Best Electric Gloves of 2024

Electrician out there is faced with constant risk whenever they come in contact with electric wires. However, these dangers can be minimized when the electrician possesses tools like electrical gloves. In this guide we would be reviewing the best electric gloves, so read through this guide to find out.


A pair of work gloves for electricians, as the name suggests, is a protective gear designed to offer protection to the hands of electricians or anyone who is involved in electrical work. Note that as an electrician, your job will expose you to various risks and dangers, including shocks, burns, and injuries, for instance using tools like circuit breaker finders. Moisture meters like circuit breakers take measurements

Among the most affected parts of your body will be your hands. It is because you will be using them in accomplishing your job and they will be near sharp edges, tools, and wires.

It, therefore, serves as an effective line of defense from imminent risks, which makes it essential to recommend it to electricians.

Electricians’ safety gloves also come with features designed to help you handle your job well. Some of these gloves are close-fitting and need to have an excellent grip, allowing you to deal with tasks that require fine motor skills.

These include junction, conduit, and wiring electrical boxes. Flexibility and dexterity are also vital if you want to handle small cables and wires. With that, it is no longer surprising to find electrician gloves with puncture-resistance.

One more thing that electricians need in their gloves is electrostatic or anti-static dissipation. These protect low or high voltages associated with specific activities. These electric gloves can also be worn when using tools like lawnmower blades and miter saw cuts for protection from the cut.

Types of Gloves​

Here are some types of low voltage electrical gloves that you might find use in:

  1. Aluminized
  2. Canvas
  3. Jersey/Cotton
  4. Full Leather
  5. Latex
  6. Metal Mesh
  7. Leather Palm
  8. Fit



One primary factor to check and assess is the material used in making the electrician glove. Make sure to pick to a certified glove if you are working live. It also helps to invest in a glove constructed out of non-flammable or non-conductive material.

One tip is to choose a pair of gloves, which is constructed out of something like rubber material. Rubber is a good material for electrician gloves because it guarantees a hundred percent safety. The problem is that this material might also compromise the flexibility of the gloves.

One piece of advice is to go for that with a rubberized outer shell, which also features a fleece or nylon lining. The material should be light enough to ensure that your hands continue working even when the temperature drops.

Fleece lining is beneficial because it is warmer compared to cotton lining while also having the ability to hold a minimal amount of moisture. This is a vital feature especially if you are working since being in the workplace might cause your hands to be warm within the gloves, causing them to sweat.

The problem is that excessive sweat might increase the risk of freezing hands. The extra moisture is also harmful in case your work exposes you to live wires.


Well-insulated electrical gloves are also the best choices if your job requires you to work around live currents (for instance, if you are a line worker or an electrician). In most cases, the gloves used in this are constructed out of rubber.

To determine the insulation, note that the gloves will be measured based on certain standards while being labeled accordingly. Expect the labels to be color-coded with indications on the actual class of the glove. For example, there is the Class 00, which is considered as the lowest and holds the beige label.

This class also has the highest use voltage, which is around 500 AC/750 DC. It would be ideal to plan to make use of these kinds of electrician gloves in case you need to work in areas surrounding live current that exceeds 50 volts.

Unlike electric gloves, tools like PVC pipe cutters and hydraulic bench presses do not need any level of insulation.

Size and fit  

To get the highest level of protection if you are an electrician, you need electrician work gloves that have to be firm on your skin. It should still be comfortable, though. It should not be too tight in the sense that it does not compromise your movements.

You need to look for the right size of gloves, one that fits you well to prevent ensure that your choice does not snag on anything. It should also be able to help you enjoy a wide range of motion.

If you want to get the perfect fit, measuring your hands to compare it with the sizes and measurements provided by a specific manufacturer.

While having to measure your size with a measuring tape can be bothersome, this is still essential in getting the right size. It is because you may have a hard time gauging sizes, such as large and extra-large. You have to get the actual numbers of your measurement to ensure that you get the right size.

Generally, gloves designed for electrical work and circuit repairmen should be snug. They must have a great hold.

Keep in mind that your goal is to handle jobs that require intricate fixings, like connecting joints and wiring electrical boxes. With that, you have to find the one that properly fits and is comfortable enough.

Work condition

It is also advisable to take into full consideration your present work conditions. For instance, if you are working outdoors, especially during the winter, then wearing thin cotton gloves beneath dielectric ones might be necessary for preventing frostbite.

With that in mind, you might need to buy a pair of gloves, which is one size bigger. It might also be a good idea to buy warm and well-insulated gloves. If your job requires you to work indoors, then go for gloves that perfectly fit your hands.

One more thing to remember is that some experienced electricians highly suggest buying gloves that reach the elbows. Also, make sure that the sleeves are placed in the cuffs of your gloves for safety purposes. Aside from that, avoid turning the cuffs’ edges over.

Apart from the already mentioned factors, other fundamental properties that you have to look for are adaptability and nimbleness. Both these properties help let electricians handle links and tiny wires. The level of protection supplied by the work gloves is also necessary.


National Safety Apparel Rubber Voltage Insulating Glove Kit




enhanced protection

perfect sizing

3M Nitrile Foam Coated Comfort Gloves


Ideal for electrical and maintenance work


Provides a good grip

Offers enough protection for electricians

Strong and solid stitching

Superior Glove Dexterity Arc Flash Gloves S13FRNE-6


flame resistant

arc flash tested

neoprene grip


also cut resistant

Mechanix Wear


Form-fitting Trek Dry helps keep hands cool and comfortable.

Flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure provides a secure fit to the wrist.

Industrial grade hook and loop. Reinforced thumb and index finger improve durability

Intended Uses-Military, Law Enforcement, Shooting Sports, Maintenance Repair Operations

Klein Tools 40074 Electricians Gloves


Unique palm and finger material provides durability and slip resistance when pulling wire or cable

Extended cuff for easier on/off

Wrapped index finger for durability

The reinforced area at the thumb base

Spandex material is breathable; comfortable to wear all-day

Maxiflex 34-874 Nitrile Grip Work Gloves


Provides an excellent grip and good fit

Boasts of a superior finger sensitivity

Can lessen the risk of hand fatigue


Magid Safety M011B10 Electrical Gloves


Ideal for various applications and work environments

Comfortable, thanks to its contoured shape and smooth finish

Offers the right amount of protection

Can lessen hand chafing and fatigue

Klein Tools 40082 Lineman Work Gloves


Ideal for tough and delicate work

Durable and sturdy construction

Can withstand daily use and abuse

Bright-colored gloves, allowing you to see them easily at night

Echodo 12KV Safety Electrical Gloves


Made of all-natural rubber

Durable and guaranteed safety while working

One-size fits all design

DmsBang 12KV Electrical Gloves


Material: Rubber

Weight:0.4 Kg

Size: Average size, fit more people

Working voltage:12 KV


National Safety Apparel Rubber Voltage Insulating Glove Kit


The kind of protection that this glove offers is improved. I find it suitable for general and arc flash applications. It also boasts of its great versatility considering the number of workers it can cater, including utility workers, electricians, contractors, electrical cooperatives, construction workers, and linemen.

Can prevent tears and punctures, thanks to its leather protector Some issues on sizing
Comes in a kit containing most of the things you need
Versatile as it can be worn by different workers
Improved protection guaranteed
Available in several sizes

3M Nitrile Foam Coated Comfort Gloves


As evident by the name, these electrical gloves are made purely from nylon with a Nitrile Foam coating on top that makes for added durability. Another good thing about these gloves in that get two pairs in the same package.

Therefore, if one wears out, you do not have to rush to find a replacement because you can use the other one.

Outer coating for an added layer of safety and durability Not suited for heavy/high voltage work
Pure nylon material with Nitrile foam coating Working voltage not specified
Lightweight; easy to work with

Superior Glove Dexterity Arc Flash Gloves S13FRNE-6


A soft and comfortable neoprene palm coating is flame-resistant and provides excellent grip properties, without losing any dexterity. The scientifically engineered glove body blends a variety of inherently flame-resistant materials to maintain the integrity of the glove properties. These touchscreen compatible work gloves let workers easily and quickly look up information from touch-enabled devices without having to remove their safety gloves, putting their bare hands at risk to injury!

Protects users from cuts and flash fire and arc flash hazards Stiff during first use
Soft and comfortable neoprene palm coating used
Offers good coverage in terms of protection
Flame-resistant materials
Provides superior grip

Mechanix Wear


If what you are in search of is a pair of low voltage leather gloves combined with rubber material then the Leather M-Pact Framer Work Glove from Mechanix Wear is worth the try. One of the strengths discovered in this glove is that it can resist abrasion because of its DuraHide leather palm.

Gives you full control and precision when handling tools The seams tend to undergo wear and tear quickly
Highly flexible and versatile
Offers superior dexterity
Can absorb impact well
Can resist abrasion

Klein Tools 40074 Electricians Gloves


Durably constructed to withstand the day-to-day abuse electricians’ hands take. The unique palm and finger material provides slip resistance when pulling wire or cable. The cuffs are extended for easy on/off. Designed by electricians for electricians.

Comfortable to wear the whole day Quite stiff when used at first
Strong and durable construction
Ideal for various applications

Maxiflex 34-874 Nitrile Grip Work Gloves


Have you seen any product that comes with three pairs of gloves? If not, then look at this one. You won’t have to buy gloves in years to come if you happen to own this outstanding pack. And it gets better; there are four different sizes available for them.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect size for your hands. The nitrile coating the gloves come with is resistant to particular types of oils. You certainly won’t complain about having an uncomfortable grip with these pairs.

They are abrasion-resistant so that you can work with rough objects. This has to be appreciated since this is a unique feature only a few products have nowadays. They have designed the wrist in a way so that no particles or debris can get in with the gloves on. It’s tight and comfy.

Maxiflex has also introduced a microfoam coating that covers the whole exterior surface of the gloves. It enhances breathability during work. Thus, your hands won’t get all sweaty during long working hours.

Microfoam coating ensures high breathability Starts to stretch excessively after a while
Impressive form-fit style
Extremely lightweight

Magid Safety M011B10 Electrical Gloves


The Magid Safety electrical gloves are insulating latex gloves designed specifically for electrical work whether it is on the line, in the field, high voltage operations as well as various industrial applications.

The material is more elastic than your standard vinyl or Nitrile gloves. The gloves are, of course, nonconductive.

All in all, the gloves are geared a bit more for commercial usage as compared to at-home use.

More flexible than vinyl/Nitrile gloves The standard design may be uncomfortable to wear for some workers
Nonconductive and completely safe to use Cater more towards commercial use
Designed by keeping numerous commercial usages in mind

Klein Tools 40082 Lineman Work Gloves


If you are looking for a pair of comfy electricians leather gloves to put on this winter, why don’t you check out this top-class product? These will be as warm as they can be. You might worry whether these will fit your hands or not. If it was me, I wouldn’t be concerned about this, since the gloves are designed in a way to fit a wide range of hand sizes.

Are you feeling cold in a 40 degrees F day and lazy to go to work? Then put on these gloves, and you will be warm in a jiffy. They have made the whole surface of the gloves with leather. As far as performance is concerned, you will find them to be quite good.

Suitable for handling small objects Cannot work with wire cables that are high voltage
Highly durable
Snug fit

Echodo 12KV Safety Electrical Gloves


These insulated gloves are made of durable rubber and fit most people. When working under 1000V, you can use these gloves as a basic security means and touch electrical equipment. If the voltage is higher, it is prohibited to touch electrical equipment using the gloves. The package contains one pair.

Very durable Designed flat, without left and right differentiation

DmsBang 12KV Electrical Gloves


The DmsBang is another one of your standard insulating electrical gloves.

Made almost entirely of rubber, they are both lightweight and durable, meaning that you don’t have to worry about them wearing out any time soon. The size and design are such that it can fit most people on average. While the maximum working voltage of the gloves in about 12kV as the title claims.

One size fits all design and wearability Limited applications in the commercial/industrial sector
Lightweight as well as durable Limited to small scale electrical work
Made of pure rubber


Hope you have found the best electrician work gloves for you by going through the reviews.

If you haven’t, then give the reviews a read again and see which one checks all the right boxes for you. Think about their pros and cons and decide whether it will be worth it.

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