander
  2. TACKLIFE Belt Sander 3×18-Inch
  3. WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File Sander
  4. Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander
  5. BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander
  6. Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander
  7. 4″ x 36″ Belt 6″ Disc Sander Belt/Disc
  8. POWERTEC BD1030 1-Inch by 30-Inch Belt Sander
  9. Genesis GBS321A Variable Speed Belt Sander
  10. Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander
WEN 6502T 4.3-Amp 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander


Two-in-one sanding machine includes both a 4-by-36 inch belt and a 6-by-6 inch disc

Belt tilts anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees

Sturdy cast iron base prevents any heavy vibrations

3 Amp motor provides up to 3600 RPM

TACKLIFE Belt Sander 3×18-Inch


Comes with 13pcs sanding belts, 7 x 80grits, 6 x 120 grits.

2 In 1: Bench & Belt Sander

13Pcs Sanding Belts

WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File Sander


Variable speed dial powers the belt anywhere from 1080 to 1800 feet per minute

Auto-tracking belt system requires no tensioning or adjustments. Range of Motion:50°

Pivot the 1/2-by-18-inch belt up to 55 degrees to meet the needs of any project

Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander


Three-position adjustable handle provides comfort in different orientations

Dust collection with easy-empty dust bag for a cleaner work area

Low-profile design with extended reach for maximum functionality

Flush body design allows for sanding against vertical surfaces

BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander


Motor direct-drive design can increase 25% sanding efficiency than the traditional design. 3/4 HP total enclosed induction motor supplies silent but powerful output

The belt can work at 0 or 90 degrees depending on the needs of your project, the driven drum allows for sanding of curved work-pieces.

Sturdy cast aluminum base with rubber foot prevents vibrations. 2 dust ports allows a dust-free operation when connecting with a dust collector

Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander


Table tilt range 0-45°

Powerful 1/2 horsepower

Cast-aluminum work table

Dust port

4″ x 36″ Belt 6″ Disc Sander Belt/Disc


Powerful 3.5 amp motor

Cast aluminum table tilts to 60° for use with belt or disc

6 in. disc for fast stock removal

Miter gauge for sanding angles on workpiece

POWERTEC BD1030 1-Inch by 30-Inch Belt Sander


Powerful 1/3HP Induction motor for optimum sanding outcome

Adjustable belt tracking ensures true alignment

Removable back plate facilitate sanding on curved or irregularly shaped work

0 Degree – 45 Degree tilting table for precise angle sanding

Rubber feet absorb vibrations for stability

Genesis GBS321A Variable Speed Belt Sander


Flat Side for Flush Sanding

Single Lever Belt Change

Dust Collection with Bag

Includes: Dust Bag and Sanding Belt

Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander


Soft elastomer grip surface

Long lasting V-belt

Tracking window

Long 5-year warranty


WEN 6502T 4.3-Amp 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander


The WEN Belt Disc Sander easily sands, smooths and removes all of the jagged edges and splinters on your wood and lumber. With a 4.3 amp 1/2 HP motor, users should anticipate enough power to prevent this machine from bogging down under a large load.

Changing the spacious 4-inch-by-36-inch belt is a breeze, so you’ll have the power to switch and replace sand paper grits as needed without wasting any time. The belt also tilts anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees to accommodate the needs of your particular workpiece while the heavy cast-iron base prevents vibrations.

Large size sanding disc and belt Motor could have been more powerful
Affordable price tag for a high value for money Slightly on the larger and heavier side
Offers cast iron base for sturdy build quality

TACKLIFE Belt Sander 3×18-Inch


The Tacklife PSFS1A 3”x 18” Belt Sander features a 5-Amp motor to tackle a range of tough jobs. Come with two screw clamps to make it perform as a sand platform when flipped over. Come with 13pcs sanding belt, saving your money, providing more possibilities to your work.

An efficient dust collection system collects 90% of the dusts to keep the job area tidy. New and improved overmold handle for optimum grip and user comfort while low-profile design reduces user fatigue. Ideal choice for the DIY homeowner.

2 in 1 belt sander Operation speed is a bit slow
Multiple belts included with the product Weaker motor capacity

WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File Sander


The narrow 1/2-by-18-inch belt pivots 55 degrees to meet the particular needs of the project at hand. The auto-tracking design allows for automatic alignment of the sanding belts without the need for any adjustments.

Easily switch between grits with the tool-free belt changing system or adjust the variable speed dial for speeds anywhere from 1080 to 1800 feet per minute. This handheld 2-amp belt sander weighs in at a mere 2-1/2 pounds with a compact body for squeezing into tight spaces and awkward angles.

Has a tool-free installation for the belt making the process quicker and easier. It tends to come apart when dropped, so you have to be careful with it.
The belt system has an auto-tracking feature, so it doesn’t need adjustments or tensioning.
Includes an adjustment for the dust port, 3 sanding belts, and a 2-year warranty.
Has variable speed settings from 1080-1800 feet per minute.

Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander


Featuring a high-performance, seven-amp motor, this electric belt sander sands close to the edge of adjoining surfaces. A retractable hood exposes the sanding belt for enhanced versatility, especially in tight spaces.

Efficient dust collector Motor not very powerful
Quick and easy paper change Single speed
Compact and lightweight
Relatively affordable
Retractable 3-position handle

BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander


The BD4801 eats away at the burrs of project surfaces using the power of a 5 Amps motor. When the wheel spins, its will rev up to its maximum of 3450 rpm quickly for intense sanding right off the bat.

The belt sander component revs up to 2161 fpm and will smooth out and finish projects as designed. Both belt and disc sander perform well and will not stop even if users apply extra pressure on the wood or metal they are working on.

Users no longer have to make belt tension adjustments nor change the damage belt for this product, unlike other competing models. The sanding belt area is not entirely flat and the bump limits the length of the boards a user can sand.
Belt lends itself to easy adjustments from 0 to 90-degree articulation so users can sand their projects better. Dust collection is not as efficient as other sanders in the market.
Improved induction motor design provides 25% better sanding performance.

Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander


The Rockwell belt/disc sander is a versatile BenchJaw shop sander with a belt table that tilts 0 to 90-degrees and avast aluminum disc table with a tilt range of 0 to 45-degrees. The 1/2 HP motor of the RK7866 sander produces a 3,450 RPM disc speed and a 1,700 SFM belt speed.

Easy to set-up No manual and instructions for use
Light Package arrived in bad condition
Heavy-duty construction Belt wears out quickly
Adjustable belt and disc
A miter gauge
A quick-release lever
An Allen key

4″ x 36″ Belt 6″ Disc Sander Belt/Disc


This outstanding combination sander is a great addition to any do-it-yourselfer tool kit or woodworker’s garage. The adjustable belt sands inside and outside curves with ease and accuracy, creating smooth finishes. The combination sander features a safety switch with miter gauge and a cast aluminum work table that tilts for added versatility.

  • A cam-operated quick-release lever sets and releases belt tension.
  • The disc deflects noticeably.
  • The trunnion-mounted tables lock solidly.
  • The belt slows easily.
  • Dust collection ports are barbaric, but surprisingly effective, once you make your own hose adaptor for the disc.

POWERTEC BD1030 1-Inch by 30-Inch Belt Sander


This handy belt sander provides the ultimate in even accurate, and flawless sanding and it’s so easy to use.  With its multiple adjustment options, this versatile and customizable bench top machine gets the job done to your desired specifications.

An adjustable belt-tracking feature insures that the belt stays in true alignment. Convenient adjustable tilting table optimizes sanding when working with angled stock. And an easy-to-remove back plate allows sanding on curved or irregularly shaped work. This small but rugged machine boasts even more essential attributes.

  • User-friendly
  • Not great for big projects
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable debris port
  • Adjustable belt
  • Rubber foot to minimize vibration

Genesis GBS321A Variable Speed Belt Sander


If you’re looking for the best value sander in this review, then you won’t find a better deal than the Genesis GBS321A. This versatile and powerful machine does everything that you would expect a belt sander to do – at an affordable price.

The Genesis comes with the same flush design on one side of the sander’s body, allowing you to sand against walls, skirting, and cornices. The sanding belt feature auto-tracking and a belt tensioner that ensures you always have full control over the machine

Quick-change single lever. Not suitable for semi-industrial use.
8-Amp motor.
5-foot power cable.
Variable speed dial.

Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed Belt Sander


Another international power tool brand synonymous with quality is Hitachi. When it comes to performance and reliability, Hitachi power tools are on the top shelf. The SB8V2 belt sander from Hitachi features a powerful 9-Amp motor that capable of tearing through the most robust materials in seconds.

The sanders variable speed control allows you to tailor the sander speed to match your material, giving you the best performance on paint, wood, plastic, or metal.

Left-side dust bag mounting. An expensive machine for DIY use.
Variable speed knob
9-Amp motor.
Tracking window in front.
Wear-resistant V-belt.
7-foot power cable.


If you read through this review, you might have selected the perfect belt sander for you, if you have, you should go for it, all these belt sanders are reliable, and will deliver optimally. If you haven’t selected a belt sender, you should do, as it will simplify your woodworking job.