Best TIG Welders of January 2021

Are you interested in purchasing a TIG welder?  If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place, this guide will show you the best TIG welders out there. You should read through this guide to find out the best TIG welders


Capacities versus Limitations

A critical facet to know about the convenience of not cleaning a no-slag weld is that it is slightly compromised by the directed of TIG for having a clean surface as a concern for high-quality welds.

It means any contaminators such as residues or moisture could tarnish the weld. Additionally, TIG is slower than the remainder arc welding methods, which implies the moment taken in is reasonably high.

Although more expensive than a moderate stick welder, it is worth investing if you want perfect compactness, striking simplicity, as well as the smooth bead after understanding the welding method.

Absolutely nothing could test or surpass the preciseness of  TIG welding, which makes solid immaculate welds, without much smoke or any spatter.

This is why TIG welding is very well for creative applications such as an automobile, sculpture, trial aircraft, and also numerous enthusiast jobs. It is additionally famous for implementing tasks associated with thin-gauge metal components, specifically lighter steels such as copper alloys, aluminum, as well as chrome-moly tubing.

We think that these materials need particular warmth control to avoid burn off or contorting using the steel base.

This control is effectively ensured by people that go for reduced amperages required for the command. In other words, although slowest, TIG welding is the most accurate, flexible, and many manageable welding strategies.

Amperage range

Regularly consider the amperage array when picking a Tig welder. You require the one that supplies the best variety at the best price. A device with too narrow amperage range could severely restrict the products, which you will certainly have the ability to bond.

A piece of welding equipment with an array of between 5 and 230 amps supplies you the adaptability to weld excellent products, such as 24-gauge stainless-steel or over 1/4.

Thick Aluminum

Aluminum requires higher amperage as compared to steel as well as stainless products. Utilizing a welder that can not get to the minimum of 200 amps limits the optimum possible welding thickness of Aluminum from 1/8 to 3/16.

AC/DC Welding

If you mean to weld higher than just steel or stainless steel, the most skilled tool ought to provide both Air Conditioning as well as DC alternatives. For example, you have to make use of A/C welding on self-oxidizing soft metals, such as Magnesium, as well as Aluminum.

Law Amperage

Besides running with a broad amperage array, you have to pick a Tig equipment, which has high arc security here ten amps. Such tools will undoubtedly give you a much easier beginning, better warmth control, and excellent crater fill capability by the end of each weld.

The device is used for refined products, which suggests you need to remain in a position to begin the welder without boiling start or high frequency. Consequently, the most experienced device will undoubtedly have an extensive amperage array (from cheapest to most fabulous amp).

Responsibility Cycle

This spec demonstrates how much-undisturbed welding a tool could knock in a ten-minute interval. Usually, a response cycle is a referral for the variety of minutes, drawn from a 10-minute period in which the gadget can weld at its highest existing. After reaching its restriction, the welding tools must be cooled.

The responsibility cycle exists in percent worthy. As a result, you have to do the math inside your mind, multiplying all percentage factors by 10 to discover the account readily available to bond per ten-minute pattern.

If you go beyond the welder’s responsibility cycle, it heats up as well as its expert circuits might fry.

As an example, an inexpensive machine with a maximum current of 70 amps might have a 10 % task cycle. This will undoubtedly suggest you can have 1-minute welding from every ten mins with no equipment getting too hot or burning out.


Heat control is yet another vital function of the active devices. Welding thin metals, the law of warmth input lowers the metal’s warpage.

An excellent method to control the weld’s warmth input without losing weld penetration would certainly be pulse weld. Utilizing pulsed Tig welding, the tool rotates between higher and lower currents. This protects the arc while letting the bonded joint to cool down.

The best Tig welder features an additional indispensable Tig pulse to provide excellent warmth input control. This function is a traditional training tool, which can be adjusted to assist your time using filler steel right into the weld puddle.

In other words, you could dip the filler steel into the weld pool throughout the maximum amperage as well as take out the filler steel throughout the background amperage. This could help the rookie welder create a normal-looking “piled dollar” weld bead look, often associated with the best Tig welding versions.


The price of the various Tig welders is different. The features are very important when we are thinking about the price.

It can range between $190 -$4200, based on the equipment/packages as well as parameters/brands purchased. The best cost will indeed go someplace in the middle, for an expert job and listed below $1000 or perhaps under $500 for enthusiast welders.


Hobart EZ-TIG 165i TIG Welder


Easy-to-use interface


Infinite amperage control

Inverter-based, AC/DC power source


Miller Electric, 907682, TIG Welder


Maxstar® 210 STR

8 ft. (2.4 m) primary cord

Adjustable shoulder strap

(2) 50 mm Dinse style connectors

Mophorn Tig Welder 140 Amp Tig Stick Welder


Infinitely adjustable amperage knob

TIG amperage range from 20 amps to 140 amps

Stick welding amperage range from 20 amps to 120 amps

Dual input voltage 120/240

ESAB Rebel 215ic TIG Welder


Flux core, stick, MIG and TIG

Large display screen

3-year warranty

Dual 120/240 volt input

Lincoln Electric 200 TIG Welder


LED display with indicator lights

Output Range: 120V Tig (10-125A), Stick (10-110A)

Output Range: 230V Tig (10-200A), Stick (10-170A)

Rated Output: 230V Tig (200A @ 25%), (130A @ 60%)

Pulse: 0.1-20 (Pulses Per Second)

Everlast 255EXT TIG Welder


Built-in receptacle for PowerCool 300 water cooler

Full-time fan for maximum duty cycle operation

120V/240V operation

SpotWeld Timer

6010/Cellulose Stick welding capability

AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG Welder


Dimensions: 22″ x 20″ x 9″

A duty cycle of 60% at 200A for TIG welding, and 35% at 155A for stick

Input voltage: 110V/220V

Stick and TIG process type

50 pounds of weight

Eastwood TIG 200 TIG Welder


1/4″-thick welding capacity on 220VAC.

High-frequency start for precise arc control.

Square-wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding.

Amico TIG-225 TIG Welder


Dual 120/240 volt input power

high-frequency TIG torch

TIG and stick arc welding

IGBT inverter technology

1-year warranty

Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder



Includes foot pedal

High-frequency start

Down-sloping dial


Hobart EZ-TIG 165i TIG Welder


Reliable, durable AC/DC TIG welder that is quick and easy-to-setup. Welds up to 3/16″ material and operates on 230V input power with up to 165 amps of output.

Gas shuts off after arc stops, cleaner welds These are TIG welders only, no stick
High-frequency non-contact arc starts
Infinitely adjustable AC DC power amperage control
For professional TIG welders
Choose material and thickness to set up

Miller Electric, 907682, TIG Welder


The unit provides maximum flexibility by automatically connecting to any input power while maintaining the best DC Stick welding performance in its product class.

100 percent duty cycle at 175 amps Doesn’t include TIG torch
Settings memory makes it easy to use
One of the best AC/DC TIG welders in its class
10 amp low amperage power output welds thin sheet metal
High-frequency arc starting

Mophorn Tig Welder 140 Amp Tig Stick Welder


The Mophorn TIG-165S welder is our Budget TIG welder in this roundup because for the money, there’s a lot to like here. Dual 120/240 dual voltage input power, 60 percent duty cycle, and 165 amp power output on a machine in this price range is simply amazing.

It also offers the ability for either TIG or sticks welding process, a wide 20 to 165 amp TIG operating range, a hot start, and an infinitely adjustable analog amperage control.

8-foot torch lead Hand controller only, no foot pedal
Only weighs 20 pounds
Arc stick welding/argon welding switch
Lift start arc instead of scratching
Inverter powered

ESAB Rebel 215ic TIG Welder


The ESAB® Rebel™ EMP 215ic is a complete 240 amp MIG, DC TIG, and Stick welding package. The Rebel operates off of standard household 120 volt OR 230-volt input power. Weighing only 40 pounds, the 215ic is a light industrial welding machine that is truly portable. It comes complete with everything you need to start MIG, TIG, or Stick welding, except the shielding gas.

User manual on the display DC TIG welder only
On-board parts list
Comes with a gas regulator
Automatic settings with override
Includes MIG gun and TIG torch

Lincoln Electric 200 TIG Welder


The Square Wave TIG 200 is a portable TIG and Stick welding machine that lets hobbyists, makers, small fabricators, and craftsmen explore their creativity.

It is designed to help expand your welding expertise. As your skills and confidence grow, you can take advantage of the Square Wave TIG 200’s additional functionality. Provides smooth and stable AC TIG welding on aluminum and DC TIG welding on steel, stainless steel, and chrome-moly.

The user-friendly interface enables the operators to set it, forget it, and weld. This machine has advanced features, yet is easy to use with the simple user interface and a pulse feature. Square Wave will TIG weld up to 3/16″ Aluminum or 3/8″ Steel. No matter your skill level, you won’t be disappointed

Includes a foot controller Quality control is inconsistent
20 pulses per second for heat control
High-frequency no-touch arc starting
60 to 90 percent AC balance control for TIG cleaning
Comes with a nice regulator

Everlast 255EXT TIG Welder


If you are looking to take your shop or business to the next level in TIG welding capability, the digital inverter-based PowerTIG 255EXT delivers exceptional power and performance at a budget-friendly price. The PowerTIG 255EXT not only has a long list of competitive features but also unique features that distinguish it from the competition. You’ll find surprisingly competitive performance when comparing feature to feature against the competition such as memory, pulse, and waveforms thanks to the microprocessor from Infineon.

240 electric TIG power output 3 amps to 250 amps Comes with water-cooled torch but no water cooler
5/90 AC balance control for weld puddle cleaning
Pulse modulation frequency up to 500 hertz
High frequency and lift arc start
Gas pre flow and post flow for better shielding

AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG Welder


The AlphaTIG 200X comes with a superior inverter technology that is combined with PMW and IGBT. You can use the 200X on metal and aluminum materials with remarkable success. It comes in a compact and portable design that allows you to carry it from place to place without any hassles.

Considering the price, it offers unrivaled welding performance among its contemporaries. Some of the new technology it has include pulse width modulated inverter and AC frequency control.

Relatively quiet performance We observed that the regulator isn’t well calibrated
Easy to switch on and off Misleading display screen, especially with regards to amperage
AC and DC capability is convenient
Highly versatile and flexible welding machine
Can be used for several hours without overheating

Eastwood TIG 200 TIG Welder


The Eastwood TIG 200 welder offers industrial TIG features at a DIY price for home auto fabricators or pro technicians.

This specially-engineered 200-amp Eastwood TIG Welder offers affordable, professional-quality TIG welding on aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel (sheet, tube or bar stock), and precise welding of thinner-gauge materials up to ¼-inch thick.

With its versatile design, powerful welding capabilities, and guaranteed quality, this welder is the last one many auto restorers will ever need.

Pre-flow-post flow for cleaner welds Users don’t like the foot pedal
12-foot torch connection
High-frequency pilot arc
Duty cycle 60 percent at 90 amps
WP-17 torch is the industry standard

Amico TIG-225 TIG Welder


TIG-225 is a rectifier adopting the most advanced inverter technology. the welding power source can offer stronger, more concentrated, and more stable arc. when stick and work piece get short, its response will be quicker. it means that it is easier to design into a welding machine with different dynamic characteristics, and it even can be adjusted for specialty to make arc softer or harder.

60 percent duty cycle at 220 amps Doesn’t include a gas regulator
13-foot torch connection
15-220 amps working range
Light 16-pound weight
runs on “dirty power” fluctuations

Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder


The Lotos TIG200ACDC is an excellent opportunity if you want a cost-effective producer with even more features than the Welding Device 200 Amp HF Inverter Welder. It is exceptionally well-built for novices intending to enhance their welding capability. The equipment is easy to use, as there are not various highlights to discover.

Lotos welders are frequently not top-notch types of equipment, but they are cost-effective and also simple to use. The TIG200ACDC is among their most excellent single-purpose devices. It is not built for heavy-duty use.

High-frequency start No finger switch
Perfect for beginners No pulse arc
Economical The foot pedal could be better
Helpful for aluminum welding


TIG welders do the job you want without much stress. Getting any of the TIG welders reviewed above will leave you pleased.