Best Framing Nailers of January 2021

This review is aimed at showing the best framing nailer out there. The importance of having your personal framing nailer cannot be over emphasized. This review will guide you through getting the best framing nailer, read through to discover the best framing nailer.


There are two main types of framing nailers: pneumatic and cordless. A pneumatic framing nailer requires an air compressor to work. Once attached to the nail gun, the air compressor turns a piston which then drives the nail into the wood.

A cordless framing nailer works similarly, but it uses either a disposable compressed air canister that is placed within the nailer or battery powered.

When choosing the best framing nailer for the job, it’s important to know what kind of project you’re working on. Is it a large project that requires a sturdy, heavy-duty nailer, or is it a small, one-time project that does not require too many nails? Are you a pro, DIYer, or a weekend warrior?

How many of us can honestly tell which is a perfect framing nailer, and which isn’t? Not many, because hardly a few understand what it takes for this tool to nail the job, if you excuse the pun.

And that’s why we’ve included this brief buyer’s guide so that you can acknowledge the essential features that you must double-check while buying one of these products.

Dimensions and weight

You mustn’t forget that it’s handheld equipment, at the end of the day. Thus, it must be easy to hold and carry around. Otherwise, your arms will be fatigued if you use it for a long time. So, make sure that the product you’re buying features a compact and lightweight frame.

Most of the times you will need to hold the framing nailer for extended periods, the weight is important. And the lighter the nailer the better it will be as it causes minimal hand fatigue.

A lightweight framing nailer is also more comfortable to operate. But, also watch out for the size and type of grip as it also affects the comfort.

Here you should go for something ergonomic that is soft and rubberized as it will feel good on the hand, and will be much easier to maneuver.


I have to talk about size differently from weight, because a material can be very big, but can be lightweight. Something like foam can be very big like your sitting room, but it’s certainly lighter than the engine in your car.

The weight of a matter is determined by the density of the material, while size is determined by the volume it occupies.

Now, the question is why should the size of your framing nailer matter? It matters because the size will determine where you can use your framing nailer.

A small sized framing nailer will allow you to work even in tight spaces. Whereas a big framing nailer, even if it is lightweight will not allow you to work in such tight space.

Nail type and collation

We wish there were only one specific type of nail, but unfortunately, there isn’t. There are many types and collations, such as round-headed/clip-headed nails, plastic collated/paper collated nails, and so on.

Luckily, various brands are offering framing nailer support numerous types of nails, which extends its versatility by a great deal.

Actuation mode

What good is a power tool that doesn’t have room for flexibility? The actuation mode feature helps in delivering a convenient user experience by making it easier to switch from bump modes to sequential modes.

Now you can buy a framing nailer without an actuation if you’re planning to use it for personal tasks. But if you’re a professional, it’s a must-have.

Depth adjustment

Unlike hammers, these machines require being adjusted as per the nail lengths to deliver a satisfying performance. There are numerous tools out there that don’t work along with long nails, which can be a barrier for professionals.

Clear jamming

As this machine shoots many nails at once, frequent interference or jamming is a common issue one can suffer from. On that note, various products feature advanced anti-jamming settings that help in smoothing the process.

Protective Guards

Safety should always be a key concern when using any power tool, and the framing nailer is not an exception.

One of the key safety features to look out for is whether the nailer comes with protective guards or not. Protective guards are important because they help to shield both the tool and the user from debris.


  1. Valu-Air 9021C Round Head
  3. Hitachi NR90AE(S)
  6. 3PLUS H2190SP
  7. ​Paslode 902600 Cordless Framing Nailer
  8. ​Dewalt DCN692B Cordless Framing Nailer
  9. Makita AN902- Makita Framing Nailer
  10. ​Freeman PFR2190 Framing Nailer
Valu-Air 9021C Round Head


21° full head framing nailer

Selective single or bump fire

Solid rear-loading aluminum magazine

Tool-less depth adjustment

Single piece heat-treated drive guide



Moderate Serration Tip designed to slide on sheathing yet still grip for toe-nailing

Aluminum housing

Built for high speed production

Heavy-duty, quick-open canister survives falls

Toe-nailing teeth grip lumber for slip-free nailing

Contact-trip trigger

Hitachi NR90AE(S)


Air Consumption (CFM) .09 @ 100 PSI

Light weight

2-piece anodized aluminum magazine

Tool-free depth adjustment

Vibration isolation pads

Fires round-head 2 to 3 ½ inch nails

113 to .148 gauge

Strip capacity 64 x .131 nails



Power Source: Pneumatic (Air-Powered)

Pressure: 80 – 120 PSI

Angle: 28-degree

Magazine Capacity: 100 nails

Nail Type: Clipped Head

Nail Size: 2 – 3.5 inches

Collation Type: Wire-Collated



Drives 15 GA “DA” style angle finish nails from 1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″ length

Integrated air blower allows to clear away debris from work surface

Tool-free jam release mechanism for easy nail removal

Dial-A-Depth™ control for precise countersinking of nails



Tool-less depth of drive for precise flush and countersink nailing

Multi-directional 360° exhaust port

Protect the surface from probable damage by the No-Mar tip

Hardened claw tip means no wear on the nose

​Paslode 902600 Cordless Framing Nailer


Type: Cordless

Battery Life: 5 Hours

Fastener Size: 2 – 3-1/2 inches

Nails-Per-Charge: 6000

Nails-Per-Fuel-Cell: 1200

​Dewalt DCN692B Cordless Framing Nailer


Stall release lever to reset driver blade in the event of a jam

Adjustable rafter hook

33° magazine holds up to 55 paper collated nails

Capable of driving 3-1/2 in. fasteners into dense lumber

Makita AN902- Makita Framing Nailer


Rubber bumpers reduce impact damage

No-mar tip protects work surface

Rubberized handle promotes comfort

3-year limited warranty

​Freeman PFR2190 Framing Nailer


Teflon O-rings for high-performance and internal sustainability

Anti-dry fire mechanism prevents empty fires, prolonging the life of the tool

Blow molded case for mess-free storage and portability

Removable no-mar tip to prevent work surface damage


Valu-Air 9021C Round Head


The body of Valu-Air nailer produced with die-cast aluminum making it robust and affordable for framing, decking, and other general fastening purposes. Not only does aluminum housing make it durable, but it also makes it lighter for the whole day’s job. It has a single piece of heat-treated drive guide that ensures a longer life for wearable inner components.

  • Boasts solid rear-loading aluminum magazine for longevity
I find bump firing not easy to execute on the first use
Comes with tool-less depth adjustment for high precision in flushing and countersink nailing.
Doubles as a selective single and bump fire trigger
Comes with a carrying case
Has included a pair of safety goggles and an Allen wrench



The Stanley Bostitch N80CB-1ML air-powered coil framing nailer drives 1-1/2″ to 3-1/4″ 15 degree full head wire collated coil nails. One-year warranty. Light enough for one handed operation.

This Bostitch coil nailer features a 300 nail capacity composite magazine for high volume applications, aluminum housing, aggressive toe-nailing safety, and adjustable exhaust deflector.

Applications for the Stanley Bostitch N80 coil nailer include high production framing, sheathing, decking, trusses, siding, fencing, subflooring and pallets. The N80CB-1ML has a smooth contact element.

Useful for varied repetitive projects. May be incompatible with other types of nails.
Easy to use and load. Not easy to use for beginners.
Good reliability. Beginners might find it heavy.
Large capacity magazine. Availability of nails might be an issue.

Hitachi NR90AE(S)


Hitachi’s magazine gives you the capacity to store two sticks of nails like all the pneumatic nailers we tested. With rear nail insertion and metal construction, the overall slide action of the magazine is outstanding.

If you need a nailer that’s all about great ergonomics and driving power without a ton of bells and whistles or the price tag that comes with them, you’re not likely to find a better bet than the Hitachi NR90AE(S1).

It has useful outstanding safety features. It is compatible with plastic collated nails only.
It is one of the best framing nailer for the money. It doesn’t have a rafter hook.
We found very easy to use.
It is reliable and dependable.
Ideal for heavy duty works.
It is lightweight.




The Bostitch F28WW has long been an ideal solution for contractors and homeowners in need of heavy-duty nailing, as it has a lot of power and ease of use. Despite being a little bit on the larger side at 23 x 16 x 6 inches, it is lightweight at 7.6 lbs making it quite maneuverable with one hand.

When it comes to framing nailers, power is one of the most important aspects to consider. The Bostitch F28WW is reputed for being a very powerful pneumatic framing nailer. It delivers a decent 1050 in/lbs which is ample for nailing on engineered wood, wood planks or any other type of low-density material.

Very generous capacity of 100 nails allows you to nail more and refill less. Uses only clipped-head wire collated nails.
1050 in/lbs power can nail in hardwood or other dense material quite easily. It penetrates engineered lumber like butter.
Works with 2 – 3-1/2 inches nails making it versatile.
7.6 lbs is still considered “lightweight” and this framing nailer is maneuverable and can be used to work in tight areas.
Toe nailing claw improves accuracy and stability when nailing.
Wire collated nails. Easier to shoot with significantly fewer jams than other collation types.




Use this Smart Point® 15 GA “DA” Style Angle Finish Nailer Kit in tight spaces. Control the depth of the nail without interrupting workflow, and easily remove nails with tool-free jam release feature. Depend on this 15 GA Finish Nailer Kit for efficiency and precision.

Has ?-inch? air fitting, and adjustable belt hook Doesn’t come with extra tips
Pencil sharpener for convenience
Features oil-free operation reduces the risk of oil stains
rear air exhaust to keep contaminated debris away from user?s face and work
Comes with a carrying case
Has included sample fasteners



Compact, small design 3PLUS H2190SP 21 degree framing nailer is for those individuals who love to check out something new. It is an ideal tool for the weekend warrior or DIYer for remodeling or housing works.

Nonetheless, it is equally suitable for professional contractors too as its designs to keep them in mind. This cheap nailer can drive 21-degree full round head plastic collated nails range from 2 to 3-1/2-inch.

The tool-free depth control is as effortless as cutting a piece of butter with a sharp knife.

Its rear loading structure also saves downtime while operating and makes it simpler than in most devices. It also provides a dry-fire lockout, a proper steel construction, and a secure, ergonomic layout.

Developed for professional use in mind No specific warranty information is provided
Portable and works just fine
No slippage during toe nailing
Manufactured well and works great
Extremely affordable
No jamming problem

​Paslode 902600 Cordless Framing Nailer


The Lithium-ion battery version (Paslode 902600 CF325Li) is an upgraded version of the NiCAD model – which is able to shoot 4000 nails per charge.

This version shoots an impressive 6000 nails per charge, 2000 more than the past generation NiCAD model. That’s a big improvement!

More impressively, Lithium-Ion is more efficient than NiCAD which means that this CF325Li unit can hold a charge 5x longer and can fire 50% more nails per charge. If you don’t use your framing nailer often, you will appreciate this feature.

If you do use it often, the battery life is 5 hours of constant use and only requires a recharge time of 15 minutes or so.

Fairly lightweight at 7.25 lbs. Small magazine capacity of only 48 nails.
Battery recharges in 15 minutes
Cordless: Very maneuverable and no wires to get in the way.
Prong-nose for stability when nailing.
Speed: Can shoot 2-3 nails per second.
Belt Hook for convenience.

​Dewalt DCN692B Cordless Framing Nailer


The 20V MAX* Cordless 30° Paper Collated Framing Nailer drives nails from 2 in. to 3-1/2 in. With long runtime and powerful versatility, this nailer is built to handle tough jobsite duty.

This tool features our upgraded engine design for increased power and drive quality compared to previous DEWALT cordless nailers. Its compact shape, well-balanced design, and easy-to-operate features make it an efficient, highly productive tool in your team’s hands.

Stall release lever An accommodate just 55 nails, but reloading takes just seconds
Two modes to choose from Power may require two batteries to last through the workday
Low vibration technology
Two settings to choose from
Perfect for a wide range of applications

Makita AN902- Makita Framing Nailer


Use the Makita® 3-1/2-Inch Framing Coil Nailer to drive coil framing nails ranging from 1-3/4 to 3-1/2 inches in length. Its high-capacity magazine accommodates up to 300 nails, increasing your productivity in decking, fencing, sheathing or framing applications.

Recommended for use at a minimum of 5.6 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) at 90 psi, this Makita pneumatic framing coil nailer features a contact mode trigger for better speed handling. Its easy-loading canister comes with nail size adjustment for enhanced flexibility.

With its tool-less depth adjustment, this coil nailer also gives you more precision for countersink and flush work.

Effortless loading of canister with nail size adjustment for extra versatility Doesn?t come with a rafter hook
Easy to access the nose design for zero jamming of nails
Its rubber bumpers provide protection to its housing
Portable for easy control and handling

​Freeman PFR2190 Framing Nailer


The Freeman pneumatic PFR2190 21 Degree 3-1/2 in. Full Head Framing Nailer can handle any project involving framing, sub-floors, decking, and fencing. It features a 360 degree adjustable exhaust, an anti-dry fire mechanism to add life to the gun, as well as an anodized aluminum magazine and cylinder for increased durability.

More efficient as it uses less power and more force per round for faster performance. There had been some issues regarding air leaks from the cap in some cases although the advantages are beyond compare.
Very light in weight and adaptable trigger eases the nailing mechanism.
Magnesium built body and Teflon o-rings enhances its durability.
High performance due to quality assured parts.
User friendly size and strong air exhaust and superior air-refiners increase its effectiveness.


We have come to the end of this review. These framing nailers listed above have been researched on, they are reliable, and durable. You should get one of them, you will be pleased after you do.