Best Bench Grinders of 2024

You want one equipment that is so versatile that you can use for plumbing, carpentry, painting, flooring, shaping, and even sharpening? Then you should consider getting a bench grinder. Bench grinders are so versatile that you can perform so many functions with them.

We know the importance of this equipment, so we have taken time to research on the best bench grinders out there. If you are interested in getting the best bench grinders, then you should read through this review


Identify your needs

It may sound obvious but identifying what you need a bench grinder for is the single most important thing to consider before purchase. If you buy any bench grinder you find you may find out that it’s just not suitable for you.

For example, if you’re looking to sharpen then you want a machine with a lower RPM. On the other hand, you’ll want a bench grinder with a higher RPM for buffering. Should you need a bench grinder for both, you should look for one that offers variable speeds. However, this may cost more.

Decide your budget

If you have a specific budget in mind, it can make the decision-making process a little bit easier. This can help you narrow down the brands you’re looking at, as well as help you decide which features are essential and which aren’t.

Are you willing to sacrifice on power? Can you do without variable speeds? These are questions you need to ask yourself as you decide on price. There are some good quality bench grinders available from lesser-known brands that may well offer you better value if you are on a budget.

If you’re not sure what features to look for when you’re buying a bench grinder, here are the things that make a difference in terms of the performance of your unit.


The size of your bench grinder has a lot to do with how powerful it will be and consequently what work you’ll be able to do with it.

Larger grinders are more suitable for sawing, making cuts, and filing. On the other hand, smaller ones fit more delicate grinding operations such as shaping metal.


Motors with higher horsepower will be more efficient at cutting tougher and hardened metals. So if you’re going to do that, go for a 1 HP motor.

½ HP would be good enough for doing medium-duty or light-duty jobs.


The speed of a bench grinder is measured in RPM (Revolutions per Minute), and it depends on the horsepower of the motor.

Faster speeds such as 3000 RPM allow you to cut through hardened steel and stronger metals.

You can save some money by buying a 1750 RPM grinder if you’re going to be working with wood or softer woods.

Grinding Wheel

  • Size

Professional work requires around 8-inch wheels that work at slower speeds but don’t need much maintenance.

For faster operation and versatility, you should go for a 6-inch wheel, although these require frequent changes.

  • Grit

There are three major grit sizes: 100, 60, and 30. The coarse 30-grit wheels are suitable for general sharpening. But if you want smooth results and accurate output, you should go for fine wheels of 60 or 100 grits.

  • Color

The color of the wheel can help you identify the kind of job you can do with it.

Brown wheels are suitable for heavy fettling and trimming, grey ones for every day grinding, white ones for sharpening, and green ones for fine grinding. The latter ones work well with blades and drill bits as well as anything made from silicon carbide such as carbide tools.

Safety Features

You should make sure that the bench grinder that you get complies to the safety standards of the industry with enough safety precautions.

Wheel guards should cover 75% of the wheel and leave only 25% exposed through which you can work.

This is to protect your face and eyes from any flying fragments that result from grinding.

  • Eye Shields

Eye shields are transparent plastic covers found above the opening through which the grinding wheel touches your workpiece.

These also help keep any scraps from flying off and hurting your eyes.

  • Dust Exhaustion

Dust exhaustion systems, vents, or ports all help in getting rid of the debris and dust that result from the grinding process and which can cause considerable harm if inhaled. It also maintains visibility so you can see what you’re working on.

  • Cooling

If your grinder isn’t a “wet grinding machine,” you’ll need a bucket or a pot with water to dip your workpieces in to keep them cool.

Wet grinding machines are grinders that have built-in cooling systems to prevent them from overheating.


  1. Jet 578008 1 HP Industrial Grinder
  2. Dewalt DW756 6-Inch Grinder
  3. WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder
  4. Delta 23-197 Bench Grinder
  5. PowerTec Slow Speed 8-Inch Grinder
  6. Craftsman 921154 Bench Grinder
  7. Metabo DS 200 – Bench Grinder
  8. Jet 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder JET
  9. WEN 4286 – Bench Grinder
  10. Rikon 80-808 Professional Power Tools
Jet 578008 1 HP Industrial Grinder


Cast iron base for extra stability

Efficient and silent electric motor for silent operation

Comes with CUS and CSA safety certifications

Dewalt DW756 6-Inch Grinder


Powerful 5/8 HP induction motor for heavy-duty grinding operations

Industrial cast iron base and motor housing provide durability and prolong life

Motor runs at 3,450 rpm for high-speed material removal

Precision-machined aluminum tool rests allow the user to accurately position work

WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder


Clip-on light system for visibility

Option to upgrade to an 8-inch wheel variant

Power button located right at the front of the unit

Clearview spark deflector on both wheels

Delta 23-197 Bench Grinder


Features a 5-amp induction-type motor for powerful performance

Incorporates two different grits for sharpening and grinding

Water tray to help keep workpiece cool while grinding

PowerTec Slow Speed 8-Inch Grinder


Eye shields

Aluminum oxide wheels

Locking power switch

Gains speed steadily


Quiet operation

Craftsman 921154 Bench Grinder


Variable speed motor

8-inch bench grinder

Water cooling tray

Incandescent work light attached

Metabo DS 200 – Bench Grinder


No-load speed: 2,980 /min

Breakdown torque: 2.6 Nm

Extraction nozzle inner diameter: 35mm

Weight: 16.3kg

Cable length: 2m

Jet 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder JET


Power: 1 horsepower

Wheel Diameter: 8 inches

Speed: 3,450 RPM

WEN 4286 – Bench Grinder


Powerful motor

Comes with a spare wheel

Easy assembly and set up

Able to handle very tough materials

Safe to use

Rikon 80-808 Professional Power Tools


Powerful 1 HP Motor

Motor (No Load) 1,750 RPM

Adjustable Tool Rests

Adjustable Safety Eye Shield and Spark Resistors



Jet 578008 1 HP Industrial Grinder


This Jet 578008 bench grinder can be a great pick for a lot of users out there who are looking for a highly powerful model. It offers a highly powerful 4.1 amp electric motor to the user that should be more than enough for most users out there. Just per its name, this electric motor powers a large 8-inch grinding wheel for optimum performance.

Just like most other options out there, you get a 1-year long warranty with this 1 HP electric motor. While the build quality offered by this bench grinder is quite decent, it is slightly large and bulky, and that is something that you should keep in your mind. It uses heavy-duty cast iron construction for peace of mind.

Offers great performance from 4.1 amp electric motor A bit on the larger and heavier side
Large grinding wheel for heavy-duty applications Slightly higher price tag
Easy to use bench grinder with simple control scheme and options

Dewalt DW756 6-Inch Grinder


The DW756 6″ Bench Grinder has a powerful 5/8 HP 3,450 rpm induction motor for high-speed material removal. Durability from rugged cast iron base to prolong life. Ideal for large grinding applications.

Great price for a high-quality bench grinder Instructions can be confusing
Excellent amount of distance between wheels
Motor is extremely powerful
Includes integrated safety features

WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder


This powerful and quiet bench grinder has a whole range of features to make it more useful and convenient to use in numerous applications. One of the most loved features is the included flexible light, which gives better visibility in a dark workshop. With the inexpensive price tag and extra features, this is a fantastic bench grinder for someone on a budget.

The WEN 4276 has a 2.1-amp motor which can handle a range of jobs. With that power behind them, the wheels spin up to 3,450 RPMS. The motor is also reported to be extremely quiet, which may be a plus in terms of user experience.

Comes equipped with a worklight Power may not be enough for large projects
Includes both 36-grit and 60-grit wheels Light works only with a grinder
Two-year warranty
Portable and lightweight

Delta 23-197 Bench Grinder


Dull tools are a thing of the past with this Delta 8″ bench grinder in your workshop. Featuring a 5-amp induction motor that delivers variable speeds from 2,000 to 3,400-RPM, you can switch between sharpening and polishing or buffing tasks with ease.

Two grinding wheels, including a 36 grit wheel and a 60 grit wheel provide versatility and minimize frequent wheel changes. A built-in light brightens your work space, allowing for precise results when sharpening your ax, mower blades or smoothing rough edges.

Best performing bench grinder present in this article A bit on the expensive side
Highly durable and reliable option with a 5-year long warranty Grit could have been better
Inbuilt shield and water tray for ease of use while using coolant

PowerTec Slow Speed 8-Inch Grinder


This bench grinder has a slow-speed motor, which makes it unique in its own right. It offers a reasonable amount of power with a ½ horsepower motor and spins at a speed of 1,725 RPMs. That might make it seem underpowered, but it’s perfect for use on precision jobs that require a delicate touch.

Because the motor is slow, that also means less heat is created. The perk of this is that when you sharpen tools or knives, you can use them as soon as you’re done rather than waiting for them to cool down.

There are numerous safety features on this grinder, including a locking power switch. This prevents anyone from turning on the machine without meaning to. It also has spark deflectors and eye shields to prevent injury.

Includes locking power switch for safety Power isn’t high enough for heavy grinding
Durable heavy-gauge steel design
Designed to create less heat

Craftsman 921154 Bench Grinder


If you are looking for a high-quality 6-inch bench grinder with additional features to add to its versatility, then the Craftsman 921154 Bench Grinder might be the bench grinder for you. Its 6-inch wheels are powerful and durable, and feature adjustable tool rests and accurate bit sharpening processes.

The built-in water cooling tray helps to prevent your tools and the bench grinder itself from overheating, In addition to this, the incandescent work light attached to the body of the Craftsman 921154 Bench Grinder ensures that you can always clearly see what you are working on, no matter what the ambient lighting is like.

Reasonable price for the features Tool rest is a little too small
Versatile functions thanks to the variable speeds Produces some hum while running on lower speeds
Built-in light for more visibility
Equipped with a wire wheel

Metabo DS 200 – Bench Grinder


The Metabo DS 200 200mm bench grinder (240v) is robust and powerful with low noise and vibration levels. This table grinder meets the high requirements of conducting more demanding grinding tasks.

High RPM for fast grinding Premium price
Powerful motor for industrial use Very heavy
Low noise and vibration
Protective covers for safety and easy disk changes

Jet 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder JET


ET 577102 is the best 8-inch bench grinder on our list because it combines a powerful motor, large grinding wheels, and impressive motor speeds, all in one tool.

The bench grinder has a 1-horsepower motor, which is the second most powerful of all the models we have reviewed. The power turn two grinding wheels at the speed of 3,450 RPM. The two features combine to create a fast, high-performance bench grinder.

You get to large 8-inch wheels with this grinder. They are the largest of their kind. The wheels are 36-grit, and 60-grit, respectively, to accommodate a wide range of materials.

Large grinding wheels for durability Very expensive
Impressive safety and projection system
Powerful motor for heavy-duty grinding
Vibration reduction for stability

WEN 4286 – Bench Grinder


The WEN 4286 is another slow-speed 8-inch bench grinder. Its powerful 3 HP motor spins its wheel at 1750 RPM speed. This makes it a reliable choice when it comes to general sharpening, cleaning, deburring, and trimming. You can switch between the two included wheels to extend their lifespan.

As for the safety features, the WEN 4286 comes with a robust base that eliminates any vibrations and wobbling. The protective glass is also sturdy and works well at keeping dust and debris away from your working area.

Comes with two wheels Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks
Powerful motor
Easy to set up
Great safety precautions

Rikon 80-808 Professional Power Tools


1 HP Low Speed Bench Grinder #80-808 is a larger size motor and will tackle the tough grinding jobs that are typical in production shops, as well as the finesse shaping and sharpening of hand tools. Tool rests on this machine are extra-large and flat, without a drill bit sharpening groove. Wheel flanges are cast metal. Grinder includes dual dust collection ports on the rear of the wheel guards.

Smooth and powerful Produces a lot of dust
Magnifying glass for small errors Does not come with a wheel wire
Can operate for continuous uses
Light weight and portable
Low noise


These power tools are essential when carrying out some works in the workshop. They are reliable, you should get them, to ease the job in the workshop. Using our buyer’s guide you shouldn’t be misled in selecting the perfect one for you.

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