Best Handheld Spotlights of 2022

If you are searching for the best handheld spotlights, you are in the right place. If you can go through this guide, you will find yourself that handheld spotlight you’ve always looked for.


Here are some features which you should consider before investing one:


To keep it easy to understand, the most basic definition of the lumen is that it’s a unit of measurement of light similar to grams for mass. Depending upon what you need it for, spotlights have varying lumen measurements; the higher the lumen, the brighter the spotlight.


The brightness of any torch like a handheld spotlight is the most important thing you need to check before buying one. It ensures that it is bright enough for your requirements at any given workplace or job site.

Due to this, all handheld spotlights come with a brightness rating that is given in lumens. It includes options like 1000 lumens or 6000 lumens, depending on the model that you buy. Out of these two, the higher 6000 lumens rating offers more brightness to the user.

Beam Distance

As the name suggests, it is the distance at which the beam of your spotlight can reach. A good spotlight can produce a beam over a larger area.

Size and Weight

As far as the size and weight are concerned, one should look for a lightweight unit which is small enough to be handled with ease. Spotlights with higher lumen counts sometimes tend to be heavier and bigger due to housing a bigger and heavier battery.

If you do not need high levels of lumens, invest in handheld spotlights as compact and lightweight as a floor jack, and paint sprays, a spotlight that will be easier for you to handle, like a vernier caliper.

Manufacturing Materials and Build Quality

It is important to look for superior build quality in your unit. The reason being, if you tend to use it outdoors or under rough conditions, it will survive better.

Particularly when using it around water bodies or lakes, one should look for a spotlight designed for that purpose.


Since these spotlights are handheld and portable, they are powered by a battery. Due to this, making sure that the battery is powerful enough is highly important. While some models come with a 20-volt battery, others might offer a 12-volt battery.

Generally, a higher voltage rating results in better performance. But this might not hold for all cases.


A good spotlight is made to last a long time, despite the rugged conditions hunting requires. Make sure your spotlight is made from quality materials, inside and out. The type of bulb should be included in this decision, as well as the make of the outside.

If it rains a lot in your area, making sure your device is waterproof is a must, and if you plan on night hunting in cold weather, this also must be accounted for when ensuring the longevity of your spotlight.


This might just be the factor that is least considered, but it is quite important. A well-designed unit would provide better grip and comfort when handling. It allows you to use the product with just one hand, freeing the other one.

Bulb Function

The color of your bulb is important to factor in, as well as the lumen and candela measurement. Depending on your perspective use including which prey and how far away from the target you like to hunt, the distance your light source travels is essential to account for.

It is also advisable to match the bulb color with your hunting style and with the animals you hunt!

Battery Life

The battery of your handheld spotlight should also last for a long time to use it for a long time. This battery life rating is given in mAh and includes options like 6000 mAH or 10000 mAh, where a higher rating results in better battery life.


If you are using your handheld spotlight on construction, it has to face a lot of wear and tear due to different factors. And you can even end up accidentally damaging your handheld spotlight in some cases.

Like saw horses, making sure that your spotlight comes with a durable and rigid construction is highly important. Some of them even offer a waterproof design that protects it from rain or any other water source being used at your construction site.


Apart from being built well, you also need to have a proper warranty with your spotlight. If anything stops working, the warranty can be quite handy to easily get it fixed.

As a result, almost all of the options out there come with at least a 1-year warranty. Some of them even include a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Such options generally last for a long time without any issues.


Stanley FatMax SL10LEDS


Ultra-bright 10 Watt LED reaching up to 920 Lumens

Up to 7 hrs of runtime

Lithium-Ion Battery stays charged for up to 12 months

Heavy-duty bezel

Larson Electronics 1000 Beam


Type: LED (corded)

Cord length: 7ft (unstretched)-~15ft (stretched)

Watts: 25W (2.08 amps @ 12V)

Waypoint Streamlight 44900


Lightweight, pistol-grip spotlight features a 625-meter beam distance

Alkaline powered (4 “C” batteries)

High/Low/Emergency Signal modes

Integrated stand for scene lighting

Brinkmann Q-Beam Max Million III


5″ polished aluminum reflector

Tempered glass lens for durability

LED charge indicator



Powerful 35W High-Intensity Discharge Lamp

Constructed of durable ABS plastic; rubber handle for superior grip and comfort

Xenon Bulb, gradually brightens, reaching its maximum brightness (2000 lumens) after one minute

BIGSUN Q953 10000mAh


Produces Up to 6,000 lumens

Offers 3 Brightness modes

Comes with a tripod stand

Large and Comfortable Handle

Eornmor Handheld LED Spotlight – 6000 Lumens


Provides 6000 lumens

Lights 800 meters

Waterproof and hence great in splashing water

Also serves as a power bank

Cyclops Sirius 500


Ergonomically designed rubberized grip

Three-hour runtime on high power

Durable and long-lasting Flashlight

LEDs provide up to 300 lumens

Streamlight Spotlight


1000 lumens brightness rating

12 volts battery voltage

Battery life rating of 60 hours

Lifetime warranty

Energizer Spotlight


425m Beam distance


Tough – 7m Drop

Shatterproof lens


Stanley FatMax SL10LEDS


The STANLEY® 10W LED Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Spotlight is powerful and long-lasting. Whether at home, in a vehicle, camping, or during a roadside emergency or power failure, this spotlight will allow you to illuminate even the darkest of work areas.

Versatile handle and pivot design Not water resistant
Easy to charge The battery does not last very long

Larson Electronics 1000 Beam


This hunting spotlight features an articulated light head that can be tilted up or down independently of the handle for more precise positioning of the beam. This unit features a no-slip textured nylon handle that ensures a firm grip in wet conditions and a booted push-button that adds protection from water and dust.

This hunting spotlight comes with a 16-foot detachable cord and a 9-pin round trailer hitch plug. The cord is detached with a weatherproof 2-pin Deutsch connector that attaches and detaches the coil cord from the spotlight easily and securely. Suitable applications for this spotlight include hunting, marine and boating, camping, emergency services, and first responders.

Aluminum alloy head housing  Requires an AC adaptor
Polycarbonate glass lens
Finds a wide application
Saves up to 505 power
Low power consumption
Cree LEDs with 50000 hours lifespan
ABS plastic impact-proof body

Waypoint Streamlight 44900


Waypoint not only makes flashlights they shape illumination. They engineer rechargeable lights that deliver the highest performance and durability. They develop lights for standard and hazardous tasks by shaping innovative beam patterns into a hands-free, handheld devices for even scene lighting.

Well-constructed Not submersible
Slash and dust resistant

Brinkmann Q-Beam Max Million III


Brinkmann Q-Beam 800-2301-0 Max Million 3 12V LED Spot Light is a glare-free spotlight that can cut through glass, fog, rain, and over white boat docks with a super bright halogen bulb. The Brinkmann Spot Light operates on an 8 foot DC cord and has a large parabolic reflector that produces maximum brightness

Very bright No battery saver mode
Lots of usable light spill
Beam reached far



This is a corded handheld spotlight, meaning it has to be plugged into the 12V outlet. This can be a positive feature for many people because you’re not limited to a (potentially short) battery life of a rechargeable spotlight. This Goodsman spotlight has a couple of really handy features and indications of quality that make it an excellent middle-tier 12 Volt spotlight.

Comes with a nylon storage cum carry bag Could have a stand for handsfree mode
Switches between spotlight and floodlight mode Could have a high, medium and low setting
HID lamp Should be battery operated for portability
Powerful 35W Xenon bulb
2000 lumens up to 850 meters

BIGSUN Q953 10000mAh


If you are searching for an ultra-bright spotlight, then get this BIGSUN Q953. It is a 10-watt model that front light that provides you up to 2000 lumen of lights. This light can go up to 800 m and has three modes that include Strobe, medium, and high. Other than that, it features side floodlights that have two brightness modes suitable for reading, vehicle maintenance, and another close-range lighting. Ordinarily, this bright Spotlight comes with a removable and retractable tripod stand that allows you to set the light and illuminate any area without holding it.

The Spotlight also features a 9600mAh lithium-ion battery that you can recharge in two different ways. You can use a USB charger or AC/DC adapter. Other accessories included in the pack are a shoulder strap

Worry-free lifetime warranty Has a black finish making it hard to spot in the dark
Permissible tilt angles of 75°
Have three brightness modes
Retractable and removable tripod stand
Super-bright providing you up to 2000 lumen
Has a large and comfortable handle

Eornmor Handheld LED Spotlight – 6000 Lumens


Eornmor Outdoor Handheld Portable Flashlight is a durable model designed for your camping needs. It provides 6000 lumens hence sufficient brightness to light up to 800 meters. This type has a nice handle and can be used for an extended period making it the best deal for the money. It’s a waterproof model that protects it from splashing water hence the best deal for the money. Apart from the battery being rechargeable, it can as well serve as a power bank for your phone.

Two modes of lighting in lantern mode  Doesn’t have a pivot stand
IPX4 protection
Spotlight, lantern, floodlight
Long battery life
Multipurpose light
9000 mAh battery cum power bank

Cyclops Sirius 500


This is another high-quality and durable spotlight with a 3-watt Luxeon high-power LED that provides 300 lumens. It is made to be portable and lightweight; thus, you can easily take it anywhere. In addition to that, it is engineered with high-quality materials that will withstand against drops or fall. Every product has undergone extreme, real-life testing, making sure that you have a high-quality Spotlight that will serve you for many years to come.

It has an ergonomically designed rubberized grip fitting perfectly in your hands. Thus you will never feel fatigued in your hands. On the other hand, it comes with a rechargeable high capacity battery that allows 3-hour runtime on high power.

Can be used cordless and corded Somehow bulky
Very bright
Always-on lock switch
Cyclops handheld rechargeable lights

Streamlight Spotlight


Whether you need a dependable spotlight for your outdoor activities or for illuminating your work area, this Waypoint Spotlight is perfect for you. It is a lightweight Spotlight that offers up to 1,000-lumens and can project the light up to 678-meters. Besides that, it comes with three different lighting modes that include low, medium, and high thus, you can choose the ideal one depending on your choice. Subsequently, this Waypoint Spotlight has Streamlight’s C4 LED that produces robust, brilliant, blinding light.

Powerful and brilliant, blinding light Less lumen output compared to other models
High impact polycarbonate housing
C4 led technology
Lithium-ion battery
O-ring sealed lens
3 hour run time


Energizer Spotlight


This Energizer HC-600 handheld spotlight is present in the 3rd position in this article as it is the only option here that runs on AA batteries. It runs on a total of 6 AA batteries that equates to a battery voltage rating of 9 volts. As for battery life, it depends on the AA batteries that you use.

Just like various other options in this article, you get an IPX4 water resistance along with durable construction in this spotlight. Unfortunately, there is no warranty information along with this spotlight, which can be an issue for some users.

Does not need charging as it uses AA batteries Does not offer any warranty information
Durable construction with a waterproof seal
The affordable price tag for users on a budget


These reviewed handheld spotlights promise to be nothing but the best. They are reliable and durable. You’d have no regrets going for any of them.